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 Post subject: Chats
PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:20 pm 
A thread for posting private chats for general amusement (with consent from included parties).

 Post subject: Re: Chats
PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:21 pm 

I've got a Hunch
The thing that gives the list

ooh thats interesting

You didn't give the name

(how did you get it?)

so you should believe I'm not just bSing

yes I believe you

Daily Drama

okay that makes sense

Curious how soon you think I should use it?
In par. I think there's an argument to wati until after lynch

well, pros and cons for using it now:

to see if we lynched a mafi

pro: we get a cross-reference list, and anyone on both is almost certainly bad
con: what you just said
pro: I seem more trustworthy because it's clear I didn't just invent the existence of this item
pro: you don't have a chance to die before using it

I'm also going to consult with Josh
I've been talking about lots of stuff with him
I'm not going to say what

I trust josh more than average

but you should know that

so that sounds above average as a good idea
I think we should wait until *immediately* after tonight's lynch

Thanks for the advice!

I'm giving it to Josh
We're plnning to use it after today I think
I'm checking with him on that
yes he said he'll use it after lynch.
using this as a way to build trust,
if he doesn't use it he's sketch

I would honestly prefer you using it bc I trust you more to report honestly
(Josh could invent the results)

Err, sorry about that; I wasn't certain it was a good idea but I want josh to trust me
if I messed up, oh well. do you not trust josh?

Was this your idea or Josh's?


I trust Josh much more than average
Okay then I think it's fine
Also, I'm considering telling Josh that if I die, he should post to town that I wanted you to take my place
(As in, I'm in communication with a number of people
And I think they should contact you if I die)

OK. Well, I think josh using it is probably good enough
Hopefully I'm not wrong
I still have other stuff.
This was partially also an "if I die, I don't want all this cool stuff lost" sort of deal

Sure. Josh could die too tho
What do you think of me telling Josh that?

Fine by me
Can you have some way of making those peopel believe josh?
lik eyou tell them "If someone says 'swordfish' then it means it's really a message from me""??

Have to go to a test now

(Dont choose swordfish)

You would back Josh up which makes 2 people

(Everyoen chooses swordfish)

(No duh)

(Hee hee!)
(Yelling so you'd hear me even after you stopped looking at your phone)


 Post subject: Re: Chats
PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:21 pm 
Luke when will you be back?
Important combinator use

LUKE FRI 23:20
I will be back next safe ride


Also I was going to use the conbinator this morning
12hr between uses

I know, I have one too
I used it in the past 12 hours


so, I want to kill dgrazian
because I'm 95% sure he's mafia
you shouldn't tell him this

Do you believe he didn't kill Lotta?

he was practically begging to be investigated

You think the investigations are messed with.

also, josh agrees with me
(you can ask him)
we'd like to kill dgrazian now


before the count-the-mafia thingy


we'd also like him to not suspect
so he can't transfer items away

So what do you need to combine?

gun + ammo


(I have ammo from jordanh)

If Josh approves, I'll do it

(dgrazian gave me his gun earlier to kill lucy)
Josh certainly told me he approves

Even if he doesn't, I still might
Can he tell me directly?

he's typing now

Let's do this.
I will get on Saferide at :35
(sorry for the time delay, that's just how it is.)

let us know if you're not going to be here by 12:00
we want to do today's daily drama at least once an hour

I think so???

"so" = here or not here?

I will be there really close.
It says 11:50 now.
It'll be close.
(ie the saferide gets there at 11:50)
If on time, which it won't be.
I'll let you know when the time prediction for my arrival is 11:55

er, what?

Saferide is currently predicting 55
Not here yet.
I am going to Lyft
Hopefully faster.
What happens if I'm not here by midnight?
Do I turn into a pumpkin?
I am definitely not arriving before 10 of.

no, but you miss out on the first hour's opportunity for an item


how close are you?

5 minutes

I just gave you a gun and ammo
you should combine them and give back
done yet??
you're also welcome to vig kill dgrazian yourself but I think it's better for me to draw all the sketchiness

sent "combine" message

I think it's also fair to say "give to jackie once combined"

you were cc'd

thats not the same as giving it back to me

 Post subject: Re: Chats
PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:22 pm 
JAMB FRI 24:00
do you like how when I was pretending not to have one and you told me about it, I called it a "combinifier thingy"?
I was trying to make it sound like i didnt know much about it

yes, it really proves how I shouldn't believe you
because you're so good at fooling me

sure.... you shouldn't use psychological evidence
I think you have informational reasons to trust me


you should talk to josh more

OK, about what?

he and I had a long discussion about killing dgrazian
and so I think he can confirm the legit-ness of my reasoning
also, I've said other moderately trustworthy things to him
its not strong

yeah, I guess the main case I'm worried is if you're both mafia.

I don't have anything strong

but whatever, that's quite unlikely

also, tell josh to use the count

(maybe I shouldn't have said it in front of jordan)

yeah whatever

my investigation?

oh yeah
Tin seems legit

I have a taser (2nd ritual)

oh interesting
this should be used on tin I tink

12 noon = when I can use combinator
To maybe improve scope or sth

wait what would you combine with?
also, scope???

Ghostly Essence
My invest. item


Ghoslty essenc + any item = better item

yeah I've heard of ghostly essence
okay then
so, you're not using investigation yet then
for that reason?

Yeah, I want to try improving scope first


unless invest seems urgent

well, taze Tin if you see him

Also: group chat w/me, you, josh?

sounds good

JAMB FRI 24:45
check forums before telling josh anything more
he's almost certainly scum

Shoot, and he has the Hunch.

fortunately I think its okay because once I get lynched i'll live?
and then be proven innocent
yes, it's the hunch that makes him look bad
he said it was:
Luke, Jackie, Justin

I don't think I trust either of you anymore
Good luck being lynched

thats reasonable
I don't think you should trust either of us
but in particular I wanted to make sure you don't give more info to josh

Too bad I gave him the Hunch

also, assuming you're town you should think its slightly sketch that he put you on the list

Oh well.

at this point 9 townies & 3 mafia would mean
9/15 chance of mafia
assuming the list doesnt put the user on it,

Mm hm.

Can you confirm that Josh was proxying for you about Dgrazian not killing Lotta?



Or did you mean publicly?

No not publicly
I just wanted to know if we had any evidence on that kill other than Josh / Lucy

 Post subject: Re: Chats
PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:25 pm 
LUKE FRI 13:30
Tin killed Pesto!

duh duh duh
want me to proxy?
or will you post on forums?
Im probably a terrible proxy because people find me sketchy
maybe don't post until after you can taze him?
relevant part of his sched:
Gamelab – E15-331 R10 -> ?(whenever sprint goals are done, usually pretty late)
& F10 -> 2
Media lab – W1-2 & F2->8 - E14-140

LUKE FRI 14:00
I could (?) go to media lab

I think you should

once I recover my breath

be *really* careful though
he'll be wanting to kill someone today
since Josh cant
(from my perspective, they are clearly the 2 remaining mafia)
make sure you write the name in advance?

