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PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, 2010 7:26 pm 

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For your enjoyment, here's a record of the game. I don't know many of the things that went on behind the scenes (I was rather uninformed of Mafia plans and Medkit transfers), so much is missing. Please fill in with your stories!

Mafia: Bianca, Irene, jy, uhhjj (conscripted Day 3)
Investigators: Daniel.Grazian, Nur
Vigilante: Yi Zhang
Jesus: Vivian Lee
Fraudster: Stephanie

Day 1:
Steven and Jingxun randomly are granted Medkits.
The Mafia, who are Bianca, Irene, and jy, are busy and don’t read their Role PM’s until late into the day.
About half an hour before midnight, Bianca runs around and tries to kill someone. She goes to Di’s room but fails to kill Di after Di tells her, incorrectly, that Mafia can’t kill people in their rooms. (Sidenote: Every Mafia kill this game was in the victim’s room).
Bianca runs to Jingxun’s room, stopping just short of killing her after Jingxun reveals she has a Medkit. Bianca tries to play off the attempted kill as a joke. Bianca does not manage to kill someone before midnight.
With no real evidence, players vote No-Lynch, and nobody is lynched.

Day 2:
Although it’s after midnight, Bianca runs to kill Spenser’s (skates) room to kill him. Spenser, while doing Battlecode, has a message prepared in case he is killed, which vaguely suggest having seen Jason previously, as well as Bianca. Spenser posts this message right before being killed.
Medkits are transferred, though I (Alex) don’t know any details.
Nur asks if Vivian killed Spenser, getting a ‘no’.
Daniel, an investigator, checks whether Di killed Spenser, getting a ‘no’.
Bianca jokingly pretends to kill many people. She is lynched by a strong majority.

Day 3:
Daniel investigates to confirm that Bianca kills Spenser.
JJ finds out who the Mafia are, in part due to Bianca leaving her laptop open to the Mafia Den. The Mafia conscript JJ immediately after midnight.
With no kills this day, players vote for No-Lynch.

Day 4:

Jingxun is suspected due to her interaction with Bianca on Day 1, as well as her reluctance to give up her Medkit. This, along with her not defending herself on the forum, gets her lynched.

Day 5:
JJ puts on a intricate disguise to kill Nur in Nur’s room – I’ll leave JJ to describe this.
The townspeople determine (incorrectly) that a hitman was hired, and suspect Irene, due to having connections with friends at McCormick.
Steven leads a campaign to lynched Xuan, who has barely participated. Stephanie tries to convince people last-minute to vote for Irene, and uses her Fraudster power to double-vote for Irene, but Xuan still wins the vote and is lynched.

Day 6:
Irene (who is Mafia), suspicious from yesterday, is lynched.

Day 7:

Katherine (kluo), who has been accused many days, is lynched.

Day 8:
Daniel investigates Hilary for killing Nur, and gets a ‘no’.
Hilary is nevertheless lynched.
Right around midnight, jy tries to kill Di in heavy disguise with a very intricate gambit (which she and JJ can describe). However, Di runs away and jy doesn’t get to touch her shoulder. Junyao throws a prepared note at Di telling he she’s been killed and should not say anything. This kill is ruled to clearly be invalid.

Day 9:
Di posts her experiences on the forum. Later that day, JJ knocks on Di’s door, luring her out by saying that she (Di) left something in the lounge, and kills Di she opens the door.
JJ Manipulates the Press to change the location of Di’s kill from her room to itself. This has the effect of making future investigations on this kill fail.
JJ hires her boyfriend, Kenneth Cheng, for the Next Day.
Jy (who is Mafia) is lynched.

Day 10:

Soon after midnight, Kenneth kills Vivian.
Daniel investigates JJ for killing Vivian and gets a no.
Yi, the Vigilante, kills Jason Trigg in his room. Jason had been suspected from Spenser’s final words, which named him.
Steven gets people to unexpectedly vote off Daniel.
The Medkit Daniel held is randomly given to Steven.

Day 11:
Immediately after midnight, during a game of normal Mafia, Yi uses his second vigilante kill to JJ, ending the game in favor of the townspeople.
A couple of hours later, Vivian miraculously returns to life.

Since I can't attach files here, I'll share my Excel record of votes and events over e-mail.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, 2010 10:49 pm 

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Wooow, props to JJ for doing it right ;)

I sleep really early (around 9pm) and then wake really early (around 3am). If you need last-minute votes from me to swing decisions, please CALL and wake me (512-426-1693).

