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Discussion Day 4 (Wed 1/12)
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Author:  joy [ Thu Jan 13, 2011 12:29 am ]
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I haven't been able to post b/c I've been speaking to both JJ and JY in person. I trust both of them, and JB is acting EXTREMELY suspicious.

It's true that JJ should have come out anonymously, but she was trying to make sure that no one RANDOMLY lynches Bobby. Where the heck did that even come from? Where's the reasoning behind it? Whoever supported this decision is suspicious.

And so is everyone who didn't vote for Fluffy.

Author:  VivianLee [ Thu Jan 13, 2011 12:46 am ]
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I think Bobby just came about from process-of-elimination, from the information that Kru posted earlier about who was lurking around BMF around the time of the kill. We didn't have any better information to go by before JJ told us.

Regarding people who didn't vote for fluffy, though... JJ came out with her investigation results really late. I didn't hear about it until like, 7 minutes before voting deadline ended so I had to rush to change my vote without really thinking it through. Most of the people who voted for Bobby probably didn't see JJ's investigation until it was too late.

Arguably, JB and Hilary do provide valid points. I think I already elaborated on Hilary's post earlier. If JB was actually mafia, though, I would think that he would just have stuck with his vote for Bobby and then used the argument of "JJ came out too late" in order to seal Bobby's fate. Instead, he brought up a valid point and changed to no-lynch, which - given time constraints - is still reasonable. I know the Nexties have been chatting for the past 30 minutes (JY's been on GTalk with me), but some of the non-Nexties just blindly trusted JJ. A lot of them seem to just be bandwagon-ing along with the assumptiong that everything she says is absolute truth. I've played with JJ before, so I think I have good reason to trust her (she wouldn't come out unless she had good reason), but some jumped on board without questioning - did they do that because they knew it would be inevitable that fluffy would die?


Author:  Kate O'Connor [ Thu Jan 13, 2011 12:49 am ]
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I put in my vote for Bobby before I left for pika at 9 with dgrazian and alex west, and haven't been able to check the forum until now. If I had been aware of the new developments before midnight, I definitely would have changed my vote.

Author:  jayarsea [ Thu Jan 13, 2011 1:43 am ]
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Just finished 3 games of dominion...and I see what happened.
[Redacted curse]

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