I mean I wrote name

okay cool
anyway, my hypothesis is that if you taze tin, there will be no kills today
(assuming none have been made already)
we shouldn't post that though
because it'll mean less if "no kills" is publicly seen as evidence for "josh and tin"
(er, none other than me->dgrazian)

Don't understand


"because it'll mean less if "no kills" is publicly seen as evidence for "josh and tin"c"???

do you agree that if no kills happen today, that's at least weak evidence for the josh+tin hypothesis?


but if we say this, then if they're not mafia, whoever the mafia are can just make no kills, knowing that we'll suspect josh+tin
thus it will be worth less as evidence

OK I see.

this doesnt matter from MY perspective, because I know Josh is bad, and I know either you or Tin is bad (or weird framing shenanigans)

Shit I should have given Jordan items
I am scared

its okay
if you die, at the very least I know who killed you, and that Tin is absolutely bad
(you might want to tell Jordan where you're going)
(so that I don't look sketchy)
you should also message me if you're alive
and when you're done

Tins room is locked
It's a big room
There's a reception ist
I told Jordan
I don't like talking to people

is jordan going to come help?

I am afraid people here will start thinking I'm sketchy for real

that's fair
I mean, saying you want to talk to Tin isn't sketchy

I guess
I am also bad at talking to people

look, I could do it at 5
but thats a long time
and someone could die meanwhile

 Post subject: Re: Chats
PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:26 pm 
I will be brave.
He's not in the room!


I talked to two people both of whom said I was in the wrong place

okay... what is the right place?
I copy pasted from intro

Further data
Can I phone you?

no, in 6.01 lab

I found the right place
Talked to coworkers
He "drops in and out"
They asked if he was expecting me
I said yes
They offered that I wait, I decided not to
(sorry! I already felt really bad lying and saying I was expected)

yes that sounds like a good choice

Plus I could only have waited 15min
They asked my name
Said they'd tell him I stopped by
I couldn't exactly ask them not to
And I gave my real name
Didn't want to be real life sketchy
So he's going to be even more on guardm
I botched it.
He'd be damn hard to kill.

its fine

At that place, at least

we'll just lynch him tonight

Taser should probably go to someone besides me?

does the name stay written?

Yes, I think so.
It's now a Tin only tazer
He stays there till 8 apparently?
Shall we try and Taze him again there, or what?

might as well

And when to announce investigation results?

just announce now
tell everyone to stay safe


and if you see him later taze him
if not no biggie

Me or Jordan announce?


Jordan isn't responding rn

it can wait

Like it can wait

maybe she's dead?

She's probably just not checking
I think she's practicing or scootering

LUKE FRI 15:30
Tin was outside recitation
Ie where I would have been


If I hadn't been going to where he would have been
If he hadn't etc etc


No, I wasn't there!
I heard this from ecd

how do you know, then?!
much irony

Jordan still hasn't checked her messages
Maybe we should kill tin or Josh tonight and Taze tin tomorrow?
Lynch Josh, Taze Tin?

that sounds good to me
also you should post that Tin is a sketchball
he knows at this point that you;re on to him
so no point in a proxy I think


if I finish this damn lab early I could taze tin for you
I could wait outside his office with my hoodie up

He is at student center now... Shrug
I am stuck at ESG till 4

I'm stuck here until who knows when
I doubt he'd be back before 4

Just posted by the way
On forums

did you post both sketchy waiting outside recitation, and your investigation?



LUKE Fri 17:15
Are Jordan guns all loaded / whatever?
Do we still want Jordan to kill Josh?

Uh crap
I told Tin that Jordan was planning to kill him
Because I thought it was false
She's still welcome to
But it'll be harder

She would be happy to do tin not Josh
Maybe we can have her transfer guns?

Anyway, I didn't load her guns, idk if she has ammo
if Tin walks in any time before 10, should I taze immediately?
might be good to save for tomorrow, but then again if he thinks he's about to die
he might make a kamikaze kill

We want him to think he's being lynched, and he probably does.
So I think you should, yeah

cool. Will taze on sight.
unless it's literally 9:58, in which case I'll taze iff he gets close to a living player

LUKE Fri 18:15
Jordan doesn't have ammo.

JAMB Fri 19:00
Is your combinator available?
no, i used it at 11:55
I'll ask

LUKE Fri 7:30
Why were you asking about this?
Opportunity to combinate stuff to make another Hunch item

LUKE Fri 21:00
I have a Scope (investigation item) from the rituals. Should I give it to Jordan? Or I could give her the better one (the ghostly scope) and keep this one.
My other item was "I'm Duckman."
That's the name of the item.

keep the ghostly one, give her the one-time
um what
what does "I'm duckman" do?

It does "I'm duckman".

is there any mechanical effect?

I don't know! Gonna talk to God.

I got... nothing
I got... preventing Josh from participating

Sorry :(

yeah its fine
frankly I trust most people basically as much as I trust myself
so... w/e
it's just less fun not to have items

Pravina responded "I'm duckman"
I could try combinations with it
But I think there are better uses for combinators

JAMB Fri 23:30
If Daniel really were town, then would we still have reason to trust that it's not Alex/Jordan making up stuff about townies not getting lynched?

 Post subject: Re: Chats
PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:27 pm 
Thursday, March 10, 2016 8:40 PM
Jordan Hines
when will you be at ET?
Jordan Hines
like, we don't actually have that much time to do this transfer and multiple people are vating to lynch me
Jackie Bredenberg
I have to scooter over now
Test over
Jordan Hines
ok cool
Friday, March 11, 2016 10:02 PM
Jordan Hines
the blade + soap did not make a hunch
(I had no ammo and nobody was giving me any so I decided to do that)
Jackie Bredenberg
uh, what?
I'm really confused
doesnt combinator say it works with predefined combos?
did it make *anything*?
Jordan Hines
yes, and I did get something useful
Jackie Bredenberg
okay, cool
maybe it just gives random useful thing
but, sadness that no hunch
because that could directly resolve me/Josh beef

 Post subject: Re: Chats
PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:28 pm 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 11:16 PM
Jackie Bredenberg
Dylan Hendrickson
Jackie Bredenberg
Dylan Hendrickson
Jackie Bredenberg
if I die soon, add epsilon suspicion to pesto

