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Author:  aok [ Wed Nov 04, 2015 9:38 pm ]
Post subject:  East Side Mafia Info

You are the East Side Mafia.

Unless you know otherwise, this is your goal:
East Side Mafia:
GE: At the end of a day, if this VC is complete, then the game ends.
VC: When the game ends, if all members of the West Side Mafia are dead and at least one member of the East Side Mafia is alive, then you win.

Unless you know otherwise, your only role is "Mafia", and you have the following abilities:
Income: Whenever a mafia makes a kill, they gain $1. Each mafia starts the game with $2. Money counts as an item.
You have the following abilities, which cost money for the mafia using the ability:
0: Make a kill. Limited to one successful kill/day, across the entire mafia.
0: Disarm. When someone says “Bang” to you, you can say “disarm”. If they’re a rogue, they gain your mafia role and goal, and lose the rogue role and goal.
5: Conscript. Target loses all current goals (they also lose any mafia role they had before), and gains your mafia's role and goal. Limited to once/game.
4: Set a trap. (Limited to once/day) Guess the target’s goal or role. If correct, the cost is recovered when they die, and any mafia can kill them for free.
3: Manipulate the Press. Move the reported site of a murder, and all investigations return “false”
3: Hire a Hitman. Choose a Hitman and a target for the following day. Hirer receives items and money when the kill is made.
3: Make a kill.
2: Frame a Townsperson. Target comes up as “guilty” on investigations.
1: Kaboom. Say “KABOOM” instead of “BANG” to bypass immunity. Destroy items instead of taking them.
You can't target the same person with your mafia kills twice in the same day.

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