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 Post subject: [Day 2] News Report
PostPosted: Sat Jun 27, 2015 11:54 pm 
Hello, listeners.

The past 24 hours have been trying for our little town in the desert. Regarding the death from yesterday's report, both the City Council and the World Government officials have yet to release any substantial updates -- aside from renewed memos advising all residents to stay inside and lock their doors as usual, that is.

Ah. And it seems like the City Council would also like me to remind you that, as citizens of this fair town, we have a fundamental right to tell the City Council what we think, regarding this whole affair. So if anyone out there thinks they know anything about the identity of the assailants plaguing our town, you are strongly encouraged to speak up, so that the City Council may deal with this problem.

Oh. Oh dear. Listeners, I've also just been handed a memo, straight from the City Council's investigative department. It seems that another among us has just crossed the path of the wrong individual tonight.

The townsperson, Alex, was found dead at 11:05pm in the Kitchen.

Now would perhaps be a good time to start watching out for your neighbors, listeners. It seems you can never know who will be next.

 Post subject: Re: [Day 2] News Report
PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2015 12:06 am 
I was at MIT, in a luau party, and just arrived into ET in the shuttle. I can confirm arkadyif was in the shuttle with me (but then again he could've run through the rain from ET. But I doubt it.)

 Post subject: Re: [Day 2] News Report
PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2015 1:06 pm 
Ky-Anh, Matt and I were all in the kitchen around that time. Oh and Alex of course.

I had just left Daniel in Dungeon. And I really don't think he could have come upstairs without one of us noticing. Or would risk making a kill with four players walking around.

Ky-Anh at some point went to go play piano and then came back but I really don't remember the exact time that was at.

Also I wandered into Front Rooms at some time to ask Erin about my Kitchen worksession. I was confused about something and asked Alex then Erin. I realize they're both dead but maybe Matt and/or Ky-Anh remember.

I'm sure Matt and Ky-Anh were still around when the kill happened. For one, I had (almost definitely) not started my worksession by the time the kill happened. I finished at midnight and it was an unusually fast worksession (I only had to do one run of the sanitizer compared to the usual 3 or 4) so I definitely hadn't started at 11:05. And the three of them were still there when I started my worksession. For another, Alex left with Matt and Ky-Anh and he didn't come back to the kitchen afterwards. So if he got killed there, it had to have been while they were both still there.

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