 Post subject: Re: Chats
PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:29 pm 
Friday, March 11, 2016 5:06 PM
Jackie Bredenberg changed the topic to Not Josh or Tin
Jackie Bredenberg
I believe Josh and tin are Mafia
Luke Sciarappa
Me too
Jackie Bredenberg
I'd like to decide between them without telling them who so they can't transfer items
Justin Kopinsky
that is my leading hypothesis as well (though not > ~50% weight from my perspective)
Luke Sciarappa
(I also believe, ish, that everyone else isn't mafia.)
Jackie Bredenberg
(Yes; I believe dgrazian was the 3rd
Which is why I believe Josh is bad)
Tin investigated bad and waited outside Luke's recitation and is on the sketch list I got from my "hunch"
Justin Kopinsky
if nothing else all this is predicated on jackie and/or luke being good
which isn't 100% from my perspective
Jackie Bredenberg
There's a me/Josh beef and a Luke/Tin beef
Therefore at most one other Mafia, even if Josh is honest about 3 alive
Therefore not both Alex and Jordan
Therefore Jordan probably good
Damn autocorrect
Justin Kopinsky
who are the other players?
me, alex, jordan
Jackie Bredenberg
If Sasha's still alive
We don't know
Justin Kopinsky
do you really have beef with josh?
Jackie Bredenberg
Justin Kopinsky
from what
Jackie Bredenberg
My beef with Josh is at least as strong as my beef with dgrazian
Because Josh claims no one dead was Mafia
Justin Kopinsky
oh ok i suppose
alex's item seems very probably now
Jackie Bredenberg
I'd like to lynch Josh
Because lynching is less absolute than vig kill
(He lives if he's town
So you don't have to trust me completely, you can verify)
Luke Sciarappa
I definitely have stronger evidence against Tin than Josh, but I guess others might not see it that way.
Justin Kopinsky
vig kill tin, lynch josh seems ok to me
Jackie Bredenberg
Also, it's more probable that we'd lynch Tin, so we can get Tin to think he's being lynched, transfer his items away to Josh, and then Josh gets lynched
Dylan Hendrickson
(Do you mind if I add more ghosts)
Justin Kopinsky
i think i might want jordan's input here since she's near-provable town
and nobody else talking is
Jackie Bredenberg
(Go for it)
Yes I'd like to hear Jordan too
Lotta Blumberg, Adam Hesterberg and Lucy Gutierrez joined the conversation
Jackie Bredenberg
(Also, objections to adding Katie Sedlar? She's trying to follow game, but technically she's not bound to silence)
Jordan Hines
I am definitely suspicious of Josh, but I think the investigation against Tin now makes me more suspicious of Tin. I would be more willing to vig kill Tin than Josh, and as of now I would be fine with lynching Josh.
Lucy Gutierrez
Yes it's unclear if pravina will rerun this game with non et ppl
So the least Katie knows the better
Jackie Bredenberg
Katie has already been getting updates on game from dgrazian
Though he's stopped now that he's dead
And she's not spoiled on game
But probably spoiled enough not to play it in future
Anyway- ++ to what Jordan said about vig kill tin, lynch Josh
Luke Sciarappa
++ this
Jackie Bredenberg
Let me emphasize that if we haven't killed Tin before the lynch (he might come home late?) then
So we can rid Mafia of their items

