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Author:  AustinFathman [ Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Mayor stuff

Came by random twice, couldn't get in due to lack of anyone being around to vouch for me :P Would still like to get someone as mayor, sooner the better. And since I trust very few people in this game besides myself, I would like either myself or Daniel Grazian be mayor unless someone comes up with grounds for why they should be. In case you do not know the plan, we want to elect a mayor, use the mafia count ability, then impeach him. Although we all know I would make a fabulous mayor, I understand that it would 1. make me a great target for the mafia (and no one wants me to die!) and 2. there is a lot of distrust in this town, and with all the apathetic not-really-playing members, we can't afford any risks.

Also, my vote is for incematt on grounds of inactivity and living at random.

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