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Town Welcome
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Author:  Katie [ Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Town Welcome

Game has started (sorry for the late flavortext post). Everyone can take any game actions except for kills. Day 1 (and killing) will start tomorrow at 8 am. Everyone except Jakob (who intends to post an intro but has not yet done so) has received a role pm.

(OOG note: the following is just flavortext, and has no actual impact on the rules of playing).

Welcome to the world of Loony Anime Mashups! You’re all characters from various anime and manga. You’ve all left the world of your source material to come cross over and interact with the other characters here. It’s a mad mix of fantasy, sci-fi, slice of life, psychological thrillers, and everything in between.

As anime characters, you’re all used to fighting villains, of course. But all the villains you have faced so far have been identifiable and fightable; titans, vampires, robots, aliens, and things like that. All you need to do is slice them with a sword or shoot them with a laser beam, and boom, the heroes win. When people die, you know who the monsters are.

However, lately people have just been falling over dead for with no explanation. A nurse’s analysis revealed that the cause of death in all these cases was a heart attack. But this has been happening to healthy, young people, who have no reason to die. The only thing the victims have all had in common is that they were criminals of some sort. But in this crossover world full of alternate universes, EVERYONE has done something illegal. Maybe they were rebelling against Britannia, or maybe their psycho-pass was too high, or maybe they were on school ground after hours. So really, it could happen to anyone.

You have dubbed the culprits of the mysterious heart attacks, “Kira.” And despite the unorthodox method of death, you are going to catch Kira before they wipe out anime characters everywhere.

Author:  Katie [ Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Town Welcome

Day 1 has started (2 hours ago, in fact). Happy killing, everyone!

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