 Post subject: Re: Chats
PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:31 pm 
Justin Kopinsky
this only works if josh and tin are a superset of the mafia
otherwise he already knows
Jackie Bredenberg
I am betting everything currently on the set of Mafia being precisely Josh and Tin
Justin Kopinsky
i dont feel the need to do that
Jackie Bredenberg
Sorry, let me clarify:
I am betting the success of this secret lynch mob without mafia being able to transfer items
"everything" is a poor choice of words
what I meant was, I would be personally willing to bet everything on Josh+Tin if it came down to it, because I believe ~90% chance it's them
Luke Sciarappa
Straw poll: would you vote to lynch josh? things I already think are
Luke: yes
Jackie: yes
Jordan: yes
Justin: yes
actually that might be a majority?
Jackie Bredenberg
that's 4/8
oh, but, presumably if we say we're lynching Tin
Tin won't vote for himself
so Tin will get <4
thus we have a plurality...
is it majority or plurality?
Luke Sciarappa
Plurality I think
checking now
Yes it is
Alex Arkhipov
I have an investigation
Is it worth confirming Tin killed pesto?
Luke Sciarappa
Well, obviously I don't think so, since I believe myself
But depending on how much people believe me, sure
Alex Arkhipov
That's what I want to gauge
And I reserve the right to decide independent of responses
Luke Sciarappa
Other possibilities, if not that: Josh -> Lotta maybe???
Looking at the spreadsheet, trying to gauge which kill is most likely to have been a particular one of Josh and Tin.
I think I have no more to contribute to discussion rn
Jordan Hines
I would be happy with confirming that Tin killed Pesto
also, does anyone have ammo that they would give me if we plan on doing a vig kill?
also, we should do more daily drama
Jackie Bredenberg
Does anyone have a combinator?
If so talk to Jordan
This is important
For some provable townie info
Jordan Hines
I trust Luke's investigation more now; I got a positive investigation on Tin (of course there still could be mafia shenanigans)
Jackie Bredenberg
You made Alex's investigation?
Jordan Hines
Jackie Bredenberg
At the least, even if tin isn't Mafia, Luke is not necessarily bad
This all seems unlikely
I think we should NOT tell Josh / tin about this evidence
It makes kamikazes less likely for now
If they feel less desperate
Given what Pravinas just said, objections to Katie joining?
Luke Sciarappa
I definitely don't care.
Jackie Bredenberg
Adding now
Katie Sedlar joined the conversation
Katie Sedlar
Hi people!
Being an NP is kind of interesting.
I can actually talk about game. ☺
Dylan Hendrickson
no comment
Katie Sedlar
All the comments!
I've mostly just been talking to one player at a time though about any actual thoughts on game.
There are so many people here.
Probably not going to share actual thoughts on game here though.
Luke Sciarappa
Everyone, please confirm you're in on the following plan: vote to lynch Josh while talking about lynching Tin.
I am in.
(In fact I am voting for Josh rn.)
Sasha Crandall Fleischman
I am in
(Hacker voice: I'm in)
Jackie Bredenberg
I am in
just voted for brunnerj
jordan - any results?
Luke Sciarappa
Roleplaying that we're lynching tin isn't going to be easy
Jordan Hines
I still do not have ammo. or a combinator I can use for this. these things would be useful.
if you have these, please give them to me
Alex Arkhipov
I'd like to hear the shovel result on Daniel before commiting
Luke Sciarappa
Shovel results are revealed at day end
Katie Sedlar
I'm voting for no one!
Jordan Hines
yeah, we won't have the info on Daniel before day ends
Alex Arkhipov
Ah too bad
Ok, I think I'm still good with the ninja lynch
Jackie, do you have a gun and ammo?
Jordan Hines
do people have further suggestions for investigations (I might or might not follow them)
Luke Sciarappa
I think from my perspective (very much not the town one) the only death to investigate is Dylan's
And I'd check Josh first
This probably isn't compelling to everyone.
Sasha Crandall Fleischman
i have a combinator
Luke Sciarappa
(currently usable I take it)
Jordan will be glad to hear this!
Sasha Crandall Fleischman
Jordan Hines
Alex Arkhipov
Do we have a way to tase Tin at day start?
Luke Sciarappa
i dont think so...
Alex Arkhipov
Or, kill
Katie Sedlar
Someone clearly needs to volunteer to be the sacrifice then...
Alex Arkhipov
In the case josh survives the lynch, we should stop Jackie instead
We should confiscate her gun
Jordan Hines
I can tase Tin
I can't kill him
Luke Sciarappa
Jordan did you ever talk to Jackie?
Alex Arkhipov
Ok cool
Jordan Hines
I didn't, but it is fine
Luke Sciarappa
(has she voted?0
Alex Arkhipov
Where is jackie?
Luke Sciarappa
Jordan Hines
don't know if she has voted
Luke Sciarappa
um I think shes in trap with isaac
Alex Arkhipov
Luke Sciarappa
(jackie: when you read this, apologies for bringing this up, if it bothers you)
Katie Sedlar
Wow guys, forum is so empty.
I'm glad I got added to this chat or I would be so confused right now.
Luke Sciarappa
she voted
Jackie Bredenberg
do I have a gun and ammo? NO. Had I voted before going to trap? YES. Further suggestions? who killed dylan.
Luke - no worries, it's not a secret ☺
Luke Sciarappa
Jackie --- I know that, but sometimes some people
(even me)
have irrational emotions
So I wanted to be sure.
Jackie Bredenberg
I mean, people use "I was in bed with X" as a mafia alibi all the time
(esp if X is also a player)
do Josh+Tin think Tin is dying?
Alex Arkhipov
Jackie Bredenberg
well, not much they can do now
Luke Sciarappa
Yay, Lockdown Begins!
Jackie Bredenberg
did the thing with the combinator happen???
Katie Sedlar
Dun dun dun dun
Jordan Hines
Jackie Bredenberg
I've always spelled it "duh" rather than "dun"
possibly this is bad because, you know, "duh" means something
"dun" does too, but it's unlikely that I'm referring to a color of horse
Luke Sciarappa
I think the combinator thing didn't happen. Sasha said they have one
I have one that'll be usable at 23:55
Katie Sedlar
Sasha having items: super useful. ☺
Jackie Bredenberg
yeah. sucks that they're dead.
Luke Sciarappa
hm, just saw
Jackie Bredenberg
rip sasha ❤
Luke Sciarappa
Jackie Bredenberg
I'm guessing gasoline
Luke Sciarappa
Jordan, post when you have shovel results!
Jackie Bredenberg
oh, or poison
from forums:
Aragog says gasoline requires "splash"ing the target. Sasha probably would have told us if they had been splashed, unless it happened *right* as day rolled over. Neither Aragog nor I know anything about poisoning mechanics.
did enough people vote for brunnerj?
Luke Sciarappa
shrug, I hope so. Confirmed are me you Sasha
um, Alex
and I think jordan
which is enough
if I'm right
about all these
Katie Sedlar
I didn't vote for brunnerj.
Sorry guys. :(
Jackie Bredenberg
It's okay Katie we love you anyway
Alex Arkhipov
Does anyone see tin?
Jackie Bredenberg
I don't
Where the heck are you / jhh?
Luke Sciarappa
Not I
Alex Arkhipov
We're hiding and discussing
Jackie Bredenberg
Also, objections to adding Josh to chat?
Alex Arkhipov
Is he dead dead?
Luke Sciarappa
Jackie Bredenberg
He was lynched
Alex Arkhipov
Yeah, but powers
Jackie Bredenberg
Afaik there's no effects to bring someone back from that
Alex Arkhipov
If he says it's ok
Jackie Bredenberg
I'll wait until he has GY access?
Luke Sciarappa
Yes, please wait until then.
Alex Arkhipov
Anyone has ammo?
Jackie Bredenberg
Can I join your hidden discussion?
Presumably you agree that the jamb/Josh beef is resolved now
Alex Arkhipov
We'd like to discuss privately first
Jackie Bredenberg
No ammo here
I gave Jordan my stuff this morning
Jackie Bredenberg changed the topic to Not Mafia
Alex Arkhipov
Jackie, how confident are you that Daniel was mafia? Is it worth me checking?
Jackie Bredenberg
I was 95% before I killed him
As Mafia, Josh almost certainly would've wanted to lie about # of Mafia
Which implies at least one of Lucy, dgrazian
Alex Arkhipov
So what's your posterior prob?
Jackie Bredenberg
Alex Arkhipov
Jackie Bredenberg
It's hard to analyze, because there was also my intermediary probability of 90%, where my estimated prob of dgrazian being Mafia was reduced by the fact that Josh claimed otherwise
But, we don't have any other corpses we want to investigate
So might as well be DG
To check him/Lucy
Didn't Jordan use a shovel?
Alex Arkhipov
So it's awkward
Daniel shoveled as town
I lied to get your estimate on the record
The josh thing makes jackie look really good
But the Daniel thing makes her look really bad
Jackie Bredenberg
I'd like to point out that if Mafia had a single shovel-manipulation item, dgrazian would be the person to use it on
Alex Arkhipov
Jackie Bredenberg
Nonetheless, this increases my perceived probability that Lucy was bad
Alex Arkhipov
Jackie Bredenberg
I still don't think Josh would've told the truth about # of Mafia
At most one of Lucy / dgrazian were bad, it seems
It seems likely to me that at least one was bad
I still think it's more likely to be dgrazian but the shovel certainly changes my probability estimate
There's also epsilon probability of a third Mafia still alive, in which case we're probably fucked
Especially because if someone on this chat is scum, then Josh would've had warning to transfer items
Also, "I lied to get your estimate on the record" --> I think you didn't actually lie? It seemed probable from the way you were talking that you had negative shovel result and wanted my opinion
Alex Arkhipov
Well, then thanks for being honest and not back pedaling on it
Jackie Bredenberg
Anyway, I'm trying to decide what my reevaluated probability should be
If they had a shovel change item, they certainly would've used it on dgrazian
Mafia has gotten a lot of items so far, so if such an item exists I bet at least 50% chance they've gotten it
If it exists, probably townies wouldn't have received it, so I don't think absence of evidence is evidence of absence for it existing
(Luke points out that it's at least weak evidence
I'll say 90% here
Since I don't yet know of effects in game without counters,
(Bullets can be removed, gasoline extinguished, splashes soaped off)
I'd say 70% chance at least that it exists
.9 x .7 x .5 x .96
Wait hold on that's not how odds work
.9x.7x.5= .3
3/7 x 96/4
= 10 to 1 odds imo
I'm now saying 91% dgrazian is a sketch ball
Unless my math is horrible late at night
Jordan Hines
I tased Tin
Jackie Bredenberg
Yessss go Jordan
Now Mafia are in a situation where they have to either (a) go two days without a kill, and have tin die end of today or (b) if another Mafia exists then they could make a kill but this would reveal existence of additional Mafia earlier
I find (b) highly unlikely of course
I'm submitting my lynch vote for Tin now and will probably pay less attention to game tomorrow
Saturday, March 12, 2016 7:40 PM
Luke Sciarappa
Does anyone believe that they won't have voted for TIN by the end of the day today?
Jackie Bredenberg
I already voted for Tin
probably Tin won't have voted for Tin
Luke Sciarappa
Tin isn't in this chat.
Jackie Bredenberg
true. you didn't say "anyone in this chat"
also, the ghosts + Katie probably didnt
Katie Sedlar
Oh yeah, I'm not going to vote for Tin.
Luke Sciarappa
I'm happy to commit to "anyone" meaning "anyone listening" sometimes. It's ambiguous, but it's pretty useful.
Jackie Bredenberg
Btw just checking- anyone dead at ET? I'm alive.
Luke Sciarappa
I am alive
But I don't think dead people can say so over chat unless we already know
Jackie Bredenberg
Yeah, I didn't want dead players to say so over chat,
I just wanted living players to confirm for me that they've checked in with everyone at ET
Jordan Hines
I am alive
Luke Sciarappa
oh, I see.
too bad.
I'm lazy
Alex Arkhipov
I'm alive
Jackie Bredenberg
Omg the Mafia suspense
44 minutes

 Post subject: Re: Chats
PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:32 pm 
Will post chats w/ Tin + Josh if I get consent.

(My chat with Tin was a rather amusingly bad attempt to get him to meet with me so I could tase him.)

 Post subject: Re: Chats
PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, 2016 8:55 am 
(aka jamb's horribly bad attempt at getting Tin to meet with her so she could taze him)

Jackie Bredenberg
Jackie wants to chat on Hangouts!

Tin C
can you investigate me and clear me

Jackie Bredenberg
I don't have an investigation exactly
I have another effect
Let me finish grilling Luke
I'm trying to evaluate which of you seems sketchier
So I should finish talking to him
The other effect would test mafia was
**mafia ness
I can only do it to one of you tho

Tin C
also ask elizabeth

Jackie Bredenberg
Luke seemed pretty sketchy
I used the item on him
It returns "Mafia" with probability 2/3 if someone is Mafia
1/3 otherwise

Tin C
ask him what is in 140

Jackie Bredenberg
It says Luke is Mafia
I'm not with him anymore
But I can ask over chat
Anyway, this item result isn't definitive, and both of you are sketch
But I think this makes Luke worse

Tin C
yeah, and i dont have much reason to trust you either.

