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 Post subject: Item stuff
PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, 2018 10:30 pm 
First for new players: Because the initial item distribution is public, town can essentially dictate what all items are used for, and simply threaten to execute anyone that doesn't comply with what town reasons is the best use of the items for town. Thus throughout this post, I will assume that there is a global town that can freely control all items in game so we don't have to worry about exactly who owns what.

What do we want to do with all of our items? This game, the item frequency is much higher per player, and there are way more players than before. For example, we have 58!* coins.

First off, the items counter, shovel, taser aren't really relevant on day 1, because the number of mafia in game is public, no one has died yet, and we don't have anyone we think is sketchy enough to use a taser on.
This leaves spirit searches, honey jars, and mints.

Each kill can have at most 2 spirit searches used on it. There can be, within reason, at most 3 mafia kills day 1 (2 serial killers, and the mafia daily kill. Mafia won't want to scheme day 1).
Thus, we want at most 6 spirit searches on day 1. We have this already, looking at item distribution.

Honey jars are an interesting question. I don't know how good it is to use honey jars day 1, but I suspect it is not very good because of (1) the risk of mafia trapping honeyed people and (2) the fact that we can't double their role later since each player can only be honeyed once.
Let's suppose we want to buy 0 honey jars then. That leaves only mints.

Now for mints. If a player buys a mint on day 1, and the mint survives until day 3, it will produce 2 coins, on day 2 and day 3. At this point if we sell the mint, we have broken even, since the mint sells for 1 and costs 3. After that we just profit. Thus, as long as the expected number of days the mint survives is at least 2, it will be profitable. This game will probably last around 9 days, so it seems pretty likely that the mint will survive at least 2. Thus, mints are a good investment.

We can buy 19 mints with our coins. This will produce 19 coins on day 2, which should be plenty to create whatever items we want on day 2. I suggest we do this. This will require a bit of a coordination effort, since we need to get the coins into groups of 3 to buy mints. I suggest players work within their living groups to convert whatever coins they have to mints, and then whatever change we have left we can figure out something with later.

*this is a exclamation of surprise, not a factorial. 58 factorial coins would be a bit silly.

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