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 Post subject: sammyluo's game log
PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2015 1:20 pm 
For your amusement. Entries get progressively less extensive/coherent as time goes on because most of the contents are instead in either the mafia den or emails/messages between Jakob and me. Basically only the day 0 entries are potentially worth reading.

Initialization of Day 0 (8/2/2015) wrote:

I am a *superhero*! My randomly generated role is conspiracy theorist. My fake role is desperado.

There's no PO, which is very unfortunate. I'll try to post something that incites mafia to make an investigable kill on day 1 (Monday), and then hopefully get to stay in superhero identity every day after that. I'm leaving on Thursday and the game should not take that long, so this should be fine.

I need some backstory for each of my fake roles to be subtly convincing.

I'll need to collect clues and investigate every day. fmajluf7 will probably be my proxy because I can then repeat the same thing I said to her last game and make it unclear whether I'm actually an investigative role.
Maybe I should go with my plan of making up an investigation on day 1 and verifying it after day 1 ends, to make sure that people think I'm an investigator. However, problems:
1) I've told Jakob about this idea before, so if both he and my proxy are evil, they'll suspect what I'm doing.
2) This is especially bad if I accidentally hit a mafia. Then either the next day I go back and say "oops JK they actually did kill [person]", or fmajluf7 is mafia and knows I'm trolling. She probably still wouldn't suspect my real role very well though.
Maybe, I can be an investigator pretending to be a superhero (or desperado). That would indeed be quite tricky.

I like this idea much better. In a real game I probably would not activate before day 1, but maybe I'd activate before day 2 (since I'm leaving on Thursday and such). If this role leaks people would also try to kaboom me, which assuming I don't get really lucky with paranoia on day 2 (as if I'll survive to after that anyway!) is great. The only thing is that me investigating the same person twice in a row (and a day late) will make this claim more dubious.
But, maybe I could publicly reveal as desperado on day 2 and be tricky. OR, reveal to Jakob as a provable innocent and demand his additional_info to confirm that he's good. Too bad there's no POing to be done :(

This is a tricky role to pretend to be. I'll probably be secret on day 1, collect everything, and then investigate that the next two days. But this is frustrating because day 1 kills are almost certainly trolled :( I'll keep a paranoia list (too bad no PO list :( ) corresponding to my cynic list.

I'm likely going to get kaboomed so maybe I should just leave this blank... Jakob would most likely kaboom me, for example. Should I still put him on the list? Not if I plan on making him think I'm desperado. So, I'll start my list as follows:

abobu is also an EC person, but probably inactive. I don't know, if either of the new players are tricky or active we'll suspect something. They're probably not mafia though or game would be weird, which is unfortunate in that they might not be too useful. But hopefully they'll be useful for town.

lilychen is gone until Monday night. Daniel Grazian, Lucy, and fmajluf7 are probably my best bets. I'll probably go with Daniel and Lucy since fmajluf7 died early last game...
-Daniel Grazian

Keeping vigilant... I'm definitely going to try some tricks to see if Jakob is mafia, with a not too high success probability. Possible tricks include:
-(Day 0) "Did you check mafia yet? You're mafia. Look on the mafia den and tell me what you think of the plan."
-"How many mtps do mafia have this game, again?"
-"If I gave you my provably innocent role, would you tell me your role information? OK, I'm a dying desperado. I need to check that you're innocent." (Gauge reactions)
-"Hey Jakob, I was poisoned last night."
-"Who do you suspect? Who do you think made the kill? Who should I investigate today?"

What am I even going to do here? Oh, right! My idea. Pick a random person who's not likely to be too dangerous, communicate with them at times to say where I am, make Jakob think I'm a GN.
As a GN, I'll be telling them when I see people / go somewhere, and asking who they distrust in case things happen. Or, maybe Jakob can be my GN, if I trust him enough... <2 :)

I can prove my innocence at a moment's notice. Don't let people know this by what I accidentally say!

At the time of writing the above I did not realize KABOOMs were non-regenerable, nor that tsims was not in game. :oops:

Day 0 (8/2/2015), after briefly interacting with Jakob wrote:
Conversation with Jakob makes him sound slightly sketchier than usual. I would feel bad to falsely accuse him on such small evidence though, so for now I've just PMed lilychen, Daniel Grazian, and lgunder about my weak suspicion. I posted a basic strategy post for the first time, yay! And made the spreadsheet. Hopefully this makes me more trustworthy? By a bit?

No tricks on Jakob worked. His statement, "I'm amused you've come to conclusions so quickly" and his expressions increased my suspicion a bit. In response to "don't kill me," he also commented on killing me if I was mafia and killed someone else, which might mean he's acting as a vig or GN.

Earlier in the day he said he was waiting for a response on a "role-related question." I feel like this means he's not conspiracy theorist or cynic. He's most likely not superhero, probably not investigator or desperado (unless "can I activate on day 0"?). The order of guesses right now is Vig (how long do I have to plan ahead to kill?), GN (I get one investigation, right?), IC (Can I reveal on day 0? - based on his reaction to me raising this question). Or mafia. It could be he was just lying about the question being role-related to give false role info. But more likely he's one of those roles, or else mafia.

