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 Post subject: Basic Strategy
PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2015 3:01 pm 
Here is some very simple basic strategy. I'm going to keep this relatively short, including only what I think are the most essential points. Read the analogous posts from earlier games for more detailed strategy advice:

1. DO NOT TELL ANYBODY YOUR ROLE. There is almost no reason to give role information in this game. The mafia have a tremendous amount of power in their set-a-trap ability. The single easiest thing you can do to lose us the game is to tell other people your role. Exceptions:
a. Investigators/superheros/activated desperados should get somebody to proxy for them with probability ~ 70%. Consider setting up a double proxy chain. Regardless, maintain maximum ambiguity as to whether you are an investigator, superhero, or desperado.
b. Innocent Child: you should onlyuse your power to save yourself from being lynched, to join an innocent child trust circle, or for some other necessity.

Bottom line, do not evertell somebody your role, unless you needto do so. There is a very high threshold for the reward to exceed the risk.

2. Stay actively involved in the game, from start to finish. With that said, if you have been inactive for a while, it is never too late to start getting active in the game again.

If 20% of the town (~8 players are inactive) we will lose (the game is balanced assuming all townies are actively participating.)

3. Daily powers need to be used every day, without exception.
4. Keep mayor/police officer elected at all times. Likely innocence is the most important qualification.
5. Set traps for the mafia. If another player uniquely knows your whereabouts, let another player or two know (and don't let the first player know that the others know!) Try to get killed in a way that will incriminate your killer.
6. Verify alibis. Unverifiable alibis are approximately worthless.
7. Talk with other players, strategize, talk about the game. Just don't tell them your role.
8. If you see any suspicious behavior (like a player lurking somewhere) post it in the town square. This has caught numerous mafia in past games and would have caught many others if the player(s) who had seen them had mentioned it!

Other players, please comment and add things here. And if you have any questions, ask :D

 Post subject: Re: Basic Strategy
PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2015 3:13 pm 
I've posted lengthy strategy posts in the past, and I think both of these apply to this game. Both posts are very thorough.

This post sums up most non-role specific stuff I have opinions on. Contrary to popular belief, I was not mafia when I posted it (I was conscripted later). A big thing that people often don't think about is the voting part: viewtopic.php?f=106&t=3378

This post was for a game with very similar rules to this one. Just ignore the stuff about vampires: viewtopic.php?f=102&t=3236

 Post subject: Re: Basic Strategy
PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2015 4:45 pm 
So, besides innocent children and gay knights, it seems like this game has even less potential for (safe) provable innocence than the IAP game did. We should probably just wait for a dying gay knight / desperado / poisoned person before we try to set up an IC network?

 Post subject: Re: Basic Strategy
PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2015 5:07 pm 
I would say only if the dying gay knight / desperado / poisoned person has their death date in the early game (e.g. before day 4ish) and doesn't have any suspicion on them when they reveal. Also, I would say only innocent children should reveal to them, not gay knights as well. I would say a mafia without any suspicion on them is worth more than the identities of the innocent children who reveal themselves. However, if someone claims to be dying late game, then it could be a trick to rush endgame / make use of a mafia who they think will die anyway.

I'm also less inclined to trust a person claiming poison versus a dying gay knight or desperado. In the gay knight case, they should be able to indicate their innocence in some way by demonstrating evidence that their partner trusted them. For instance, let X and Y be gay knights. Earlier in game X told random person Z some game relevant information. Additionally, X tells Z that due to the sensitive nature of the information, Z is the only person they're telling. But because Y was their gay knight, X told Y what they told Z. When X dies and Y steps forward, Y can contact Z and reveal that X trusted them with that information. Idk, there probably would be some evidence the living gay knight can point to to indicate the dead one trusted them (without prior role revealing). In the desperado case, there is the fact that desperadoes would have been investigating kills and the fact that they would be immune to any vigilante who tests them by saying bang (though this can be simulated with a medkit...)

Anyway, faking gay knight / desperado is slightly more complicated than faking poison.

Still, setting up an IC network is tricky. I'd say there should also be a taser readied for any claimed dying person setting up an IC network too.

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