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Topic review - Rules wank
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: Rules wank  Reply with quote
It's true mafia could've manipulated better / released fake investigations. I don't think we should be assuming they're going to play completely optimally though - most past games have had worse slip-ups. I agree 4/3 would probably be mafia biased a little, but I think by less than this was town biased... ideally we'd have game sizes where the right number is less in-the-middle. Again, I'm claiming 4/3 would have been better not always but for the level of town activity this game had (which was very predictably more than last game based on the player list).

-I'd like to make mafia manipulation a little stronger. For example it was really sad that the one investigation on m2w for the kill she manipulated coin-flipped against her. Maybe it should also cause the first investigation on that person to clear them or whatever (that particular suggestion is bad because then you can prove someone not to have been manipulate-cleared, but something like that). Similarly it'd be nice if they had some way to make the spirit search results after their own return the wrong result instead of just a random one, but I'm not sure how to implement (having it always return wrong would mean town could trust results when they'd done >= 3 searches, by flipping them).
-I'd be down to give mafia a treasure cache in MD that contains like 5 coins for their nefarious use. I think putting more items in game overall is very good for town and therefore not a good solution.
Post Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 2:05 am
  Post subject:  Re: Rules wank  Reply with quote
Yeah depsite being on the losing side this time around :P I don’t think that we were too disadvantaged. My early game distance/inactivity made early mafia co-ordination difficult but once we got it rolling, Mollie and I were doing pretty well I thought. If not for the NP slip-up, whilst I don’t think I would’ve survived much longer since some town were onto me, I do think that the game would’ve been even closer. Also in hindsight, Mollie killing farel22 did undo us. I had considered that to be a high probability but honestly, when she told me that she would run across campus in the banana suit, racing the clock, there wasn’t anyway I could say no to the idea. XD
Post Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 10:38 pm
  Post subject:  Re: Rules wank  Reply with quote
While mafia made good kills, I think they did not use their powers as well as they could have. In particular, I think that using manipulations early was definitely better strategy, as swapnilg’s death was completely preventable. Mafia also missed 3-4 kill opportunities (mafia’s no-kill day, jwlw2020’s planeswalker kill, chiller’s first kill opportunity, and a use of slaughter). Game ended with 5 townies alive; if that got down to 1, mafia could have just won by lynching the least active person. Basically, inspite of town killing 6 mafia/SKs in 7 days, it was pretty close. If the game were to have 4 mafia 3 serial killers, we’re claiming that town needed to be able to kill 7 mafia/SKs in 7 days; meaning if town isn’t killing a mafia/SK every day on average, they’re going to lose.

Also, remember that the previous game, which had 4 more townies, was a strong win for mafia.

We could try going back to the 4 mafia 2 SK setup (though IMO more early kills is more fun). Or, ironically we could put more items in game again, to make it easier for mafia to get to 2 spirit searches.
Post Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 10:29 pm
  Post subject:  Rules wank  Reply with quote
-secret admirer rules need to specify that they don't get to admire again the day after admiration triggers
-secret admirer rules need to specify what happens if they run out of legal targets (die? become vanilla town?)
-3 mafia 3 SK is not enough imo, at least not when town is this active; and all the mafia made fairly clean kills and even got helped by a town vig and none of them were inactive, which means they were playing really well. GMs also deliberately picked the role distribution that seemed most mafia-favored because we were worried this game would be too town-biased. So, I stand by my claim from the beginning of game that it should've been 4/3 instead of 3/3.
-can we get rid of coin flips plz?
-what happens if a splitter submits sets, goes to bed, and then somebody in their sets dies so they're not full size? This game I ruled that if you submit it any time that day, it's still legal even if people die after that (which chiller used excellently); and if people dying makes the sets become too big, we'll chop off the last person (or the splitter can specify who to chop in advance).

Overall I was pretty happy with this rules set. I'll take the fact that nobody else has started a rules wank thread yet as general agreement :P
Post Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 9:51 pm

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