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Game Over, Town Win
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Author:  Katie [ Sat Mar 11, 2017 11:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Game Over, Town Win


Fmajluf7 ran from the abandoned warehouse, struggling to run with her shoulder wound. Her grand plan to write some final names in the hidden section of the Death Note had failed. Isaacg had shot her in the middle of it. SHOT HER! She had never expected it from him of all people. Luckily, blumberg's epic suicide had distracted the other characters long enough for her to slip away from the warehouse. But she wasn't going to make it. Though Isaac's shot had failed to kill her, it was enough to make her unable to outrun the mob of task force members who were no doubt chasing after her. Eventually, she managed to turn a corner and run into an abandoned building, collapsing onto the stairs.

"Katie.... help me..." she begged.

But the shinigami Katie merely opened her own Death Note and wrote down the name, "fmajluf7." 40 seconds later, fmajluf7 herself died of a heart attack.

Fmajluf7 is lynched.

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