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PostPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2015 11:26 pm 
Hi! If you're reading this, you're now a member of my awesome cult!

Actually, this kind of sucks for you, because now the game's harder for you to win: not only do you have to meet whatever victory condition(s) you had before your brainwashing (I prefer the term "friendly initiation"), but you must also meet the victory conditions for the cult. Sorry!

The relevant details are given in aok's post in this forum, but I'll repeat them here:
Game End Condition: If the entire town is part of the cult and the cult leader is alive, then the game ends.
Victory Condition (your new goal): When the game ends, if at least half of town is part of the cult and the cult leader is alive, then you win.

Note that being initiated in the cult has no effect on your role; you still have all the same powers as before. You just have an extra victory condition, which must ALSO be met for you to win, and which you must ALSO be loyal to.

Also note that, as per aok's post, I am the only one in the cult who can brainwash people. You, as a cult member, can not.

So, some very strategy:
- If you have a way to kill people, DON'T kill me. You will lose the game.
- Similarly, DON'T lynch me (or don't actually allow me to be lynched, anyway). You will lose the game.
- In the same vein, DON'T elect me village idiot. Though I will still have the ability to brainwash people, I will have absolutely no incentive to do so, and you will probably lose.
- It's good if unconverted townspeople trust me, because then it will be easier for me to brainwash them privately. Keep in mind that I can only brainwash one person a day.
- It might be a good idea, should it be possible, for you to actively assist me in getting to new people to brainwash them. It's important not to screw this up or implicate us, however, because:
- If the (non-brainwashed) mafia or townspeople find out about us (and, in the worst case, me in particular), it is probably in their interest to kill me (or make me village idiot), because, since they are loyal to their current goals, they will not want to be converted and have an extra goal (which may make working towards their current goal(s) more difficult, as you will likely find out). If they are successful, you will lose the game.

Specific thoughts for converted townies:
- You now have to both kill the mafia and keep me alive (and let me convert enough townspeople) to win. I will probably end up brainwashing mafia as well, so... good luck?
- On that note, it's actually in my (and at least partly your) interest for me to convert mafia, because each converted mafia is one less potential killer.

For mafia + mafia-affiliates:
- You not only need to avoid killing me yourself, but should try and ensure none of your mafia buddies do either (nor any rogues). This is more difficult because you simultaneously should strive 1) not to leak the fact that there is a cult, and 2) DEFINITELY not leak the fact that I am the cult leader, and can brainwash people (such as your pals).

That also goes for townspeople to a lesser extent, in that you should try to help me avoid getting lynched (if the possibility comes up), without spilling the beans. The latter part of that is important; if someone mentions in passing in Town Square that I am suspicious for some reason, it's probably not a good idea to immediately spring to my defense. Then people will have all the more reason to suspect that something is up. Assuming things go well, this cult will eventually include at least half of town, so individual discretion is essential.

For anyone else:
- Huh, you do exist! How interesting. Whatever it is you do, don't screw things up, for the good of the cult.

This is probably a lot to take in (especially if you had no idea there was a cult in the first place, which is hopefully the case), but keep the following in mind: you must fulfill your new goal, in addition to existing ones, to win. DON'T kill me. DON'T let me die. DON'T reveal the cult, and even more importantly, DON'T reveal the leader.

For both our sakes, good luck!

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