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Author:  Kellena [ Sat Apr 11, 2015 12:31 am ]
Post subject:  Jammyluo fanfiction

sashacf wrote:
"Jakob? Are you alive"
There was no response but the static of the disconnected phone.
"NOOOOOOOO!" Sammy Luo ran out of his apartment. "Justine! Jakob just died!"
"Wait what?" Justine exclaimed. "Who do you think did it?"
"I don't know," Sammy said, choking back tears, "Two hours ago, he said he was in a 6.01 staff meeting, with jhgilles."

Later that night, jhgilles was found guilty of Jakob's murder! The mayor of the town, aok, sent out a call for vigilantes.
Sammy knocked on the mayor's office door.
"Come in," came the mayor's always suspicious voice.
Sammy entered. "I'm a vigilante. Should I kill jhgilles?"
"Sorry, someone else already contacted me. They're going to kill Lily Chen."
As Sammy left the mayor's office, he thought to himself, "I don't need the mayor to tell me when I should kill a murderer. Jhgilles killed my Jakob, and nobody can stop me from returning the favor."
He walked to jhgilles' apartment, and knocked on the door. Surprisingly, the murder calmly opened the door, not suspecting that anyone was out to kill him. "This is for Jakob!" Sammy shouted, as his gun went off. But it didn't feel right. There was no fulfillment. Maybe jhgilles was not his lover's killer. Sometimes the detectives got it wrong. The mafia had too much power in this town. "If that wasn't the killer, then I don't know who was," Sammy thought. "I need to lie low, and see what I can find out."

As the days progressed, Sammy tried to get over Jakob's death, but he couldn't. There was no way he could get him back. As he was brought in for questioning over the following deaths, he was each time reminded that Jakob was no longer there with him, to verify his alibis. In his apartment, alone. Going to class, alone. Eating lunch, alone. Then, as he left his apartment, he saw the mayor, with a menacing grin. "AOK! AOK!" he shouted. But before he could run, he heard the gunshot. "BANG!" He clutched at his wound. "Now we can be together again."

Author:  Kellena [ Sat Apr 11, 2015 12:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Jammyluo fanfiction

anpere wrote:
"Two dead men have been found lying by the charles river. Two guns were found at the scene,
and no other fingerprints were sampled. Police are investigating the scene of the crime
for more clues but they have no leads as to what could have happened. There were no letters
there were no last words"
The T.V shut off, and a silence drowned the room. Nothing was left but a heavy tic-tock
from the grandfather clock in police headquarters. Balls of sweat were falling down
Sammy's clothes. It was a hot day of August, so he really wished he could keep his shirt
off. It's usually fine, but the chief pays them both random visits. And so hewent over to
open the window. Jacob was cleaning the rat's nest on his desk, and making sure all his files were in
order. Just then the chief burst through the door, with a big fat electric-cigar touching
his lips.
"What are you two doing? He howled.
"Uh" muttered Jacob
"We think we found some clues to the most recent mafia kill." responded Sammy.
"Huh, is that true? Well too bad, I have some news for you two. For the whole
squad actually."
As kemus spoke,and Sammy was
tucking his magnum, and making sure that the safety trigger was on correctly. An unloaded
gun is the most dangerous gun there is.
They never saw kemus soud so disappointed to deliver
news. It sounded like he was going to drop a bomb on them.
"I'm being promoted. The feds think I can use my powers more effectively at the
higher branches of government. I can't say much more, it's confidential, but this means
They stared at each other. Sammy and Jacob were scanning the room to make sure everything
was clean. Jacob's parents always told him that the most important interactions with people
are the first and last. When kemus was training Jacob he managed to impress kemus. He
caught the mafia don with all but an unused tooth pick left at the scene of the crime. That
didn't matter so much, the mafia were still strong. Jacob certainly didn't want kemus to
see Jacob for the last time so disorganized.
"Congrats, you and Ellena must be so happy." said Sammy
"Cut the bullshit Sammy. Jacob can I have a word with you? In private?"

Author:  Kellena [ Sat Apr 11, 2015 9:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Jammyluo fanfiction


Jakob leaned over his laboratory, examining the various chemicals. He smiled as he picked up an empty vial. "Petrify", it was labeled. Soon, very soon, one of the townspeople would suffer a mysterious death, and Jakob would be one step close to world domination. It seemed like such a tiny step in the grand scheme of things, but once he could get rid of this town, this mysterious and mystic town, then he could conquer the world and rule as its ultimate king. Oh, Jakob had so many plans and ambitions for this world...

