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 Post subject: Revised endgame plan
PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2014 11:57 pm 
Day 4:
Kill santi via hitman and frame elaine for it, because we've already hired the hitman and we can't take it back. Ellena kills dukhovni in Stata in the afternoon, using a kaboom (because sam's a *little* too eager to make himself easily killable). My investigation turns up that elaine killed santi, Sarah Pratt backs me up on it. We lynch Elaine. Someone should vote for Sarah Pratt to set up a tiebreaker.

Day 5:
Use the trap already set on ara to kill her. Set a trap on charles and kaboom him. At this point the people left are the 3 of us, asjm, svolz, Sarah Pratt, and shensley. Sarah Pratt is probably mayor at this point. We impeach her and elect Ellena mayor. This gives us a voting power of 5 vs the town's 4. We outvote them and lynch someone, maybe shensley.

Day 6:
Town impeaches Ellena. Voting power is 3 vs 3. We try to kill someone, but it's not necessary. We all vote for Sarah Pratt, and she dies on tiebreaker. Game over, we win.

How does this sound? I plan on sleeping on it, would like to hear your thoughts on it. Still going through with the Yanni killing Santi plan is probably best because we've already hired our hitman and we can't take it back.

 Post subject: Re: Revised endgame plan
PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2014 11:59 pm 
Yay, nice job Yanni! Gods, can you confirm that Elaine was framed for killing Santi?

 Post subject: Re: Revised endgame plan
PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 12:35 am 
So, I was not sent a death report. Presumably Anpere was. If you said you were using frame an innocent on Elaine when sending it, then yes, you have framed Elaine.

 Post subject: Re: Revised endgame plan
PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 12:52 am 
I can confirm Elaine has been framed.

 Post subject: Re: Revised endgame plan
PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 2:37 am 
See messages I posted to from Ara. Combined with NP who'll reveal it was a hitman kill and ruin everything. Ideas? Help?

 Post subject: Re: Revised endgame plan
PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 6:07 am 
From ara to me and charesl

Hey guys,

I trust you two the most in this game. So I'll convey whatever information I have. Use it, however, you can. Santi was supposed to be my second.

Santi, Elaine, Ellena, and later Charles set up a trust so to speak in me. I know all their roles, who they're proxy for, and all of the claimed investigators in the game. This idea was Santi's design.

Ellena was in her room the entire time as vouched for by Alyssa, who is so apathetic an individual to this game that she would not lie for its' sake.

Elaine claims to be in Javi's room during this time. I don't know what to think but after spending this evening alone with her (when no one else in the game knew we were together) I can't believe that she had already been conscripted. Literally she could have killed me anywhere from Central to 4th East to here and no one would have known.

And I'm innocent. Check me, if you want, but if I had to kill someone believe me it would not have been Santi. Santi voted for people based on what I wanted to vote for (Charles can probably confirm this). Also putting him out of his misery would have much too kind a move for me. I would have made a great conscript, but only Elaine/Ellena/Santi/Charles knew this.

I still can't believe it could have been one of us. Marian did visit just before and I told her that I suspected Pratt and Svolz.

Ellena (and Elaine ?) and you Lily know my identity. Elaine and Ellena don't know the identities of each other.

Marian is an investigator of sorts and Elaine is her proxy.
Sarah Pratt is an investigator of sorts and Ellena is her proxy.
I was proxy for Elaine.

Santi was my investigator that I trusted most.

Furthermore, and I know this is rambling but I'm prone to it when stressed, Ellena couldn't have killed Marcus today as she was with me. Sarah Pratt was investigated by Elaine to be innocent.

I don't know what to think, but in case I'm lynched/murdered tomorrow,

Lily you know I checked you and we agreed. That means that you (most likely) couldn't have been original mafia and at best could be conscript. If I was conscript, I would have thrown you under the bus right then and there. I had five votes behind me and we could have picked up enough momentum to lynch you, and elect Ellena who I could puppet. No if I was conscript, I wouldn't have murdered Santi, I would have used him to distract the rest.

So conscript possibilities, not that I believe any of them actually, but none of these could have been ORIGINAL mafia. Elaine asked me for help with her role and literally jumped out of her seat when I entered her room last night. Ellena is sketchy at best of times but she would have conscripted me. I literally know so many people's roles:
- Ellena
- Elaine
- Lily
- Me

That means that there are still two mafia out there at large. I know we will all focus on Santi's death tomorrow and if I were a half-way decent mafia I'd have framed someone on Beast for it, but by the above logic, there are two more Mafia--I would investigate svolz for marcus again (without Pratt) on principle.

If Pratt killed marcus, Elaine is conscript. I honestly didn't think this a likely event in light of the van situation though.

If svolz killed marcus, Pratt is mafia-aligned.

Elaine doesn't even know her way around the Media Lab, furthermore I could hear her typing on a call with me minutes before. She wouldn't have had the time.

Based on yesterday's alibis that only leaves asjm and svolz.

Checking svolz with your mayor powers would let us know if svolz/pratt are guilty.


Please investigate Santi's death, but for reasons described above his killer if on Beast is a conscript and one that couldn't have killed Marcus. Hell the killer might not even be on Beast, I don't know what to think but when everyone's losing their heads tomorrow, please please please please also check svolz/asjm for marcus, and preferably svolz.


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