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Author:  Alex [ Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Official Announcements

Day 0 (Sat 1/8):
    Items are randomly distributed.
    Fake ID's: Bianca (changed to Fluffy), Brian Iglesias, Mats Ahlgren
    Medkit: Kaima
    Search Warrant: Laura
Day 1 (Sun 1/9):
    The game starts with 28 players, 4 of whom are Mafia.
    Laura is killed in the Random Hall BMF kitchen at 6:49 PM.
    Nobody is lynched.
Day 2 (Mon 1/10):
    JB Parkes submits a petition with at least 13 signatures and becomes Mayor.
    kaima is killed at 9:23 PM outside the Sunoco gas station at the corner of Mass Ave and Landsdowne street, next to Random Hall.
    Lydia Krasilnikova is lynched.
Day 3 (Tues 1/11):
    Vinoth is lynched.
Day 4 (Wed 1/12):
    Mika is killed at 12:32 PM in BMF in Random, in the hallway outside her room (345).
    Bobby Fortanely is lynched.
Day 5 (Thurs 1/13):
    Elizabeth Krueger is killed at 12:50 AM in the kitchen of Black Hole at Random.
    Fluffy is lynched.
Day 6 (Fri 1/14):
    Daniel Grazian is murdered in Shaw's checkout at 12:01 AM.
    mats_a is lynched.
Day 7 (Sat 1/15):
    alexwest is killed at 9:00PM in the Bonfire kitchen in Random.
    Brogan is lynched.
Day 8 (Sun 1/16):
    Kate O'Connor is lynched.
Day 9 (Mon 1/17):
    Jason Chiu is killed at 9:55 AM outside the entrance to Sidney-Pacific.
    Gabriel is lynched.
Day 10 (Tues 1/18):
    JingJian-JJ is killed in her room (Next 553) at 12:18 AM.
    VivianLee is lynched.
Day 11 (Wed 1/19):
    JB Parkes is impeached from the post of Mayor by petition.
    Hilary Monaco is killed at 11:08 PM in McCormick outside the third-floor elevator, triggering a day extension.
    joy is lynched.
Day 12 (Thurs 1/20):
    jy is elected Mayor. jy is lynched.
[Game pauses for Friday and Saturday.]

Day 13 (Sun 1/23):
    Brian Iglesias was murder in his room at Random Hall, room 241, at 4:40 AM.
    Nicole is lynched.
Day 14 (Mon 1/24):
    jayarsea is murdered in 36-372 at 11:56 PM. Voting extends until 1AM.
    JB Parkes is lynched. His three Fake ID's are distribution to AmiGreene, Di, and Mark Velednitsky.
    The game is over and townspeople win!

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