Jakob picked up another vial, and this time his smile vanished. This vial was not empty; on the contrary, it was filled with a green, noxious looking liquid. Its label read, "Extrajudicial". This vial was intended for Sammy, a townsperson who Jakob was not so keen on dying. If it were up to Jakob, Sammy would be at his side, and they would rule together.

But unfortunately, Sammy would not approve of Jakob's dark schemes. Sammy was an innocent soul, Jakob knew, and his dreams would never be. No, Sammy could not be allowed to live, as much as Jakob's heart told him otherwise. Soon enough, Sammy would find out Jakob's secret, and he would be horrified. Jakob wouldn't be able to live with that. Moreover, Jakob knew that if he allowed Sammy to live for longer, his last experiences in life would be seeing his neighbors and friends die. And although his cohorts preferred to kill with such brutish methods as guns, Jakob would kill the way way he knew best, with poison. It would be better this way, after all. Sammy would die peacefully and painlessly, as he deserved.

Resolved to his evil plans, Jakob took the vial and carefully placed it in his pocket.


The next day, Jakob was, as usual, sitting and talking with Sammy.

"Can you believe that someone among us is a murderer? And there's talk of our town even containing mafia members. This town was so peaceful, and then suddenly Mads was found dead!" Sammy exclaimed. Jakob hid a smirk at the memory of seeing the light leave Mads's eyes, putting on a concerned expression instead.

"What about Isaac's death? I know he was probably a criminal himself, but it's awfully mysterious... Why would someone kill him?" Jakob said, diverting the direction of the conversation.

"Oh, I know what happened! You see, Katie killed him after finding out his evil nature, but she doesn't want everyone to know, in case there might be some retaliation against her." Sammy explained, not realizing that Jakob already knew exactly what happened. Sammy trusted him so much, Jakob found himself feeling guilty about slipping his poison into Sammy's drink. But just then, Jakob felt his phone vibrate in his pocket.

"Just a second!" Jakob told Sammy, stepping out into the hallway.

"Jakob, I just found out some critical info on Sammy," came the voice of Marian, one of Jakob's fellow mafia. "I have good reason to believe that Sammy is actually allied with our interests; he isn't working with the town at all!"

"What?!" Jakob shouted, shocked.

"I have no reason to think that this information is wrong; initially my sources told me something else, but then they corrected themselves in such a way that I doubt they're lying." Marian explained. Jakob's gaze immediately shot back into his room, where Sammy was sitting, waiting for him to come back, absentmindedly raising his glass to drink.... Oh no!

Jakob ran back into the room, grabbing the drink out of Sammy's hand and slamming it down onto the table. Sammy looked at him quizzically.

"Sammy, I'm one of the mafia... are you a rogue?" Jakob questioned.

"I'm not sure what you mean. I have special powers, like everyone in this weird town."

"Well, do your special powers involve killing people and being aligned with the mafia?"


"Then welcome to the mafia," Jakob said, pulling Sammy into a hug.

"Wow. Wow wow wow," was all Sammy could say. Jakob stroked Sammy's hair, silently thanking the Gods for his luck. He had come so close to losing Sammy, but now Sammy was safe, and Jakob wouldn't let anything happen to him.


"Kill the murderer!" "Lynch him!" "Filthy scum!" "That's what your kind gets!"

Jakob could only watch helplessly as the crowd roughly handled his Sammy, forcing him up a set of movable wooden stairs. No, they couldn't be doing this... The mob shoved Sammy into place, holding him as a man who looked suspiciously like a large opossum tied a rope around Sammy's neck. They shouldn't be touching Sammy like that, shouldn't be hurting him.

"We shouldn't be lynching anyone!" Jakob shouted. But he couldn't stop them. Jakob couldn't stand in the way of the wrath of the mob. Jakob fell to his knees just as he heard the sickening crack of Sammy's neck as his footing was yanked out from under him. His head in his hands, Jakob almost missed the sound of a very familiar voice.

"Wow, you guys had to do it, didn't you?"

Perhaps Sammy was not quite so dead after all.

