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 Post subject: Day 1&2 conversation
PostPosted: Tue Jun 30, 2015 12:41 am 
Friday night

F: Should I kill piano player?

F: Omg palumbo is in kitchen, alone.

L: Lol. Don't kill kyahn. He's harmless.

F: I can kill. Or you omg. YOU DO IT. Arkadiy is walking around sketchily. If you make a kill he will be pointed out. But he can see you so be careful.

L: He's in front rooms with me.

F: I'm going to sleep in the dorm. Good luck :P And tomorrow if you haven't made a kill I can scout for you from 8 to 10 am for solitary breakfast takers. Actually 8 to 9:30, gotta be in McC at 10.

L: Ok

Saturday Morning

F: Best chance is ermain in front rooms. No one else is around anywhere.

F: Erin is awake now that she posted and probably just lying in front rooms

L: K. But I just said good morning to her. Do you think she pm'd someone about it?

F: Would she really?

L: Fine I'll kill her.

Saturday afternoon

F: Your posting makes you a little sketchy. Because you were right there!

Saturday night

F: Nobody is saying anything, so I think we should just let it slide and wait to see. Basically don't say anything in the forum. What do you think?

L: I think I'm giving sketchy vibes.

L: Shit I fucked up. Tell someone you think I'm sketchy. I'm about to be caught I think.

F: Wait whaaat happened. Is it too late? Who thinks you're sketchy?!

L: Well I don't think I can act around Daniel and Alex. And I just killed Alex in the kitchen during my kitchen worksession. So I can point at them but it would be silly not to lynch me. I'm gonna go to arkadiy and tell him I investigated him and Daniel as innocent of ermain's death.

F: Wait but nothing is going on in the forums. Is it just in person?

L: Yeah. Idk do you think it's worth?

F: Can you tell me who thinks you're sketchy?

L: Daniel. Kyahn and Matt were both in the dining room and didn't notice anything. And once Alex's death is posted, everyone?

F: Who knew you were in kitchen duty?

L: Matt and Kyahn. Or am I panicking and shooting myself in the foot?

F: I think you're panicking

L: Ok

F: Say something like that you took the trash out or something. If Alex is still in the kitchen say out loud "you're dead??" And tell the people in the kitchen.

L: I think I need people to point fingers at me before I finish my kitchen duty and then I can go all out.

F: All out? We don't have schemes or kabooms or anything. So there's no point in incriminating. Or do you mean all out denying?

L: All out in terms of accusing people. Yeah.

F: Oh okay. Just don't get too nervous. And act like you're thinking who could've done it.

L: Yeah

Sunday afternoon

L: I think Daniel is investigator. The investigator hasn't said anything. So it's either someone dead. Or Daniel already correctly investigated me. And is now asking me who I find sketchy to figure out who is town. Or you know someone else is investigator?

F: I don't know anyone else.

L: Cuz if the investigator is alive, then they've almost certainly investigated me already and are keeping quiet. Or maybe it's Matt or Kyahn? You know new players.

F: I don't think you should worry too much. Just be honest and say as a townie who you think is sketchy. Like it would be weird if you said I was sketchy since I haven't done anything sketchy. Also Arkadiy trusts me, so I have that going.

L: Ok I'm gonna tell daniel I really trust arkadiyf (cuz you know I kinda do)

F: That works. I think that if you're not lynched you should kill daniel as soon as day rolls over. Matt and Arkadiy trust me, Kyahn and Lisa are no threat.

L: Ok

F: Oh and don't post things :s Let people kind of forget about you

L: It's so hard not to post things. But I'll tell people irl that I'm going out and then that'll be my excuse for not posting. And if I get lynched people are going to think they fucked up cuz my mafia buddy didn't remind me to defend myself.

F: Hopefully someone catches on that.

Sunday night

F: Arkadiy is investigator. Told me you're guilty and to post in town square. I'm going to do it, then kill him. And pretend that my investigator is still alive. What do you think?

F: I think I need to post it now actually so that he doesn't suspect. Sorry :( You should defend yourself.

L: Should I attack you or not? Anything I do, I might be able to fool other people but not Arkadiy.

F: My investigator, not me. But I don't think it will help much.

L: K. Should I go up to daniel and reveal as investigator? And try to convince him privately?

F: Idk. I don't want him particularly to distrust me. Because once I kill Arkadiy he will be my only obstacle. Try Matt. And/or Lisa?

L: K then Lisa. Matt I'm supposed to be suspicious of. I'll tell her I trust her because I'm pretty sure she didn't make the trek to et, being busy with her summer thing. And that I investigated Alex and Daniel? Arkadiyf? For ermains death and found them both innocent. That I strongly mistrust Matt and am almost sure he killed alex but that I had already used my investigation for the day by the time the kill was posted.

F: Works.

End of text conversation. Hope that helps explain what happened.

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