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 Post subject: Petitions
PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 12:51 pm 
So since ksedlar has died we have not had a police officer in town and the petitions that abergal had I assume are gone. During this mystery hunt pause we need to get organized if we hope to win this game. The forums have been dead during the pause and although I realize many of you are working on the mystery hunt (as have I) this is too good an opportunity to pass up. I have decided to start petitions for myself (frevan) and for oreo, Jeanie, and cstubbe for police officer. I am also willing to start petitions for other people who are interested, but since nobody else was coming forward I needed to get the ball rolling on this before it is too late. I would like to collect as many signatures today as possible. I know you have other things going on like the mystery hunt, but I this is very important and will take hardly any time at all. I will be able to stop in to Random around 4:00 PM to get signatures. EC players please let me know when would be a good time for signatures and I will try to stop by. I will send pms to other people that live in other living groups where only one or two players live to arrange something with them. Also feel free to pm me with times that are best for you or to come over to Simmons if you are feeling that ambitious.

Another thing to discus would be if I should start another impeachment petition for dukovini. My current thoughts are to start one and try to get enough signatures, but not actually use the petition unless the town agrees to do so.

 Post subject: Re: Petitions
PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 1:54 pm 
I would like to point out that Frevan mentioned me without my permission. The 4 of us had briefly talked about this together (and I don't know the extent to which Frevan talked with jeanie or cstubbe so I will not say anything about what they think)

I would like to run for police officer but not under the condition that all 4 of the Simmons players are running. I wanted to discuss this further with the 3 of them, but I would run for mayor if none of them wanted to (in the case that we lynch dukohvni, which has been talked about; or if we impeach him)

I care about Frevan very much as a person, but he has done nothing in this game but frustrate me. I do not trust him.

 Post subject: Re: Petitions
PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 2:10 pm 
For the record the four of us did discuss this briefly last night. I suggested that cstubbe or Jeanie run for police officer because I was most suspicious of oreo and knew that the three of them were suspicious of me. At this point with many investigators dead (lillychen, issacg (suposedly), and possibly others) having the police investigation is very important and I think is the best way for the town to start finding mafia members. Since they did not want to run I decided to try to push things forward by saying all 4 of us would have petitions to be signed so that mafia members would not be able to justify signing at least one of them. Maybe this is a poor plan, but it is better than no plan at all. We NEED TO discuss or we will die in silence.

 Post subject: Re: Petitions
PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 3:59 pm 
Okay. Frevan's justification seems town-sided enough for me. I'm still suspicious of him, but after discussion, Jeanie and I do also want to run for police officer. So all 3 of us will have petitions. We will try to get those petitions signed, as well as Dukohvni's impeachment petition, as soon as possible. Will start PMing people or emailing people now

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