Author:  Kellena [ Sat Apr 11, 2015 11:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Jammyluo fanfiction

anpere wrote:
Chapter 2:

“Two days ago we got a call of distress" said Jacob as he let out a puff of vapor. He had
an e-cig in one hand, and the wheel in the other. "We were able to trace the call to a toy
factor by Downtown Crossing. When we got there we found ksedlar and ltchin lying on
the floor."
"Odd. What were they doing there." responded Sammy, who was stuffing his mouth with a
cheese burger from U-Burger
"ksedlar seemed to have responded to a call of distress, supposedly coming from ltchin.
I have a suspicion that ltchin found something in the toy factory, that put her in a
position of danger. She made the mistake of traveling without her partner, ksedlar. I can't
imagine why should go there alone."
"Well this is an easy problem, we should be able to check the security footage
and see what exactly happened."
"There's the problem. We tried to contact the factory owner, dgrazian but he wasn't
picking up the phone calls."
"That's odd, why would a retired cop buy a toy factory? What's the problem, he was a good
friend of kemus, I'm sure we could get the chief to pay the old man a visit."
"This is no laughing matter Sammy. I think the mafia were stationed in the toy factory,
and lily figured this out a bit too late, when the mafia took her out. It turns out
Dragzian owns a huge line a toy factories, and the mafia could be island hopping between
them. Don't you see? This makes perfect sense, he knew all the inside secrets of the
police and is using it to evade us."
"Jacob, no offense, but I think you have truly lost your mind"
"Sammy. This is some serious shit. We can end the mafia's regime, this is our chance
to take out the kingpin."
"No.We can't take the law into our own hands. We made a pledge man".
Jacob pulled the car over and parked it. They were in St.Paul's Street, Brookline. A
beautiful town on the border of Boston. The perfect place for a retired cop to live.
Dgrazian lives on a small house that faces a public park. Drgazian would walk in the park
for hours, endlessly. He would think about the glorious days, when he used to lead
the Boston Police. Those days were over, and now-a-days he found himself more of a traveler.
"What are we doing here Jacob?"
"We're arresting Dgrazian for probable cause. How does that sound?"
"I don't know how I feel about this."
"You don't have to feel anything, trust me. This is the man we want. We found his fingerprints
at the murder scene"

Chapter 3 (El Fin):
Jacob knocked on the door. The two stood together waiting for somebody to open the door.
The day was cold, and the overcast wasn't really helping at all. Sammy was begining to lose
his patience. He knocked on the door, as Jacob rang the doorbell.
About a minute later somebody came out.
"Hey, this is Lucy. Is there a problem officers?"
"Yes. We need to speak to dgrazian. Is he here" repsonded Jacob.
"He actually just got back from his trip"
"Oh, where was he?" asked Sammy
"Him and lilychen just came back from-"
"This isn't important information. What we need is for him to come to us for questioning."
"He is by the commons as usual. He should be coming back soon. It's getting late anyway."
"Quick we need to hurry" said Jacob, tugging Sammy away.
The two sprinted towards their car
and were speeding down commonwealth. They hadn't been to the commons since the two were at the
Academy. They used to go there every weekend and walk over to the river. They would look at MIT, and
they would compare the view of Cambridge to the one on their brass rats. The both felt the real
one was better. There the saw an dgrazian sitting on a bench. He had a Haiwaiian T-Shirt on with
sandals. He had a clear farmers tan, and looked very relaxed.
"Get up. You're under arrest" said Jacob
Sammy was telling dgrazian his rights, and dgrazian look of relaxation transformed into one of fear
and surprise.
"Please explain to me why you want me in hand-cuffs." asked dgrazian.
"Your fingerprints were found at the scene of the crime. We know you killed ksedlar and ltchin. We
also know that you know that they knew you had the mafia operating in your chain of toy factories" said Jacob
"That's impossible. I don't own any-"
"We also know that you were feeding the mafia insider secrets!"
"There must be something wrong officers. I'm not the man you are looking for."
"I'm disappointed. It hurts me so much to see a crooked cop."
"Jacob, maybe he's right. Look at him. Do you think after all these years he could have killed the people he
personally trained" responded Sammy
"He did it out of fear. He knew that they were onto him. There's nothing a cop fears more than being locked up with the
people he has arrested. He knew that's what ksedlar and ltchin would do to him. So he paniced, and pressed the trigger"
"Wait, hold on. I know how I can prove to you that I didn't make that kill" said dgrazian as he reached into his pocket.
"SAMMY WATCH OUT" said Jacob as he tackled dgrazian. "SHOOT HIM, HE'S" the two were wrestling. "HOLDING A CONCEALED" dgrazian
broke Jacob's grip. Sammy was watching the two wrestle. Fire was in his eyes. He knew what was going on, and he was holding his
gun waiting for the perfect shot to end the fight. "SHOOT HIM!" ...
Jacob pushed the body off to the side, and was getting up. He brushed the dirt off his clothes, and was fixing his hair.
"Are you okay?" asked Sammy
"Did he hurt you"
"It doesn't matter"
"I'll call for help"
"No don't. Let's settle this."
Sammy walked over to the body. It was floating on a sea of blood. He turned the body over. The shot was a bull's eye. As usual.
He inspected the body. He reached into dgrazian's pocket. "Jacob, where's the gun?". He pat dgrazians sides and felt something
in a pocket. He pulled out a passport. "What's this". He flipped through the pages. "Jacob, it seems like dgrazian was traveling
recently". He read through the whole book. "In fact, he was in Mexico until just this morning". Sammy felt a small piece of lead
go through his back
"I love you" said Jacob.
"What?" said Sammy. He turned around to see if a mafia had killed Jacob. This couldn't be true. Did dgrazian call mafia for help?
"But I was made an offer, I could not refuse" said Jacob with tears in his eyes.