Jackie Bredenberg
True... I'm in a beef with Josh

Tin C
From my perpsective only jordan and alex are clean

Jackie Bredenberg
Luke is talking about trying a vig kill on you
I personally think we should wait until tonight to lynch so that you can be proven innocent or guilty
By the guardian angel

Tin C
whats that?
oh right

Jackie Bredenberg
Alex's effect such that townies don't get lynched

Tin C
im ok with that

Jackie Bredenberg
Anyway my proxy hasn't posted the Mafia-ness result to town yet
do you want a glass shield for now to make sure you don't get vig killed?
I would expect it back before end of day

Tin C
depends who transfers
u - no

Jackie Bredenberg
Oh you mean gives the shield
Someone else can give it to you
I provably can't use a gun today tho
So that's some insurance for you
That you wouldn't have with someone else
and whether people believe me or not, I haven't seen other methods of killing yet
So I couldn't make a kill even if I were Mafia
Anyway the van leaves soon so if this is gonna happen decide soon
Also, Luke is near me again

Tin C
im not taking van

Jackie Bredenberg
I haven't told him it came back "mafia"
Yeah I know but i am
So if I'm going to give to you or give to someone to give to you
It needs to be soon

Tin C
if jordan is on stayign on campus then fine

Jackie Bredenberg
I don't think she is?

Tin C
otherwise, ill take shield back at the house in teh evening

Jackie Bredenberg
Also where is she

Tin C
is she alive?

Jackie Bredenberg
I think so?
Update: there's a chat going on about Luke's proposed vig kill
Jordan has the gun so Luke wants her to do it
Also because she's trusted
So stay away from her too
Also, I'm still with Luke

Tin C
u alive?

Jackie Bredenberg

Tin C

Jackie Bredenberg
idk what time you're planning on coming home tonight,
but it might be better to wait until day end
that way people will lynch you instead of vig killing
at least, if you're townie its a good idea

Tin C

Jackie Bredenberg
but if you are coming home earlier, name a proxy and I'll give them the glass shield to give to you

Tin C
pref jordan, but alex is fine too

Jackie Bredenberg
as I said earlier, jordan has the gun; I'd prefer alex, but up to you
I'm going to give to alex in lieu of a reply

Tin C
nvm then, ill take a later ride
after 10pm is safe right?

Jackie Bredenberg
yeah; no one can take any actions 10-11

 Post subject: Re: Chats
PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:27 am 
Mafia Chat: Day 0 and 1

Pravina S (
Pravina • Mar 8, 9:12 PM

Thanks pravina!
Mar 8, 9:13 PM

Lucy renamed the Hangout to People I trust

Don't tell anyone about this chat. Especially not Dylan since I named the mafia chat the same as when i though i was mafia with him.
Mar 8, 9:14 PM

Tin C (,
wow dam, mafia on first game, pravina dropping me in head first here
Tin • Mar 8, 10:47 PM

Pravina S (
I'm sorry! It took four rerolls before it was optimal to throw you under the bus like that
Also, Tin, you haven't posted your intro yet! How are the mafia going to be able to kill you if they don't know where you are?
Pravina • Mar 8, 10:53 PM

Tin C (,
k intro done
items are in the pm right?
Tin • Mar 8, 11:09 PM

Pravina S (
Pravina • Mar 8, 11:14 PM

Tin C (,
about this execution stuff, is someone killed tonight basically?
if so who should i vote for?
Tin • Mar 8, 11:16 PM

Josh Brunner
The first day ends tomorrow at 10pm so we still have a day
Is Lucy at the house now?
Josh • Mar 8, 11:17 PM

sorry just left. If you all want to talk in person and think you can sneak out of the house without being seen, come on over to my apartment
Does anyone have ammo?
Mar 8, 11:48 PM

Important thing to remember, once you open a pm, whoever sent it can see that you've opened it
so if you're pretending to not be paying attention don't open any pms
Mar 9, 12:49 AM

Josh Brunner
I am on campus and free from 10:30-11, 12:30ish-2:00, and 3-5 if we want to plan a kill then
Josh • Mar 9, 1:15 AM

we should reach out to Lily for help in killing dgrazian
Mar 9, 1:18 AM

Josh Brunner
His intro says lily is out of town wednesday to saturday so I dont know how it would help
Josh • Mar 9, 1:20 AM

I'll poke her to see what time on Wednesday she leaves though she might be asleep already
who has arousals tomorrow?
Mar 9, 1:21 AM

Josh Brunner
Josh • Mar 9, 1:22 AM

we could kill her then
everyone's alibi would be asleep
Mar 9, 1:23 AM

Josh Brunner
I am aroused at 8:00am each day
Lbs is aroused at 8:15
Does killing her in dorm at 8:15 seem like a way to frame Luke?
Josh • Mar 9, 1:26 AM

when do arousals start? I could sneak over and kill her before she arouses anyone
or that
Mar 9, 1:27 AM

Josh Brunner
First arousal is mandy at 7:45 for tomorrow
Josh • Mar 9, 1:27 AM

do you think you can kill her in dorm without being caught?
Mar 9, 1:27 AM

Josh Brunner
Not necessarily. If anyone is already half awake then they would see it. I think an on campus kill has the greatest chance of success with weak ali is for people
Josh • Mar 9, 1:29 AM

ok can we kill pesto? he's so loud
Mar 9, 1:31 AM

Josh Brunner
Let me check his intro
On wed at 12:30 he leaves a class in stata. I have a recitation then, but I probably wasn't going to attend anyway and could go make the kill there
People know I often dont attend that recitation so I wouldn't have much of an alibi, but recitation is better than no alibi.
Lbs and jamb will alibi each other at lunch if the kill happens then
Josh • Mar 9, 1:36 AM

Could you get an np to buy lunch for you?
it wouldn't be weird to have a receipt for lunch since you said you often skip the recitation for lunch
Also Tin what items do you have?
whoops you totally posted
Mar 9, 1:39 AM

Tin C (,
pravina, can i open recipe adn present pls?
Tin • Mar 9, 1:39 AM

what is the glass shield?
and is the gun limited?
Mar 9, 1:40 AM

Tin C (,
Keeps you alive when you otherwise would have fallen. One use only, after which point it will splinter into glass shards. You may also break your shield voluntarily, if you would like.
Initially comes discharged. To use, needs to be combined with Ammo. Allows one use of the "Bang!" incant. After using it once, becomes useless again until you get more Ammo. Does not bypass kill immunity. Only useable by someone who has not made a "Bang!" kill earlier in the day.
Tin • Mar 9, 1:41 AM

so we can make three kills each day?
Mar 9, 1:41 AM

Josh Brunner
There is a half hour gap though between when I normally buy lunch and when I need to kill pesto. It would be wierd for me to have a receipt at that time.
Josh • Mar 9, 1:42 AM

Tin C (,
I thought mafia was limited to 1 kill per day? or is that town?
Tin • Mar 9, 1:42 AM

that's in a normal game
Mar 9, 1:42 AM

Josh Brunner
Lucy: sounds like we can
Josh • Mar 9, 1:42 AM

wow we have a lot of power it looks like
we should all make a kill tomorrow
and strike at the people with ammo
Mar 9, 1:43 AM

