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PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 1:17 am 
First of all, this was my personal spreadsheet: ... sp=sharing

I ended up knowing quite a few roles (lzahray and Austin Fathman revealed to me, dukhovni and Lily Chen's original role I guessed).

Day 0: Anyway, I started game by telling three people (sueshep, vlonge, and sashacf) to lynch dukhovni if I was killed. Then I pmed everyone with a mic and asked if they would give it to me (lazily copy-pasting my "give me your mic" messages from last game). Dgrazian said he'd think about it, and Austin Fathman gave me his mic the next day, making me trust him a lot. I then spent a while with dukhovni running around campus getting our petitions filled out. We had decided to co-run for office before game start, and when I stated I wanted to be police officer, dukhovni said that he wanted to be police officer, which sketched me out a bit, but not enough to do anything about it. Sam and I get elected.

Day 1: After I got the mic from Austin, I immediately gave it to Asya, intending for her to have it during her Monday class, and then to take it back and give it to Josh before his Tuesday PE. I crafted a plot to very carefully and thoroughly masquerade as a superhero, and I decided I wanted to choose a proxy such that I would have the maximum chance of "revealing" to a mafia, as well as a low chance of fake revealing to a vampire. I chose Lily who would likely either die early (forcing me to reveal to another person) or get conscripted. Furthermore, I thought that since her plan for vampires was "they should kill themselves because they're worthless," that she was much less likely to be a vampire. 11:00 passed and I thought, "Oh, there was no kill today." When a kill happened, I scrambled to mob with Dgrazian, Lily, Sam, and Arkady to EC to investigate. I initially decide to investigate michikyo, but then later change my mind to decide to lynch her (non-new player near kill site, hadn't posted intro). However, the investigation result gets back too soon.

Day 2: As soon as day rolls over I send investigation results to Lily. I explain that as a superhero, I got extra investigations from being police officer, and I ask her to double proxy with an unlikely vampire (sashacf), so that if they were mafia, set-a-trap would be wasted. Sam asks me to double proxy for a superhero who contacted him. I point out that I think he is the superhero, because the whole point of double proxying is to trick the second proxy into thinking the first proxy has the investigative powers, and so telling me he's double proxying makes no sense. This turns out to be correct, but he doesn't admit to it. After Josh dies, I am immediately suspicious of Asya, who would be the lynch target he proposed with the ABC plan. She readily offers me back the mic, which is the only thing that keeps me from starting a lynch mob on her, and I let her keep it until her class is over. When Arkady died, I was encouraged to mob by Shi-ke, and we gathered a fairly large mob to go. When we get to the ESP office, I eventually recognize Ama as someone who signed my petition, and I say, "Hey, you're playing Live Action Mafia, right?" which she gets dodgy about. We conclude Ama was probably a rogue (lololol) from that, but as we walk back towards Random, Sueshep reveals as vigilante. She explains what happened and what her plan was to me and dukhovni, and I read her as being a townsperson. To my surprise, there is a huge lynch mob for her, despite the fact that her play didn't make sense as a mafia. I desperately try to convince people to not lynch her, and right before day end, I text back and forth with lzahray pleading with her to convince ET to pick a different target. Meanwhile, Sueshep gives me her taser, and then instead decides to give it to Haley, stating that she is voting for herself, which I tell her not to do.

Day 3: To my vast surprise, ET is actually convinced to pick a different target, and it initially looks like Sueshep doesn't get lynched. I attempt to get the mic back from Asya, who was unexpectedly pulled away from players before day end, because I really want to give Sueshep the mic, but unfortunately, Sueshep gets lynched anyway. I instead give the mic to Haley. When the morning rolls around, Sam and I go to UPOP as usual, but I don't realize until several hours (when I illegally use my phone to check forums) that Lilly Chin, who sits at the table next to me, is dead. I immediately suspect that mafia are intentionally trying to make me look sketchy, since Lilly had posted suspicions against me the day before, and I preemptively suggest a vampire check on myself. Unfortunately, the vampire checking plan is wanked about all day, and I become increasingly frustrated with mounting suspicions against me and the lack of vampires near day end. When Lily posts the proxy idea, I agree, realizing that she thinks she will be the proxy, but actually deciding to use Austin Fathman (since Lily did not actually know my role). After desperate texting with Austin, a vampire check eventually gets coordinated, and I reveal my real role (investigator) and my deception towards Lily to him. I talk to Dgrazian in person (which I had not done much of, which I think was partially the reason why we were on hugely different pages), and I distrust him slightly less. Right before I am vampire checked, Dininno gives his positive investigation result to me and Pravina, and we gather up a lynch mob. I lock myself in my room to ensure that people can't wank about how I might be conscripted.

