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PostPosted: Tue Jan 13, 2015 3:57 pm 
  • Clues: Do not go out of your way to destroy them, but if you are passing through feel free to destroy one. It would be great if we could use clues to trick town into thinking there are less of us than there are. In particular, keeping a consistent 6 clues per murder would be nice (it would make town think that conscription has not been used, and that a rogue is dead). This means destroying 3 clues on each murder.
  • Conscription: Keeping up the illusion that conscription has not been used would be good, to fuel town's paranoia.
  • Vampire-checks: Try to prevent them from happening, if possible. I think they are pretty good from town's perspective.
  • Inactivity: Try to maintain a level of activity consistent with your past behavior. In particular, fmajluf should be a tiny bit less active (don't vote every day, but post in the town square occasionally); I remember thinking before you conscripted me, that it was a little strange that you had voted last night. ameliek should post in town square about once a day, and vote occasionally. anpere should probably be a bit more active.
  • Voting: Not many players are voting. Unless you're me or shike or anpere, you probably should not be voting every day. Do not arouse suspicion by voting too often/too consistently. This is something that ksedlar and dgrazian are almost certainly on the lookout for.
  • Fake roles: Everyone should have a role in mind to fake-claim if you *absolutely* have to. Preferably not innocent child, because that's too easy to check. Desperado, conspiracy theorist, or vampire (I think) are good roles to fake-claim because they can't be checked.

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