Josh Brunner
My gun also says nothing about needing ammo
Josh • Mar 9, 1:43 AM

ok so we can kill four people tomorrow?
i really don't know how to play this
Mar 9, 1:44 AM

Josh Brunner
Yes, but the person using my gun must use tins first
Josh • Mar 9, 1:44 AM

Mar 9, 1:44 AM

Josh Brunner
How much total ammo do we have?
Josh • Mar 9, 1:45 AM

ok now im kinda scared about what town has
Mar 9, 1:45 AM

Josh Brunner
We win by killing 8 town, so 4 tins gun+2 my gun + 2ammo from dead people could win in 2 days if we dont get lynched
Josh • Mar 9, 1:46 AM

and we can avoid a lynch if we know who the target is by giving them the shield
Mar 9, 1:47 AM

Josh Brunner
Josh • Mar 9, 1:47 AM

ok josh you need to be involved in every conversation that happens at ET
Town must have some crazy power
and we want to know about it and don't want them to be motivated to use it
or something
Mar 9, 1:48 AM

Josh Brunner
Do we want to go on killing spree day 1?
Josh • Mar 9, 1:49 AM

we can kill four people with guns
splash some others
so at the end of day 1, we can kill 7 people
assuming the lynch is town and no one is immune to bangs
wait 8? missed that each of us started with gasoline
ok lots of townies must have glass shields
or something to prevent bang from working
we should make kills in pairs
so that the other person can try banging them again immediately after if they say they don't die
Mar 9, 1:53 AM

Josh Brunner
So when fire is used, all splash targets immediately die?
Josh • Mar 9, 1:54 AM

they die that night
Mar 9, 1:54 AM

Josh Brunner
We should splash day 1 and fire day 2 I think
The status of splashed stays for more than a day, right
Josh • Mar 9, 1:55 AM

do we need the combinator to combine the ammo and gun?
cuz if so, this won't work
there's a twelve hour delay between every succesful combination
Mar 9, 1:56 AM

Tin C (,
so how about someone takes both guns and makes a kill just inc ase town has shield
Tin • Mar 9, 2:01 AM

yeah ok let's plan on going slow
or is pravina awake?
she could clarify what need my combinator and what doesn't
Mar 9, 2:02 AM

Josh Brunner
Is there a rule about no double bangs. Like i didnt think in normal games you could bang then immediatly kaboom if it failed
Josh • Mar 9, 2:04 AM

doesn't seem to be
Though in normal games that is not allowed
I transfer all my items to Tin
mugging is totally a thing, it seems best to have all the items with one person
Mar 9, 2:07 AM

Tin C (,
So i can try to get pesto in his office 2mrw at between 1:45->2:30
Tin • Mar 9, 2:09 AM

first you should combine 1 ammo with the gun. Now in case we do have a 12 hour delay
Mar 9, 2:11 AM

Tin C (,
hwo to combine
Tin • Mar 9, 2:11 AM

and get Josh's gun
just pm Pravina
or post here
Mar 9, 2:11 AM

Tin C (,
think i t needs ur combinator
Tin • Mar 9, 2:11 AM

I passed all my items to you
guess i should send you all the descriptions
Mar 9, 2:12 AM

Josh Brunner
Lucy, dont you need to physically come to give tin your items
Josh • Mar 9, 2:12 AM

not for mafia
we can freely pass items between us
Mar 9, 2:12 AM

Tin C (,
magical teleportation
Tin • Mar 9, 2:12 AM

Josh Brunner
Lucy: where is this in the rules?
I see it nevermind
Josh • Mar 9, 2:14 AM

Tin C (,
ok so for pravina, im combining ammo and gun
Tin • Mar 9, 2:14 AM

Josh Brunner
Lucy you need to post it in mafia den to count
Josh • Mar 9, 2:14 AM

pm'ed her
Mar 9, 2:16 AM

what if we have someone, probably Tin, "splash" 3 ppl, using both poisons and a gasoline.One or both of Josh and I also say we've been splashed. One or both of us also say we've been poisoned
can't tell if this is a good idea or no
Mar 9, 2:45 AM

Tin C (,
is it supposed to be a "public" splash?
Tin • Mar 9, 2:46 AM

private so josh and or i can both claim to have had this done to us
idk how well this will work
Mar 9, 2:46 AM

Tin C (,
i like that idea
if i splash 3 people and say it does some random thing
or 4 people with one of you being a "false splash
Tin • Mar 9, 2:49 AM

the poisoned ppl wouldn't die until the end of day 3 i think
Mar 9, 2:50 AM

Tin C (,
maybe not poison
save poison until one uis is out and about to get lynched
Tin • Mar 9, 2:51 AM

Josh Brunner
I think we want this, or wait until exactly 2 days before were about to win, so the poison deaths trigger our win
Also fire should only be used when its kills will cause us to immediately win
Josh • Mar 9, 2:52 AM

Mar 9, 2:52 AM

Josh Brunner
I think splashing once per day with tin's gasoline claiming it has no effect and was done to lucy and I is good
We should come up with a reason why we are splashing that isn't magikarp
Josh • Mar 9, 2:54 AM

so if it's just one person doing all the splashing, it could be they have something they're trying to empty to see what's at the bottom
Mar 9, 2:55 AM

Josh Brunner
Like if they splash n times, they get an item for it?
Josh • Mar 9, 2:55 AM

and it self-combusts if transferred away
Mar 9, 2:56 AM

Tin C (,
yeah nice idea, also pesto mentioned handling someting, so I could pm him and fish for details to lower suspciison
ask him like "can your item hold liquids?"
Tin • Mar 9, 2:57 AM

hmm town must have a combinator as well. If that's our limit we really want to know who has it
that seems good
Mar 9, 2:58 AM

Tin C (,
to wrap up, we want to kill pesto 2mrw
I can check 2-332a and 2290
and maybe kill him in the morning
Tin • Mar 9, 2:59 AM

we should use poison today
Mar 9, 2:59 AM

Josh Brunner
Are we winning day 3 you think?
Josh • Mar 9, 3:00 AM

Or I can post tomorrow asking for food because pravinas tells me i'm hungry and then have one of you redistribute it
i don't think we're sad if one of us gets caught day 1
And should therefore plan on it happening by having them do all the things
Mar 9, 3:01 AM

Tin C (,
i dont understand that at all
Tin • Mar 9, 3:01 AM

like tin kills two people tomorrow and splashes three. If he can avoid a vigilante, he can use his shield to avoid the lynch
and kill two more people at day rollover
hmmm if we're throwing this person under the bus, maybe it shouldn't be tin?
and if you can avoid a vigilante for day 2 then neither josh or i are likely to get lynched
so end of day 2 is down 1 mafia, down 4 townies, with 2 others doused in gasoline and 2 others dying at the end of day 3
day 3 whichever of us claims poisoned makes two kills
that's everyone
Mar 9, 3:07 AM

Tin C (,
so to summarize
- attempt to kill pesto in morning (me)
attempt to kill pesto at start of class( hjosh)
attemp to kill pesto at 1:45ish (me)
Tin • Mar 9, 3:19 AM

have an alibi ready
and wait a few hours to post your alibi
Mar 9, 3:24 AM

Tin C (,
k ill try hopefully im up at that time
Tin • Mar 9, 4:10 AM

Tin C (,
are we allowed to send photo evidence of where we are when a kill is announced?
also it is allowed to shoot justin and pesto on the entrance to or exit form their meeting today right?
with the separate weapons. and lastly pls confirm incantation for either weapon
Tin • Mar 9, 8:07 AM