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 4:53 am 

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Location: next 553, the media lab, z center swimming pool (not like ur gonna recognize me in my goggles)
for the part about killing nur:

i went to hotpot run with JY and a bunch of other people. me and jy went to bathroom aka checking out nur's room to see if she's there, and found a nearby bathroom. sometime after i arrived and established my alibi, alicia (my friend), carrying her backpack cuz she jsut came from work, enters hotpot and pulls me aside for "private chat." we went up to the 3rd floor bathroom and pulled out an entire outfit comprised of jy's boyfriend haitao's pants, sweatshirt, winter jacket, sun glasses, and baseball cap to hide my face completely. (i tried to pretend to be a skinny asian guy. also jy took pictures of me like that lol) after i dressed up very sketchily, i quickly ran to 4th floor (no one saw me btw), knocked on nur's door. nur was like "who is it? who is it? are u hilary? are u hilary?" i was afriad that she wouldn't open the door, so i said "hmm", altho that probably gave me away as a girl (i swear no one could tell i was a girl just from looking). she opened the door, saw me, gave me a O_O face, and jumped back, i reached over and banged her. then i gave her a note saying this is a valid kill blahblah do not disclose any info to the living blahblah. then i ran away and changed back to my girly unsketchy self, and then me and alicia went back to hotpot. sadly food was mostly gone tho so i didnt get to eat much and got mad at my bf cuz he thinks tooooo much and talks too slow = =.
apparently nur had no idea who killed her, and alex sent me two PMs asking "u killed nur right?"
i was pretty sure nur wasn't the jesus, but i still went thru all the disguise and stuff cuz we were worried about dead ppl leaking info to the living. and i'm pretty sure they did. (cuz no one saw me what so ever and no one who saw me could tell that i was a girl, let alone an asian girl = =. only nur who heard my voice knew i was a girl.)
i knew JY would've been the obvious target after i told her to post her hotpot plan earlier in the afternoon. as expected, as soon as we got back to next house, yi interrogated jy:("so where were u at 8?) and then steven mo and yi interrogated me, basically: "were u with jy at hotpot?" i was like "yeahh jy dragged me there last minute." like he appeared on the forum, steven mo was realllly excited about incriminating jy:“reliable source told me that jy wasn't at the hotpot the whole time, so was she there the whole time? she wasn't, right?"
at that time, i've been trying to make up my first day's accusation of JY when i was still a townsperson (i was the first and only one to accuse her with any sort of solid evidence), so i've tried to not appear too defending of her. so i said "really? i don't remember her leaving...but i was on the phone with my bf for quite a while so i didn't pay attention to her.." after steven mo again hinted at possiblities of JY's absence, i went along and said "oh yeahh now i know..yeahh i found something odd during hotpot: i told jy to get food for me when i went on the phone, but when i finisehd she only got me like 2 pieces of meat and like one meatball so i was pissed." steven mo took the piece of evidence very happily and told me to post incriminating posts.
so it seemed jy was in a dangerous place, but in fact not really. the logic is: 1. if jy killed nur herself, the investigation would turn out positive--it won't, cuz i killed nur. 2. if jy hired a hitman to kill nur, inv would turn out negative, but i convinced steven mo that jy's not that smart to hire a hitman and be present near the crime scene to use reverse psychology to convince people she's not the real killer. 3. if jy manipulated the press, same as 2, she's just not that smart. 4. daniel won't investigate me ever because he just told me yesterday i was #1 on his trust list. so yay.

so soon it was basically the consensus that the investigation result of investigator #2 should come out. so basically i helped dan to get his inv result to the public. basically i suggested coming out as investigator for him in front of steven mo and others, and get the medkit for him. here's an excerpt from our very many private messages that night:

I would agree with you except that I don't believe I am a very likely mafia target. Still, I think the remaining investigator is the most important person to keep alive! Steve Levine told us at dinner tonight (I'm not sure if you were there at the time) that he still has his original medkit. I believe that you are pretty much universally trusted. What I think you should do is (along with somebody else, just in case) approach Steve Levine and ask him to give you his medkit. Tell him that you know who the inspector is (but of course without giving my name.) You can then give me the medkit at any convenient time and location.

I just wrote this plan as I was thinking of it, so improvements could probably be made. What do you think?

steven asks for u to PM him. SHOULD U???????????
i don't think u should since he's VERY likely to be conscripted. what do you want me to do???

