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 Post subject: Stuff Jess has told me
PostPosted: Sat Nov 07, 2015 8:38 pm 
Jess said:
- she is a role which is not town
- her VC is totally orthogonal to town's
- (probably she said) she is in a faction against another faction
- (she judges) mafia is not her enemy except in that they could kill her

So that's interesting, there are more groups of unified people out there than 2 mafias.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 07, 2015 10:31 pm 
I've been doing some information gathering myself and will infodump when I get off mobile

PostPosted: Sat Nov 07, 2015 11:06 pm 
@kmath, awesome.

BTW, jingyizz on floor pi is probably trying to kill me.

Here's some more from Jess:
there are two factions which are fighting each other
Russians and Chinese.
Jess is one of the Russians. Anpere is also one of the Russians.
Each of those two factions (assuming Jess hasn't been duped) has a double-agent.
Jess knows all the Russians and Chinese, but other Russians have less information.

Jess claims to be able to bring people back from the dead up to 10 seconds after their death. (!)

Jess is or knows someone with the ability to do a slightly-more-powerful investigation where the person can ask any yes-no question about a death and God will answer given the knowledge the victim had when they died.

Andres and Jess think they could work out a mutually beneficial deal with people with killing power. I could talk to them about it. Do you think that's a good idea?

Jess says that she can fully trust me because she knows all the Russians and Chinese and I'm not in that so she's ambivalent to me.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 07, 2015 11:22 pm 
There exists a potato item. The russians lose if one of them has it while the game ends. :D
One Russian had a body double, who was tricked into taking the potato.
It does not hurt Chinese.

Jess said she doesn't know of or have money (so I guess they have different ability mechanics).

Jess has a magic stone. It has magic powers. It does the resurrection thing, and probably other powers.

I made up some junk about needing gems and money and having a confusing role that I think she believes.
The Russians are in desperate need of alliances with killing powered people! (To kill the chinese)

Russians control two desperado. They would die in 2 days and get 1 kill each when activated.
Jess is a desperado, someone else she doesn't know (Russian) is a desperado.

Russians have at least 2 abilities
Blackmail (x2) (anpere has one)
I don't know what they do.

Anpere is the Russian double. So Chinese think he's Chinese.

Can we team up with the Russians? That seems really fun. And they're just babbling stuff. They can give us powerful items and powers in exchange for kills I think.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 12:40 am 
I don't know how much we can trust Jess's information. I have another source claiming Russian spy and I think some of it might conflict with information I've gotten from them.

I have some meetings planned for later tonight and I am in the process of writing up a report of all of my current in-game information. Will post when done.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 12:43 am 
I read this topic as "stuff Jesus has told me" and I was like what

Okay, seems to be useful info, and even if it's not 100% accurate, I didn't know anything about these other factions or anything.

Having that stone might be useful and also I bet they have other powerful stuff too so I might be interested in kind of forming an alliance.. Pending more info and making sure we actually can trust Jess

PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 2:53 am 
Jess really sketches me out.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 4:35 am 
Okay, we need to kill Jess as soon as possible. I'll explain more in the morning but right now I need to go to sleep. I'll post a big infodump around 11AM. Miles, if you could find a way to get Jess alone with you so I can come kill her tomorrow after my guild game (~4:30-5 onwards) that would be great.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 8:44 am 
I can also probably kill her if you guys think I would be less likely to arouse suspicion? I'll be back around 3ish from Quidditch and can get Frevan to cover that I walked back to Simmons with him. Idk if I might get caught though, maybe Kmath should just do it.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 10:04 am 
I don't think it matter who does it as long as Miles gets her alone.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 12:40 pm 
I don't get the sense Jess is lying, but I could be wrong. She suspects ksedlar is the Chinese double. One reason being that the double knows how to use PGP. She didn't tell other Chinese about anpere (alleged double) because then the Chinese double would know and kill him.

So, why again do you suspect Jess? (I read the infodump)

Yes, I can get her alone some time tonight.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 12:58 pm 
Jess didn't anonymously share the names of the Chinese spies with the Russians, even though she knows them. That wouldn't expose Anpere, it would just let the double for the Chinese know that the Russians have a double too, which is already public information.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 1:19 pm 
I got an update from Katie. We might not want to kill Jess. Will post details after my guild game.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 1:33 pm 
Jess and Andres know there are people in random plotting to kill them tonight.
She's gonna keep the stone and resurrect anpere, so you've gotta kill anpere out of sight of her if that's ever the plan.
Jess didn't anonymously share the names the names of the Chinese spies with the Russians because of a combination of anpere told her not to and something confusing that doesn't make sense to her anymore that had to do with Chinese being able to contact their double.

According to Jess, Russians are: ajliu, Lucy, ksedlar, anpere (double), jess
She ranks suspicion of double as: ksedlar then lucy then ajliu

We could try to ally anonymously with Chinese.
It seems like brainwash is great, and if we could trade kills for brainwashes that would boost our numbers.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 8:00 pm 
I think Anpere has been brainwashed by the Chinese and is actually the double. Ajliu is likely the other double working for the Chinese. Brainwash is one-time use and as far as I know, both have been used.

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