Pravina S (
No photo evidence. (that would count as electronic evidence and is too powerful)
yes you can kill them on their meeting day
I mean enter/exit
I believe all weapons you have are associated with "bang"
Did you actually kill pesto?
(he didn't really hear)
Also, I didn't get a time
Pravina • Mar 9, 8:53 AM

Josh Brunner
Pravina: is combinator necessary to combine ammo with gun? I think so, but wanted to check
Josh • Mar 9, 8:54 AM

Pravina S (
okay dammit I'm not getting the necessary "Pesto is dead" information
Tin apparently killed pesto, but I don't know when and where
Pravina • Mar 9, 8:59 AM

Tin C (,
pesto dead
time~ 830 -8:35
second floor
honestly time may be off by a bit
Tin • Mar 9, 9:07 AM

Pravina S (
I got the information from Pesto
Pravina • Mar 9, 9:08 AM

Tin C (,
it was about 5 min before van left
Tin • Mar 9, 9:08 AM

Pravina S (
but for future reference, a kill doesn't count until the mafia sends me the time and location when it happened
Pravina • Mar 9, 9:08 AM

Tin C (,
does it have to be on the shoulder?
Tin • Mar 9, 9:15 AM

Pravina S (
Pravina • Mar 9, 9:15 AM

Tin C (,
ok rule said tap?
Tin • Mar 9, 9:16 AM

Pravina S (
did you not kill him?
Pravina • Mar 9, 9:16 AM

Tin C (,
Pesto is kinda tall, so more of his back area
Tin • Mar 9, 9:17 AM

Pravina S (
I rule it as counting
Pravina • Mar 9, 9:17 AM

Tin C (,
I will not be able to make any hit attempts in till 1
Josh you want gun
also, dang whats up with the location specificity?! im screwed
Tin • Mar 9, 9:23 AM

Josh Brunner
So far it seems the kill went very well. Lotta, me, jordan, justin, Luke, tin are all equally suspicious I think, and Dylan and sashacf are a little less suspicious. I think only Lucy, dgrazian, and jamb will have good alibis.
The guns won't be loaded till 2pm anyway, so you can keep them.
Josh • Mar 9, 10:50 AM

Tin C (,
if i get accused, how do i play it off?
Tin • Mar 9, 11:27 AM

don't get too defensive
stay calm
ah your alibi is really bad
i assume it was posted before you knew what the kill location would be posted as?
act as though you're trying to recreate what happened this morning and just repeat that you came downstairs and didn't see anyone on the second floor or something
Mar 9, 11:38 AM

tin remember to splash ppl before you become too suspicious. Who do we want poisoned vs doused?
The only difference would be that the poisoned people get told they've been poisoned during the night cycle
Also I think we want only Tin making kills today so he splashes 3 ppl and kills 1 more person
Mar 9, 12:06 PM

Pravina S (
Frick, I messed up. Again. Gasoline must be on a player for at least 24 hours before they burn.
Pravina • Mar 9, 12:43 PM

ok what if we have tin only poison people
and josh and i douse ppl
That way it will seem as though we have a similar item but it does something different based on whether a townie or a mafia has it
so day 1: Tin kills 2 ppl, poisons 2 ppl, Josh and I douse 2 ppl, Tin gets caught but is not lynched because of the shield. one of Josh or I claim to be poisoned
Day 2: Tin kills 2 more people (this might be more difficult) one of us douses someone in gasoline
poisons 3 ppl sorry
that's 4 dead, 3 poisoned, 3 doused
Day 3 we have 8 players left, 2 mafia, 6 townies
wait what if we set fire to them during the night 2 night phase?
so we would all douse someone in gasoline
Tin kills 4 ppl
We all douse someone day 1
If we use fire day 2
Then At the beginning of Day 3 we probably have 3 v 2?
am i counting right?
And the three have been poisoned
no im not counting right give me a bit
no i am i think
What's the worst thing that can happen if one of Josh or I make a kill today?
shit i should be working
Mar 9, 1:06 PM

Josh Brunner
Luke has a combinator, 1 ammo, and something else. He revealed to jamb and me. Jamb is going to proxy for him posting on town square to give her useless items. We should kill Luke tomorrow to get all the useless items and the combinator. However, if he dies jamb will strongly suspect me, so it should be done at a time when my alibi is much stronger than hers by one of you two.
Josh • Mar 9, 1:21 PM

hmm okay so we want luke dead
What if we kill jamb today and luke tomorrow?
Tin could you kill her at 2 in 2-103? She should be going in to class there
posting plan on Forum since it seems like a better method of communication
wait what if we just kill both today?
Mar 9, 1:44 PM

Pravina S (
Wait, did I give you that many bullets?
Pravina • Mar 9, 1:45 PM

we have 4 i think
was that a mistake?
Mar 9, 1:46 PM

Pravina S (
But also it takes 12 hours to combine
Pravina • Mar 9, 1:46 PM

right but the bloodthirsty gun doesn't require ammo
so tin can use that gun and one of Josh or I can use the normal gun
Mar 9, 1:47 PM

Pravina S (
What was used for the morning kill? What was the sn? I think you're fine, but my spreadsheet needs this info
Pravina • Mar 9, 1:50 PM

tin combined an ammo with the gun
don't think he specified sn
Mar 9, 1:50 PM

Pravina S (
I mean of what was used to make the kill.
Pravina • Mar 9, 1:51 PM

the normal gun
Mar 9, 1:51 PM

Pravina S (
Okay, thanks.
Pravina • Mar 9, 1:51 PM

ok what are we doing?
right now tin can kill 1 other person and if he passes the gun to one of us we can kill someone else
I'm probably gonna splash sasha today at 4 unless we want to kill him instead
also given pravinas change of plans, which do we want?
i think we should just kill as many people as possible
so Tin kill Luke to get his combinator an then both josh and i make a kill
and pravinas balances by buffing town rather than making us more dependent on the combinator
Mar 9, 3:16 PM

Nvm can't douse sasha because tin has all the items
Mar 9, 3:37 PM

Tin C (,
giving all items to dosh, going to catch some zzz
Tin • Mar 9, 3:47 PM

Josh Brunner
If dgrazian comes over tonight, someone should kill him. He's scary and has a relatively strong alibi for this morning.
Josh • Mar 9, 3:48 PM

Ok we should kill Luke and dgrazian tonight?
Mar 9, 3:49 PM

Josh Brunner
Lucy: do you want me to give you a gasoline to splash sashacf now?
Josh • Mar 9, 3:49 PM

Yes what story are we going with?
Mar 9, 3:49 PM

Josh Brunner
Someone suggested: an item which gives you something good if you splash 3 times, max 1/day
Josh • Mar 9, 3:51 PM

K sounds good
Mar 9, 3:52 PM

Failed to douse sasha but can do it later today
Mar 9, 4:20 PM

Splashed sashacf
Josh so we can kill at least 2 more ppl today
Just kill Luke and Jackie now
Mar 9, 6:09 PM

Tin C (,
are we still going with the fast strategy?
Tin • Mar 9, 8:36 PM

Yes someone needs to kill two people tonight. That same person poisons 3 people. The other one
Doused someobe
Mar 9, 9:29 PM

Pravina S (
Is the spreadsheet josh posted on forums the game state as you think it is?
please respond to that post?
Pravina • Mar 9, 9:34 PM

