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PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2015 11:17 pm 
Welcome to your new home for the next O(5) days. However much adventure you decide to have gathering clues for your favorite murder mysteries (or perhaps reenacting them), you’ll have to get tired and come here to check on your friends at some point. Here is where you’ll discuss whatever you want to discuss to your heart’s content, as long as you’re alive. Just make sure not to say things that can get you in trouble with the masses...

Go ahead and say hello to your fellow townspeople. We heard they got some neat new toys too, but you can find out about those on the webapp (in the Game Log).

ama (role: nice townsperson)
asjm (role: nice townsperson)
Daniel Grazian (role: nice townsperson)
fmajluf7 (role: nice townsperson)
lgunder (role: nice townsperson)
lilychen (role: nice townsperson)
Lucy (role: nice townsperson)
Miranda Gavrin (role: nice townsperson)
tsims (role: nice townsperson)
The biggest change in this iteration of Live-action mafia is the shiny new webapp. What you previously had to do by contacting the moderators, you can now do online instantaneously. Here is where you vote, report kills, report item usage/transfer, ask for investigation results, and so forth. Here is also where most announcements will be. When logged in, all pertinent information will be either in the “actions” drop-down in the top bar, or in the “you are logged in as” dropdown in the top bar. Your role information will be on the “your role” page. If you have any trouble with this at any point or suspect you have found a bug, let us know. We will be happy to do any moderator action the web app does not currently implement.

There are at most 2 mafia among you, and the other roles are selected approximately evenly from those described in the docs. There are no more than 3 of any given role. If there is only one mafia, they will be allowed one conscription.

All game actions you know about (your kills, investigations, changes to your lists, initial item distribution, lynches, etc.) can be found in the “Game Log” tab at the top of the webapp.
We expect you’ll want to post kills and talk about them in the forum, but we’ll only be announcing them via webapp.

Click on the “rules” button at the top of the webapp to see the rules. You can look at the git history of the rules document (see the link at the bottom) to see the new changes.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM our joint forum account (jammy) or email us at

--Posting in Town Square

PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2015 11:37 pm 
The rules link is not working for me :l

PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 1:22 am 
Oops, will be fixed tomorrow. For now, use this link

PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:02 am 
Is there a list of starting items?

PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 8:36 am 
@Lily that can be found at the beginning of the webapp log. If it's not visible to you let me know and I'll post them here.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 11:04 am 
A few clarifications:

1) Item transfer, petition signing, and IC revealing, like other in-person actions, are not allowed on day 0 (today). Basically, the only actions to take on day zero are those involving preparation for future days (e.g. updating lists).

2) Mafia powers in play are a subset of those listed in the rules document. We are giving you the following information:

-There are exactly 3 (non-regenerable) charges of Set a Trap
-There are exactly 2 Kabooms
-There are between 1 and 2 (inclusive) charges each of Manipulate the Press and Slaughter the Weak
-There are at most one each of the following powers: Scheme, Poison, Frame a Townsperson, Plant Evidence, Conscript (see criterion in original post), Hire a Hitman.

Also, a few rule updates we decided on before game start but forgot to make clear, which will appear in the rules document soon:
-Cynics are NOT invulnerable to KABOOM. Also, cynics and conspiracy theorists now get up to 15% of game (rounded up) on their lists, rather than 3 players/10% of game respectively.
-Desperados are active for TWO days, not 3.
-A confirmed innocent is revealed after two cumulative days of mafia non-killing (not counting day 0), and town wins if mafia does not kill for three cumulative or 2 consecutive days.

Please feel free to PM us about any other rules clarifications.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 11:34 am 
Sorry, actually:

If mafia makes no kills for two cumulative days, town automatically wins.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 12:18 am 
Another clarification:

The rules on NP communication contain the following two statements:

'However, players should not actively ask non-players to communicate information about what they witness'
'Players can, nevertheless, take the initiative to ask non-players whether they have any information on what happened.'

The meaning of the first is that you should not instruct a non-player to report things to someone else (e.g. "If someone conscripts me, tell everyone who it was"), whereas the second means that you can ask them what they know about what happened ("Did you see someone conscript this player in front of you?")

PostPosted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 9:15 pm 
To clarify on the list of mafia powers: Don does exist in this game.

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