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Day 2 Start
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Author:  ksedlar [ Sat Feb 16, 2019 11:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Day 2 Start

The sun rises, marking another beautiful day, and the start of day 2.

Day 2 has started; we are still processing a few end-of-day pms and getting people results for wilderness exploration yesterday, so stay tuned.

Inspiration results:
AcuetOtbuseRihgt AcuetOtbuseRihgt
Beautiful Eyes Beautiful Eyes
continue_too_long continue_too_long
DrownedDepths DrownedDepths
FeelingDrowsy FeelingDrowsy
VecnaRobotics continue_too_long
Warthogs Warthogs
who_cares who_cares
xxxHornyGirlxxx xxxHornyGirlxxx

Also, there was an issue where someone who voted for DrownedDepths using their real name, rather than their forum username. DMs accidentally posted it before we realized the problem. We have now just removed the vote because both leaving it up and converting it would be bad. PLEASE make sure to vote with your username in the future!

There is a tie between continue_too_long and DrownedDepths! DMs have rolled a die and determined that continue_too_long gets inspiration.

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