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PostPosted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:20 pm 
Most important:

- If Lucy was on either of your lists, please immediately pick a proxy and tell us what set of people you've proven innocent/guilty from this.
- IF SHE WAS A SINNER KILLED BY A SAINT, TELL US SO; that would render investigations useless and is extremely important information.
- Also, update your lists to include another living player for tomorrow.

- Pick a proxy and tell them "X didn't do it," where X is the person you stalked, unless you know that X did do it in which case this is even more important info to get out via proxy.
- You can also choose to make yourself look like an investigator (thus making it harder for mafia to set traps) by saying "the investigation {X,Y} returns that X didn't make the kill," ideally where Y is someone not-too-suspicious (we don't want them getting lynched on false bayesian evidence) but plausibly a person you would investigate.
- You should *definitely* send your results if you were stalking someone who has a yellow or orange alibi, because that saves us the trouble of investigating them; maybe send them if you were stalking someone green; don't bother sending them if you stalked someone blue, because all it does is reveal to someone that you're a stalker without getting us new information.
- Also, don't forget to stalk someone different for tomorrow.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:30 pm 
Once results from those two have been proxied, other roles:

- Wait for priest/stalker results so you're not redundant; maybe investigate at 21:00?
- Randomize among people you think are fairly sketchy and who haven't already been investigated, pick a couple, and tell us what you get. (Tell us what two people you investigated, not just the result, since it's Bayesian evidence against the person whose name isn't returned.)
- Optionally, have your proxy post on forums 15 minutes in advance that you call dibs on investigating so-and-so, so there's less duplication of investigations. This isn't too important though.

Gay Knight / Seducee:
- If Lucy was your love, wait a while before spending your one precious investigation on her; ideally, you'd like other people to narrow down the possibility space for you.
- If your love is still alive and not likely to have been conscripted and has a bad alibi, you could consider proxying an investigation to make them look innocent, so other people don't waste investigations on them.

Innocent Child: don't do anything unless you're on the lynch block, in which case you should probably tell us you're an IC so we don't lynch you. In that case, consider revealing to a random other player and then having them proxy that you're either an IC, their Gay Knight partner, or a Succubus who seduced them: this way someone is vouching for you but mafia don't know your role.

Vigilante: Probably no good use of this at this stage of the game; if someone is sketchy enough to vig kill they're sketchy enough to lynch.

Group Investigator: can't do anything today.

Desperado: if you're activated already, you probably want to save the one investigation for tomorrow; if not, you can't do anything. You should probably do some elaborate coin flip to figure out if you're going to activate tomorrow or not.

Succubus: I honestly don't know whether it's better to pick someone now and seduce them, or to wait; regardless, if you're on the lynch block, seduce someone and then do the IC thing above.


I'd love to hear people's strategic comments on this; are there better ways to use the current role set?

PostPosted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 6:58 pm 
Reminder to do role actions today! There are a few candidates left for the D1 kill, but it's reasonable to wait until ~9 PM in case a more investigatable kill happens first.

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