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Author:  Alex [ Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Players

In this game, there are 27 players of whom 23 are Townspeople and 4 are Mafia.
5 Townsperson Roles: 1 Ironheart, 1 Politician, 1 Mad Scientist, 2 Investigators
Mayor status
Three Mafia powers: Manipulate the Presses, Hire a Hitman, Conscript a Townsperson
5 Items: 3 Fake ID’s, 1 Medkit, 1 Search warrant

4 players remain
There is currently no Mayor.

The remaining players are:
    Mark Velednitsky
The dead:
    alexwest (Killed Day 7)
    Bobby Fortanely (Lynched Day 4)
    Brian Iglesias (Killed day 13)
    Brogan (Lynched Day 7)
    Daniel Grazian (Killed Day 6)
    Elizabeth Krueger (Killed Day 5)
    Fluffy (Lynched Day 5)
    Gabriel (Lynched Day 9)
    Hilary.Monaco (killed day 11)
    Jason Chiu (Killed Day 9)
    JB Parkes (Lynched Day 14)
    JingJian-JJ (killed Day 10)
    Jayarsea (killed day 14)
    Joy (lynched Day 11)
    jy (lynched Day 12)
    kaima (killed Day 2)
    Kate O'Connor (Lynched Day 8)
    Laura (Killed Day 1)
    Lydia Krasilnikova (Lynched Day 2)
    mats_a (Lynched Day 6)
    mika (Killed day 4)
    Nicole (lynched Day 13)
    Vinoth (Lynched Day 3)
    VivianLee (lynched Day 10)

Author:  Alex [ Sun Jan 09, 2011 10:06 pm ]
Post subject: 

Here are people's actual names:
    Alex Westbrook
    Ami Greene
    Bobby Fortanely
    Brian Iglesias
    Brogan King
    Daniel Grazian
    Di Jin
    Elizabeth Krueger
    Nathan "Fluffy" Arce
    Gabriel Ha
    Hilary Monaco
    Jason Chiu
    Jonathan Chapman (JRC)
    JB Parkes
    Jing Jian (JJ)
    Joy Jiao (Joy)
    Junyao Song (JY)
    Ma Kaichen (Kaima)
    Kate O'Connor
    Laura McKnight
    Lydia Krasilnikova
    Mark Velednitsky
    Mats Ahlgren
    Mika Braginsky
    Nicole Bieber
    Vinoth Nandakumar
    Vivian Lee

Author:  Alex [ Sun Jan 09, 2011 10:11 pm ]
Post subject: 

Bianca has decided that due to real-world responsibilities, she won't be playing. She was a Townsperson with no special roles, so we can just assume the game started without her (and thus with 27 players).

The Fake ID Bianca had been assigned has been rerandomized and is being given to Fluffy.

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