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Rules Changes/Clarifications
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Author:  jasonye [ Tue Oct 22, 2019 5:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Rules Changes/Clarifications

I have now clarified how roleblockers work in the rules doc. I have also changed how day 0 actions are defined to be more consistent. You should reread the roles section of the rules doc (changes highlighted in blue) and/or read the stuff below.

Day 0 Role Use
Most roles can take a day 0 action. The exceptions are Seer and Vigilante.

Planeswalkers now start with 0 points. Their only valid day 0 action is to gain 2 points.

How Roleblocking Works
There are two parts of each day: the day, and the night.

Most roles take an action in the form of a decision during the night, which applies some effect the following day. For example, every night, roleblockers choose a player. The next day, that player is roleblocked.

Some roles take actions during the day. For example, pair investigators can pair investigate twice per day.

Roleblockers roleblock the role action, not the role effect. In the case of roles that take action during the day, like pair investigators, this is fairly intuitive; in the case of roles that make decisions during the night, like roleblockers, the action in question is the decision made, and NOT the effect.

For example if roleblocker A chooses on Night X to roleblock roleblocker B, then then B loses the ability to choose on Night X+1 a player to roleblock for Night X+2. However, the player B chose on Night X to roleblock is still roleblocked.

Planeswalkers are defined as "each day, choose a daily role power to use", and so the interactions with roleblockers naturally follow from these definitions.

Author:  ksedlar [ Tue Oct 22, 2019 5:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rules Changes/Clarifications

Night phase is only half an hour now, so GMs who need to be up in the morning are less sad.

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