Author:  Kellena [ Sat Apr 11, 2015 11:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Jammyluo fanfiction

Ama wrote:
Sammyluo loves being alone; he does everything on his own. He eats alone, lives alone, sleeps alone. Because of his affinity for loneliness, he trusts no one. Not a single soul. He’s never had a close friend because he is well aware of the small (but non-negligible) possibility that anyone he became friends with would kill him. No one can be trusted. On his eighteenth birthday, he did not celebrate. He had no one to celebrate with. Plus, there was no reason for a celebration. It is just another day. At approximately 12:17AM (coincidentally, this is the time reported by my laptop at this very moment) on the day of his birth (4 words instead of 1 (birthday). gotta increase that word count. Hey, everything in these parentheses counts towards my word count too right? Okay. Cool.), sammyluo decided to take a walk. Where he was going? Not even he knew. He roamed the streets, streets known for hiding mafia in it’s dark corners. He didn’t care. He knew how to defend himself. He knew not to trust anyone. After hours of roaming and losing himself in his own thoughts (which was quite a bizzare experience for him as he does not even trust himself), he found himself in front of a brick wall. A dead end. An alley. Because sammyluo is now in an alley, something sketchy must happen. And it does. Sammyluo turns around, expecting to leave the alley and continue on his way, but no. Of course not. Instead, he finds himself under the gaze of a rather mysterious human being. Under the dim (and, of course, romantic) lighting, sammyluo could just barely make out this man’s features. His hair was a maze of brown, green, and yellow. There wasn’t even a slight breeze in the air, yet this man’s hair bellowed in the wind created by his beauty. His cheekbones appeared dauntingly strong. His eyes, while hooded, glowed a fluorescent, innocent brown. Sammyluo did not have the willpower to look past his face. His mezmerizing face.

Author:  Kellena [ Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:15 am ]
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oreo wrote:
Jakob the hedgehog and Sammyluo the blue square were just your average pair of best friends. They lived in LAMland, a wonderful place where they befriended a yak, a roller coaster, whatever the hell aok's avi is, and many others, including several people who were tragically faceless. "Sammy," said Jakob, "isn't it sad that so many of our friends have not created their own face yet? I've known I was meant to be a hedgehog since I was just a wee boy. And you've been a blue square for as long as I can remember."
After a dramatic pause, Sammyluo looks at Jakob with the sadness of a thousand abandoned kittens and says "Jakob, I can't keep this secret anymore." Already in tears, Sammyluo leans in and whispers to a confused Jakob, "I.... was once.... a RED square." Jakob, apparently infuriated that he had been betrayed by his best friend in the entire world, rolled his little hedgehog self into a ball and rolled away from Sammy's lies. Sammy was unable to chase after his companion, as blue squares don't have legs. Sammyluo sat around for what seemed like ages, just waiting for his best friend to find it in his heart to forgive him. Jakob eventually rolled in, looking depressed. "JAKOB!!!!1!!1!11! You've come back for me!!" Sammyluo exclaimed with joy. But Jakob's expression remained somber. He leaned in and said quietly, "Sammy.. the reason that I rolled out earlier was not because you had betrayed me, but because I had betrayed you, and I was ashamed. I have a confession.... I was... once......a........SQUIRREL."

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