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 Post subject: Role guessings
PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2015 11:11 pm 
Lucy strongly stated "I'd be more comfortable with asjm being mayor" today at the meeting; we considered the possibility that asjm is GN, but concluded she was probably intentionally baiting mafia with that.

Daniel Grazian may just be desperado, given his willingness to be mayor and then be lynched. It would make sense not to tell us that since he's poisoned anyway.

Message I just got from fmajluf7:
fmajluf7 wrote:
Hi Sammy. I was contacted by an anonymous investigator who says asjm did not kill lilychen. I was told to tell someone else to post it on the forum. Could you do it? Thanks.

My guess is either it's fmajluf7 (and she's a GN), or it's aneary who doesn't realize she has to physically visit the clue site. I seriously doubt anyone actually visited the clue site today, and it's much more likely that a new player would forget to do so? I'll ask Miranda to fix the issue if there is one, and also remind GN that they actually only get ONE investigation.

 Post subject: Re: Role guessings
PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2015 12:38 pm 
Thoughts on the two investigations so far:

fmajluf7 PMed me her investigation at 11:40pm yesterday. I seriously doubt anyone would have gone to the kill site by then, unless it was someone very dedicated and ambitious.

asjm posted his investigation at 12:56am. I don't think the T even runs close to that late? Seems likely someone delayed their posting, or asjm just didn't check his PMs until then.

-fmajluf7 is investigative. As soon as she saw the death notification, she took the T to South Station, collected clues, and then took the T back to ET. This would explain the following, posted at 10:48pm:
fmajluf7 wrote:
I'm not taking the saferide back to ET. I'm taking the T.

Since fmajluf7 specifically mentioned the chain being a double proxy chain, this is more likely than it would otherwise be. She PMed me quite a bit after day end and then told me to post it "asap," so she's either an investigator(/maybe desperado) who decided to pretend to be a superhero, or actually a superhero (pretending to be an investigator, hence ASAP?).
Or, also likely: it could be that she is investigator, made the investigations on separate days, and then posted them through separate proxies to make her look like a superhero to both. This would be a pretty brilliant idea. And it's more likely than having two superheroes :P

-fmajluf7 is gay knight (with lilychen). Then she wouldn't have needed to collect clues, and this may also still explain asjm's investigation (fmajluf7 could have sent both at the same time, since we hadn't fixed the webapp to only allow one investigation yet).

-Lucy is investigative. She posted these:
Lucy wrote:
Anyone in W20 now? We need to elect a new Mayor

Lucy wrote:

around 10:30pm, and we were thinking they meant the saferide arrived and she was leaving, but maybe instead she decided to visit the kill site. Does that give her time to make an investigation before day end? Probably. She also voted to lynch fmajluf7, which may be because that was how the proxy chain went, and she wanted evidence out in case fmajluf7 trap-killed her.

-Lucy is gay knight, either with lilychen or with asjm. In the former case, see the fmajluf7 GN case (she chose fmajluf7 as a proxy); in the latter case, asjm "investigated" her to save an investigation on someone who was probably innocent, and fmajluf7 only investigated once. This seems less likely.

-aneary is investigative. She (naturally) chose fmajluf7 as her proxy, and probably didn't actually go and collect clues, explaining the quick investigation. I don't think fmajluf7 would have let that happen though? Or, she's GN and proxied through fmajluf7, but then this becomes just as likely as any other player proxying through fmajluf7.

After typing all these out, I like the first theory the best, and would be up for trapping fmajluf7 as investigator near day end if we don't get better ideas. (If she's desperado, we lose a trap but get a dead townie in a day; if she's GN, we get a dead townie immediately!) Or, we could wait to see if a GN dies tonight, and trap her tomorrow. But if that happens the GN will probably reveal beforehand.

I'll see what Jakob thinks about this. Have I mentioned that I like being a townie because I get a chance to thoroughly analyze things? :P

Any other ideas?

 Post subject: Re: Role guessings
PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2015 2:34 pm 
NP lzahray says Lucy arrived 15-20 minutes "after a kill happened," presumably meaning after Lucy made her announcement of the need for a new mayor. This makes it very unlikely she was the investigator (and certainly not for the Lucy -> lilychen investigation...)

It makes sense that someone (fmajluf7?) making two investigations would investigate asjm first, then tell the second investigation result to asjm. It's noteworthy that Lucy (the second investigation target) was the one advocating for asjm to be mayor; I'm not sure what this means for things if they're not actually just GNs vouching for each other.

I suppose we'll get more information when we see who dies or doesn't die at day end; maybe our trap opportunities will be better then.

 Post subject: Re: Role guessings
PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:09 pm 
I think fmajluf might have tried investigating both to see if they were both mafia based on their seeming connection. I think trapping her as investigator is not a bad idea.

 Post subject: Re: Role guessings
PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:35 pm 
Oooooh. fmajluf7 just facebooked me the following:

"If I die on a multiple kills day, arkadiy is mafia. Or Lucy, but more likely arkadiy.
He knows my role
Lucy suspects it."

Does this change thinking she's an investigator?

Let's see... Unless she gave something away in a silly way, there's no way this means conspiracy theorist or cynic. I'm not sure what it means :/

 Post subject: Re: Role guessings
PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:39 pm 
Maybe because she visited the kill site in such a way that they found out?

 Post subject: Re: Role guessings
PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:40 pm 
Yeah, that would make sense. "Knows her role" is a strong way to put it (superhero and desperado would not be distinguishable from investigator). Maybe she also told someone else the same about me D: :P

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