Actually, Jakob seems a bit too laid back to be mafia, from very small initial data. arkadiyf's cursor is hanging over Lucy's shovel on the spreadsheet, but this is probably just because of Lucy marking herself innocent in alibis

In retrospect, arkadiyf cursoring Lucy's item makes so much sense! :shock:

Day 1 (8/3/2015) wrote:
2:45 pm:
Jakob conscripted me at 11:06 pm. He checked my watch 20 minutes before that, and I was going to message someone, but he convinced me not to by out of game things. Now I'm mafia!

I'm bad at being mafia. I don't like being mafia. Townie me did well to get conscripted. But I'll do the best I can, for Jakob.

We're thinking of having Jakob kill lilychen at 10pm at south station. The relevant thoughts are posted in the mafia den. If this happens, investigators will have trouble getting there to investigate.

There's probably going to be a town meeting today. I'll try to quietly defuse the sketchiness I assigned to Jakob earlier, as well as see who gets elected mayor and try to guess some roles based on what people let slip. Item swapping probably doesn't matter THAT much. It's going to be OK.

I should probably keep up my fake role stuff. No changes so far.

Apparently phones are not supposed to be used on [location], and I didn't want to ruin the moment... :roll:

Day 2 (8/4/2015) wrote:
7:53 pm:
Nooo Daniel is IC. Things were going so well for lynching him up until then... maybe people will now lynch Lucy instead. We were unlucky with our poison pick, I guess... we'll see what happens.

From various pieces of info we're thinking fmajluf7 is likely investigator. We'll probably trap her for that today.

We can survive a few mayor investigations, hopefully, but this is still scary.

Daniel has asked me a few times what I think of Jakob. If this keeps up things may become unsustainable.

We're planning on killing arkadiyf today. I'm in superhero mode to get paranoia from that. As a townie superhero, I'm in secret identity because I need clues (I was too lazy to go to South Station). As a desperado, I'm probably activated, but I'll have to drop that pretense soon anyway.

In case we get caught for the first kill... I could say it was a frame, that fmajluf7's "post this ASAP" could mean it was a fake investigation. This would require fmajluf7 being dead so that we could say it was actually a double proxy chain.

Let's hope this all works out.

Nope :P

GG town.

 Post subject: Re: sammyluo's game log
PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2015 1:43 pm 
Here, let's have a final entry.

Day 3 (8/5/2015) wrote:
2:30 PM
Jakob got lynched by the controlling mayor lynch mob. I got tired of the game and resigned. Game is over. Then I went back on hall and KABOOMed lgunder for fun / "a less traumatizing killing experience," as Jakob suggested. It did not feel that pleasant to do anyway, though it was slightly amusing.

I am now not upset anymore. But, it seems that I was wrong about being able to sleep well after mafia was over. I still thought about the game before being able to fall asleep (and after). But it was a lot less stressful, and I did sleep better.

Having talked with each other, Jakob and I have decided that it's probably a good idea for me to take a break from playing mafia for a while. I get too stressed and paranoid, and I need to learn to take the success or failure of plans less seriously. I need to think about whether I can actually be comfortable with the personal interaction part of live action mafia when I'm evil (lying to people in person, trying to kill people) and when I'm not (not having to always watch for killers). When I do play again, hopefully I'll have learned to effectively deal with disappointment.

I'm excited to plan and co-mod a mystery game, though ;)

 Post subject: Re: sammyluo's game log
PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2015 4:36 pm 
:( I felt really similar after the 2014 summer 1 game. The game ended by me resigning on behalf of mafia because I was so stressed out, and I actually took the next day off at my UROP to recover. I had planned to take a break from mafia for a bit, but I ended up deciding to GM the next game (GMing is much lower stress than playing) instead. That helped a lot, and I ended up playing Live Action Mafia again in all the games the following year, because I'm an addict. Luckily, I was town in those (except Mystery Mafia, and you know how that went).

I still hate being mafia and I'm sure the next time I'm mafia the game will again be actively unfun for me. But I really like playing as town / watching game as a ghost, so I play anyway and try to actively look like as bad of a conscription target as possible (loudly talking about my incompetence as mafia, suggesting I get lynched if I live more than four days, etc). I also think I've gotten better at taking game less seriously, which helps too. The next time I'm mafia I'm probably going to put in a decent effort, but I expect I'll be easily readable and die early on, and I hope I won't be too disappointed by that. Basically I'm hoping that if I admit that I'm bad at being mafia and expect that I'll be a bad mafia, I won't get too stressed and sad when I'm a bad mafia. Not sure how that will actually work in practice.

I'm not giving you advice here. But I can relate a lot, and maybe me talking about my complicated feelings about Live Action Mafia will be helpful for you.

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