Day 4: As day rolls over, lzahray reveals as innocent child to me. I info dump her on a lot of things, including the mic's location and the reason I trusted Austin, but not on my role. I give her the reasons for why I trust everyone I listed on forum. I initially indicate some distrust of Sam, but when I realize what Pravina dying with receiver 1 implies, I bump him up to super trusted, and tell Lisa this. Unfortunately, she still seems suspicious of him. When Shi-ke shovels as superhero and people cast suspicions on the investigator, Dininno reveals to all of Clam lounge, making me trust that he was investigator even more (I trusted him enough to not want to lynch him before that, but I thought that public revealing was a clear sign of a resigned townie, since it would be terrible for a mafia to offer themselves up to the mob). I tell Dininno that he shouldn't have revealed, and converse via pm with lzahray and Dgrazian. I decide I want Dgrazian vampire-checked and inform tsims of it. Dgrazian offers to tell me his role, and I tell him to just tell tsims (in retrospect, I might not have used the vampire check on him if I knew he was a gay knight). I mention to Lisa that if Shi-ke was actually a superhero, he hadn't reported any investigations, and Lisa expresses worry that I know all the superheroes. I backtrack and say I only pmed the proxies to ask if their superhero was Shi-ke. In order to not be inconsistent later, I ask Sasha who their superhero was (knowing it's actually me), and they say that they don't know, since ltchin was double proxying to them. This makes me think Lily Chen is an investigator, since ltchin was an investigator proxy of an investigator that mysteriously was as quick as I was about visiting investigation sites. Isaacg gives me his receiver, bumping him up on my trust list. I think about conscription some, and decide that it was likely already used (reasoning in town square), making me more confident about not getting conscripted and about the effectiveness of vampire checks.

In the morning, I illegally use my laptop and phone in UPOP some more. I text Austin Fathman and plan to give him the receiver, and he reveals to me as vigilante, to which I offer some usage suggestions. At one point, I consider using the downstairs bathroom (which I had been going to more often than needed to sneakily use my phone and check forums, but decide to use the single-occupancy one on the first floor instead (interesting in retrospect, given mafia were interested in killing me by the downstairs bathroom). I do more forum stuff over lunch, and I decide to pm everyone who started with an item, "Did you pass off your item to someone? If so, who and when?" Unfortunately, just as I start typing up the first message, I get a tap on the shoulder, and I girl I don't recognize tells me "kaboom." The NP next to me, who I had previously mentioned Live Action Mafia to, asks me if I just was killed, and I say yes. Later, when I hang out with Sam during a break, he asks me if I'm alive (something I was getting him to ask me a lot, and I say no). Unfortunately, he doesn't think to ask my group members who killed me, as I had mentioned to do on Day 2 (although since my killer was Don, getting a vague description of "white girl in a knitted hat" -- what I remember, possibly more than my NP group members would -- may have only led to wasting investigations). Later, Lily Chen congratulates me on my deception as superhero, and when I make a comment about having to add myself to graveyard/mafia den, Lily suggests that I co-god with aok.)

PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 1:24 am 
Haha, got mafia to waste slaughter-the-weak on Austin Fathman! It's too bad Dininno and tsims were both revealed, so mafia didn't set-a-trap on me.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:32 pm 
By the way, I think that you shouldn't have trusted Austin Fathman that strongly just because he gave you an item. That's totally something I've done as a mafia in order to gain trust. Like, the level of trust you were expressing in him made me seriously think that he was either innocent child or gay knights with Sam. I think both of those possibilities would be about an order of magnitude more significant than giving you an item as justification for trusting him.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 11:13 pm 
And I got you to use up a slaughter-the-weak out of it, didn't I?

Anyway, I am of the opinion that in general, it is more worthwhile for mafia to keep a mic-receiver pair from falling into town hands than it is to get more trust from that townsperson. If I had a non-investigative role, I definitely wouldn't have role revealed to him. For instance, last game SammyLuo was high on my trust list, and all he got out of it was me telling him my trusts and suspicions, which is definitely not worth a mic-receiver pair. I also think it's probably the case that even getting a role out of it isn't worth mafia giving up a mic/receiver. You may have given up a mic as mafia, but I bet you had a higher level of confidence that the person you gave it to would keep it, right? I keep the microphones I get for a relatively small portion percentage of the time (despite the fact that Austin Fathman told me that he would lynch me if I didn't give it back to him by day 5; I thought it was worth the risk). Also, fun fact, in the past two games, one of the people who has refused to give me a mic has been mafia.

In particular, I think I would trust a new-ish player who gave me a mic more than say, you claiming gay knight. On the topic of me being sketched out by you, did you see why I picked you as my proxy? Because I thought it gave me the highest chance of "revealing" to a mafia! :) (Either you'd get killed soon and I'd have to reveal again, or you were probably mafia.)

PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 11:17 pm 
At the very least, I definitely should have trusted Austin Fathman more than anyone else in game.

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