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 Post subject: Sorry spectators
PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:56 pm 
Sammy and I will do most of our planning in person. We'll occasionally try to post things to keep you guys updated.

 Post subject: Re: Sorry spectators
PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2015 11:28 am 
Hello spectators! For your edification, here is my side of yesterday's story:

I was finding Jakob mildly sketchy from the first conversation we had about game, mostly based on how he responded to my questions, his expressions, and so forth. After a few provocative questions ("so, do you have a poison? Are you going to use it on me tonight?"), he responded, "I'm amused you've come to conclusions so quickly." I thought this was a weird way of wording things. He also claimed to be waiting for a response to a role-related question, which drastically limited the number of roles he was reasonably likely to be.

I then sent dgrazian, lilychen, and lgunder a PM saying I was finding Jakob more sketchy than usual, but not enough so to warrant serious action.

Then, at about 10:40pm, Jakob checked my watch. I asked him what he was planning to do at 11pm and started to get out my phone to message people, but he told me I was not supposed to use my phone where we were. He offered to let me exit the location to message people, but made it sound like he really wanted me to be there for some "surprise" of some sort. I would have felt bad leaving, so instead I just stayed there with him until he conscripted me at 11:06.

I think what townie me did was pretty helpful for town; forcing Jakob to conscript me rather than someone more competent at being mafia, and getting out a statement of suspicions before this happened, severely decreases the chance of mafia winning. Now, time to figure out how to reverse this... :P

In case anyone was not here for the relevant game, note that I am really terrible at being mafia. I'm bad at killing, and I'm bad at lying. Sorry, Jakob. I'll try my best.

Incidentally, I'm a superhero, so I can get free vig-immunity every other day, and also believably fake some investigations. There is probably something like one investigator and one desperado, and a mayor, but hopefully we'll fly under the radar for a while and cause things to happen.

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