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 Post subject: Info dump, in case I die
PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 2:09 pm 
Some of this has been posted elsewhere. Sorry it's so fragmented.

[*]Daniel Grazian and lzahray are part of a faction that I believe is called the West Side Mafia. They are trying to kill the East Side Mafia. The game ends when they do so. They have 3 people (and possibly a rogue), and the other side is likely symmetric.
[*]Ishara and the anonymous account Mr. Mafioso are part of some mafia-type faction. This may be the East Side Mafia. I will attempt to blackmail them and/or get more information out of them anonymously in a bit.
[*]Ksedlar is ThePeoplesRepublic. She survived a kill attempt by Ishara using the Russians' medkit, and has been blackmailing Ishara and Mr. Mafioso into not killing her.
[*]Lucy has the Russians' brainwash, and may have already used it. She also had the Russians' microphone, which started with Ksedlar but was traded for the medkit.
[*]This means that Lucy is likely the Russians' vigilante, whose power is to make two investigations per day, without needing to visit the murder site (no kill ability). If she used her investigations to find a mafia, she has likely already brainwashed them into aiding the Russians.
[*]Ksedlar is the Russians' politician.
[*]Jessk is likely the desperado? Not sure if she would have activated at this point in the game.
[*]Ajliu has some sort of role that allows her to come back from the dead(??) This is information from her body double Justine, who apparently doesn't care much about the game. If that is the case, then ajliu lied to the other Russians about what her role is.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 2:10 pm 
Damn, I suck at formatting... Sorry.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 2:23 pm 
Dgrazian's team knows that I want to kill jessk and ajliu, and knows that I want ksedlar to be kept alive. I suggest that we continue to cooperate with them to avoid mutually assured destruction.

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