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 Post subject: State of Things So Far
PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:17 pm 
I've been confused about game and having trouble keeping track of things. I think it'll be good if we get organized. Here is what has happened so far. Please add on to it if I'm missing anything. In particular, I haven't been able to keep good track of which deaths we think are due to mafia. I'm posting it in text here and also linking to a google doc for people to add on things. I didn't put this in the massive spreadsheet because I wasn't sure how to format this onto a spreadsheet.

Living Players: achester, ahkim, blumberg, jaysonl, lukesci, lzahray, mads, maxmurin, mayars, nguyenin, pppilai

Dead Players: ajliu, ama, brunnerj, dylanhen, fmajluf7, isaacg, jakob, justin, kmath, kmli, ksedlar, lucy, pravinas, ritagram

Here's the rundown of order of events:

Day 1:

Brunnerj died: ajliu, jakob, lzahray, kmli, jasonlam, ama came up innocent. He was town, conspiracy theorist, troublemaker.

Kmath lynched. She was a doppleganger, no alignment.
Kmli vanished without a trace: town, IC, insomniac

Day 2:

Pravinas died: lucy and lzahray turned up lzahray as innocent. Untrusted investigator: jasonlam and isaacg returned isaacg. Jasonlam, pppillai, maxmurin turned up jasonlam, pppillai, and mads as innocent.

Ksedlar died: priest said one of justin, isaacg, and ama killed her (so all will show up innocent in the future). Justin infallibly investigated not to have killed her. After this, the set justin, isaacg, ama, ajliu returned isaacg, ama, and ajliu.

Dylanhen ascended.

Isaacg died - dug to be town, superhero, troublemaker. Not sure I believe this - convenient to pick troublemaker when it was already dug.

Ama lynched. No allignment, group investigator, doppelganger. Why does she have a classical role when kmath was a doppleganger and had no classical role?

Day 3:

Jakob died.

Ajliu lynched. Town, warlock, serial killer.

Day 4:

Fmajluf7 - almost certainly lucy. Had been prophet-tested to be town

Dylanhen - almost certainly lucy. town, Elijah, Prophet

Lucy lynched
Justin lynched (via politician?? I have reason to believe lucy was gravedigger on day 2, so maybe she was troublemade). Had been IC on Day 1 (started game town)
Jasonlam died (likely of poison)

Day 5:

Maya has claimed she will die at the end of today from poison.

I'd be willing to let Maya dictate the lynch tonight since we'll know soon if she's lying about being poisoned.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:18 pm 
Oh, I think I take back my not believing the isaac's digging results thing. I was going to delete that - while writing this I put down some personal thoughts without much basis and thought I deleted them all.

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