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List of Players and Starting Items!
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Author:  jasonye [ Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:26 pm ]
Post subject:  List of Players and Starting Items!

Here is a list of all players and starting items:

achester: Mafia Counter
boof: Coin
brunnerj: Hymnal
Chiller: Hymnal
cmcclena: Taser
dylanhen: Crytal Ball
gurev: Shovel
ixa: Coin
jakob: Hymnal
jamb: Shovel
joachim: Coin
Julian: Crytal Ball
ksedlar: Nothing
laberca: Coin
lukesci: Hymnal
m2w: Hymnal
maxmurin: Coin
mayars: Coin
natalyat: Coin
ObitoSigma: Coin
pravinas: Hymnal
python: Taser
ritagram: Mafia Counter
rusch: Coin
sammyluo: Taser
yyao1: Shovel

There are 9 coins, 2 crystal balls, 2 mafia counters, 6 hymnals, 3 tasers, and 3 shovels.

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