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Feel free to contact me for advice or help making kills!
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Author:  jamb [ Tue Sep 25, 2018 4:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Feel free to contact me for advice or help making kills!

Hi all! I'm your friendly neighborhood non-player, Jackie!

I really like plotting, and am happy to hear your plots/ideas and give thoughts. I'm also up for helping you execute kills cleanly - it can be tricky your first time, and it often helps to have an NP spotting for you (or letting you into places you don't have a key/ID access for). I like getting to know new people, so even if you don't have any specific questions, I'm always happy to chat about mafia. So, new players (and old players), feel free to contact me!

Prefer gchat or email:
Will eventually see texts: 248 219 4028
Can unlock: ET, sorta Random, Daniel Grazian's apartment, Cheney room
Waking hours: ~8:30-23:30

I'm a senior at MIT, and technically president of LAM (but in practice, we're an anarchy :P). I have played about 20 games of LAM in the past, including a fair bit of experience being both mafia and town. If you tell me secret info about yourself (e.g. your role/alignment/clever plots), I will definitely keep your secret. My main goals are to enjoy spectating and make the game as fun as possible for everyone else.

<3 jamb

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