I just sent the investigation request. If it turns out that jy killed nur, then I think the best thing I can do is to come out publicly as investigator and have Steve Levine give me his medkit, since jy knows my identity and would have given told any remaining mafia.

yeah definitely!!! if the result turns out to be no, what are you gonna do??
i don't think u should disclose ur identity to di, because she leaks everything Yi everything and if yi gets conscripted i think u'll be in a very dangerous place. i think the safest thing to do is have me come out as investigator and forward my message to di. please please be cautious about ur identity!!

I talked with Steven a lot last night, and although I'm confident I didn't give anything away about myself, I made the mistake of telling him that I completely trust you. Therefore, if you deliver the message about the investigation result, he might guess that it came from me.

I'll still give you the result directly, of course, but I think that somebody else should deliver it to Steven. Who do you think is completely trustworthy (and ideally has no ties to me!) I'm thinking possibly Di. Do you have a preference!

that's exactly what i thought!!!!! i just sent a message to u b4 i read ur message!!! =P

Great idea, that is exactly what I'll do!

(that's basically what happened. a lot more messages were sent tho. Dan also talked about that if he's killed, jy is defnitely mafia, because jy overheard that dan's the inv. but i did not plan on killing him at alllll so as time goes on it's less and less plausible that jy's the mafia.)

so that night, after dan's consent, i messaged Di that inv result is JY did not kill nur, and acted in such way that Yi and steven mo who were in Di's room guessed that i was the investigator. Jy was not lynched; xuan was. then i got the medkit but gave it to dan the second day. i planned on keeping dan alive and was that confident about never being suspected by him, or even if i was suspected, i can use my remaining manip press and hitman powers to nullify inv results and re-establish trust. i planned on coming out as a protector of the true investigator sometime later in the game, to again, plant trust, but i basically stopped caring by friday. then Yi and steven mo vigilante killed me becuase they saw dan's medkit, and they thought me and dan were both mafia so we shared the medkit. i knew steven mo saw dan's medkit since thursday but didn't care enough to explain....oh well...

so yeah later steven mo got a phone call from hilary monaco. after he hang up, he told us he was sure that a hitman killed nur because people in nur's hall saw a short asian girl with sunglasses and a 2011 hoodie. i was like "..." so steven's confidential source was hilary and i knew nur leaked it, although it was definitely advantageous for us because of the hitman mislead. > < when steven mo told us the description of the "hitman", i tried so hard not to rofl but i still sorta did. i swear i've no clue where the 2011 hoodie come from!! lol i was wearing a normal north face-ish winter jacket...and i'm 5'4"!
JY, post pictures if u'd like =P

so yay, end of story telling, at least for day 5.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:01 pm 

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I was actually killed by JY and in my room. She just came in with a friend and tapped my shoulder telling me that i was really dead and she was the mafia

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:36 pm 

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that was her 2nd attempt to kill u
it was her the day b4 too (the guy in huge winter jacket and hoodie about steve's height.) so that day jy dropped her props off iin the shower room, then went to shower in her pjs. she wetted her hair, got dressed, and let the water run. she then sneaks out of the shower room and attempted to kill u. she then ran ran ran ran ran through an intricate route back to her room, took off her disguise, then went back to shower room, and got out of shower room as if she just showered. too bad u evaded her kill and i got tired so the 2nd day i jsut told her to kill u in ur face > <

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 4:08 pm 

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Yes, JJ had me fooled completely. Basically, since I went into the game hardly knowing anybody, I wanted a contact who I would trust completely and who would trust me in return. Since I don't live at Next House, I wasn't able to easily interview the majority of the players, and on Day 3 I took a leap of faith and decided to trust JJ entirely. From that point forward (up until Day 7 or 8 when the kills started again), I did not even consider JJ as a suspect. I learned a lot about the goings on at Next House through her and talked extensively with her daily. Basically, she had me on a leash (she was more or less quietly pulling the strings of everybody in the game!) Congratulations.

In my defense, I don't think I was wrong to share everything with somebody as I did. Such networks can be very effective, and small networks such as that between me and her are probabilistically less likely to be infiltrated or discovered by the mafia. However, I should have been more patient and vetted whoever I was going to trust much more extensively. I'm certainly not saying that I would have seen through JJ; she played her part beautifully. However, I might have managed to at least reconsider my trust in her. I will certainly be more careful next time!

Great job JJ! I look forward to an opportunity to pay you back!

Down with the GCSN!

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