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Topic review - Response to Farel
Author Message
  Post subject:  Response to Farel  Reply with quote
Was radio silent but I decided to check in before bed. No hate here at all. Actually, I was smiling as I read your assessment because you give me so credit. :D I still think I've got a way to grow before I reach that level, but I hope to be able to pull off that sort of manipulation in the future when I need it :D. As for my defending myself, honestly, I don't really know what to say. I don't have good alibis because I just don't. I spend a decent proportion of time alone. My patterns of behaviour are pretty much the same regardless of what side I'm on in games like this (which is why friends back home never trusted me in party mafia god damn it).

To respond specifically to your queries as best as I can, the reason I've been quick to respond about swapnil is that it's one of a very few things that I'm certain about in this game. I need some roots to base my logic off and so much of this is uncertain, especially since I missed many early game player meetups and then had no internet for 24 hours. I would also like to point out that if my plan was to lie about swapnil's affiliation as a fellow mafia, then the mafia counter would be the biggest thread to me. I've known that you held it and had multiple opportunities to kill you whilst you held it, if I were able and wanted to. I was also one of the earliest to sign it if you recall.

Regarding dgrazian. Yes, I do think of him as a threat. But not because he is an enemy to me currently but rather because he's an uncertainty. We do seem to be quite similar in games like these and that's why (ironically), I'm scared of trusting him. I've listed all the little things to you that have stood out to me, but the reason that I haven't shared them publicly is because I'm not 100% sure. I'm aware that I psychologically have a negative cognitive bias towards him and will therefore notice more potential mafia signs than proofs of him being town. If I were mafia, I would probably have tried to turn the public tide and lynch him sooner, or simply targeted him for a kill to remove the uncertainty entirely. Furthermore, I would likely raise more flags in general for you than dgrazian, simply because (I assume) that we've spent more time together discussing the game than you have with him.

As for your comments on other people, I've honestly got no clue. I would encourage more investigation on m2w and chiller but we seem to be pretty screwed in that regard.

I acknowledge that this isn't really a solid defence but its the best explanation I've got. If you wanna encourage the town to lynch me, I won't hold it personally. I trust that you guys can still win the game. :D

Thoughts Mollie?
Post Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2018 12:10 am

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