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Day 3 Execution
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Author:  python [ Fri Oct 13, 2017 1:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Day 3 Execution

Once again I think discussion about this should be started well in advance of day end to avoid last-minute lynch mobs. Currently, my thoughts are as follows:

1) sammyluo has been stated as sketchy by both ksedlar and jakob before they died, and additionally appears to have cursed jakob. If we see another kill today, it is very possible that sammy orchestrated a curse doublekill.
2) ET-affiliated people are sketchier than average due to the ability to make the kill on ksedlar: julian, mayars, obitosigma, me, ritagram, rusch, sammyluo, and maxmurin. Of these people, only maxmurin hasn't been investigation cleared. It's also possible that jamb made the kill and proxied out a fake priest investigation clearing her.
3) people who were roleblocked day 1 are still marginally sketchier than average. However, given that there was only one day 2 kill, it doesn't appear that a SK who was roleblocked day 1 decided to kill on day 2, so this evidence is probably marginal at best. I think the most likely explanations for a lack of day 1 kills are mafia/SK hitting each other and pleading guilty; or a new/inactive SK who is having difficulty planning kills.
4) katie's "sketch list" when she died was jamb, sammyluo, and maxmurin. Jamb is already dead so this leaves sammy and max.
5) it is possible that evidence was planted on jamb. If jamb were actually town, her suspicions list was sammyluo, me, ritagram, achester, obitosigma. I'd also possibly implicate chiller in this case since chiller both cleared achester and was very strongly in the lynch-jamb camp.

Obviously, we should wait to see what happens during the rest of the day, but right now I think our two main lynch targets would be sammyluo and maxmurin. Right now I would probably be leaning more towards lynching sammy, but I will wait for more evidence to make a decision. Sammy and max should also defend themselves on this thread/give us a reason why we shouldn't lynch them. Additionally, if anyone comes up with other plausible lynch targets, post them on this thread as well.

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