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Voting Results Day 4 (Wed 1/13)
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Author:  Alex [ Thu Jan 13, 2011 12:28 am ]
Post subject:  Voting Results Day 4 (Wed 1/13)

Votes for Bobby Fortanely (6):
    Kate O'Connor
    Mark Velednitsky
    James Caan (Fake ID 1)
    Al Pacino (Fake ID 2)
Vote for Fluffy (6):
Vote for No-Lynch (5):
    Bobby Fortanely
    Elizabeth Krueger
    JB Parkes (Mayor, counts as 3)
Since the top two options, Bobby Fortanely and Fluffy, have an equal number of votes, we go to tiebreak. The first tiebreak is to recursively look at previous days to see who got more votes. Neither player has previously has any votes can for him, so we go the the secondary tiebreak of for whom the last vote cast came earliest. The last vote for Bobby Fortanely came at 11:58, and the last vote for Fluffy came at 11:59.

Bobby Fortanely is lynched.

This vote was very close. I thoroughly went through the voting messages. If you notice I made an error, please message me immediately.

And, no, you will not find out who cast the latest votes, since the timing of voting is not revealed.

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