Josh Brunner
should I kill lotta when I go in there?
Josh • Mar 9, 9:57 PM

Tin C (,
my opinion is that a slow strategy may be more solid. the weekend may have better opportunities.
but go for it if u think ur covered
Tin • Mar 9, 9:59 PM

End of Day 1

 Post subject: Re: Chats
PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:37 am 
Mafia Chat: Day 2

Killed litta
Mar 9, 11:14 PM

Tin C (,
noice! did she have good items?
Tin • Mar 9, 11:43 PM

Gun 2,ammo. And an antidote
That's 1 gun
And 2 ammo
I transfer all of it to josh
Mar 10, 12:24 AM

Pravina S (
is this the pm?
I meant forum pms
Pravina • Mar 10, 12:24 AM

Ok i also have another glass shield which i am keeping
Josh i transferred you a glass shield
item # g30
give tin a glass shield and now we all have one
I'm gonna proxy to someone that Tin did not kill Pesto
nvm im gonna say jamb didn't kill pesto
Mar 10, 1:12 AM

Tin C (,
i think its a known fact based on location right?
Tin • Mar 10, 1:13 AM

well i'll play it as someone else sent me that
also she totally could have
like i would have sneaked into ET
at 7:30
hid in right front
and killed pesto when he stepped out of right front
also we should kill luke soon
town has stronger items today than yesterday
josh don't do anything sketchy
only tin and i have stuff that can be traced back to us
I will probably sleep now
and go to work
and then go to ET
good night
Mar 10, 1:30 AM

Tin C (,
doi have a weapon
Tin • Mar 10, 1:30 AM

Mar 10, 1:30 AM

Tin C (,
last i checked i tranferred everything to josh
around 4,
Tin • Mar 10, 1:30 AM

i pass you the normal gun
it is uncharged
Mar 10, 1:30 AM

Tin C (,
cool, thanks
Tin • Mar 10, 1:30 AM

it can only be combined with ammo
at about 9 am?
pravina can probably confirm
wait i thin kwe have two guns
someone who is sober should pm pravina
Mar 10, 1:32 AM

Josh Brunner
I have the bloodthirsty gun. It must be used today. I will try to kill someone (target is luke) this morning, then go back to bed. I don't usually get up until 11 or 12 on Thursday, so if I can pull this off I will have an alibi stronger than those that get on the 9:30 van. If I fail, I will give the gun to Tin to make kills on campus.
Tin: I gave you ammo and combinator. combine the gun and ammo at 9:30am or as soon afterward as possible
Josh • Mar 10, 2:10 AM

Josh Brunner
Lucy: you did kill Lotta, right? If so, what items did you get off of her?
Josh • Mar 10, 2:36 AM

Ammo h45 Charges the gun with 1 shot. 1 use.
Ammo m52 Charges the gun with 1 shot. 1 use.
Antidote d93 May be used on one player to remove poison.
Scope m21 You can use this scope to see if someone made a given kill.
Gun f47 Initially comes discharged. To use, needs to be combined with Ammo. Allows one use of the "Bang!" incant. After using it once, becomes useless again until you get more Ammo. Does not bypass kill immunity. Only useable by someone who has not made a "Bang!" kill earlier in the day.
Mar 10, 6:36 AM

We have three glass shields. I think i have one and josh has the other two?
Anyway we should each have one
Mar 10, 8:07 AM

Tin C (,
according to sprad sheet, josh has 2 shields
Tin • Mar 10, 8:43 AM

ok then josh should pass you one when he can
good luck josh
Mar 10, 8:44 AM

Tin C (,
also, it is unclear if the gun can be fired right after the blood thirsty gun is fired.
Tin • Mar 10, 8:45 AM

only if it's by a different person
but the normal gun can be fired immediately before the bloodthirsty one
by the same person
Mar 10, 8:45 AM

Tin C (,
"bang kill" , so if a first fire is blocked, you cant follow up with the thirsty gun?
Tin • Mar 10, 8:46 AM

wait what are you looking at
rules or item descriptions?
Mar 10, 8:49 AM

Tin C (,
item descriptions
nly useable by someone who has not made a "Bang!" kill earlier in the day
Bangkill or Bang attempt?
Tin • Mar 10, 8:50 AM

that does sound as though you can shoot again with the bloodthirsty gun if shooting with the normal gun failed
we should check with pravina to see what her rulin is
Mar 10, 8:52 AM

You added Adam Hesterberg to the Hangout.

added pesto since he's helping make pravinas life easier
Mar 10, 8:54 AM

Adam Hesterberg (
Yes, if the first shot fails, you can use the other one, no matter which you do first. Only successful bang kills block use of the gun.
Adam • Mar 10, 9:12 AM

Josh Brunner
Tin I gave you the other gun
You now have both
Josh • Mar 10, 9:12 AM

did you kill luke?
Mar 10, 9:14 AM

Tin C (,
he said he was alive in van so i dont think so
Tin • Mar 10, 9:51 AM

Adam Hesterberg (
(Try to make sure that the person you're killing hears you say "bang" and feels you tap them on the shoulder.)
Adam • Mar 10, 9:57 AM

Tin C (,
noted, thanks
alive on campus now:
trying to figure out best time to hit in the afternoon
pref when they are all separated so they cant verify
Tin • Mar 10, 10:07 AM

preferably not sasha
They've already been doused
Mar 10, 10:09 AM

Tin C (,
who sasha?
Tin • Mar 10, 10:09 AM

fire extinguishers are a thing
they remove gasoline from a person
should i post that gasoline is a thing?
chances are some townie also got a fire extinguisher?
Mar 10, 10:23 AM

Adam Hesterberg (
Please pm moderators about the dousing.
Adam • Mar 10, 10:26 AM

? I did
or wait i didn't
but i told pravina
Mar 10, 10:26 AM

Pravina S (
hangouts isn't really pmming and my brain is a seive. which sn gasoline was used?
Pravina • Mar 10, 10:27 AM

i told you in person
last night
checking now
Mar 10, 10:28 AM

Pravina S (
pms and mafia den are the best ways to make sure things happen. irl is harder. I do remember this, but again, my brain is a sieve and I forgot to update the sheet.
Pravina • Mar 10, 10:29 AM

Adam Hesterberg (
Adam • Mar 10, 10:31 AM

doing it
Mar 10, 10:33 AM

Does anyone know what dylan is talking about?
Mar 10, 11:03 AM

Tin C (,
Tin • Mar 10, 11:09 AM

he claims there's an item that let's you use Splash
not connected to gasoline
he might have found out about poison which would fit that description
Mar 10, 11:11 AM

Tin C (,
unless someone doused him, told him it was good and forgot to post here
Tin • Mar 10, 11:11 AM

nvm he claims it's good for town
Mar 10, 11:11 AM

Tin C (,
not me
Tin • Mar 10, 11:11 AM

we need to find out what it is and make sure our story matches his
or maybe he's full of bs
dylan should die
luke should die
dgrazian should die
everyone should die
Mar 10, 11:20 AM

Tin C (,
preference between dylan, luke and jhh?
Tin • Mar 10, 11:24 AM

we can kill faster if we have the combinator
Mar 10, 11:25 AM

Tin C (,
i need a time to kill him , pref when others wont have strong alibis
Tin • Mar 10, 11:27 AM

STS.050 Lecture TR13 in 4-257 maybe
Mar 10, 11:28 AM

Tin C (,
dylan: 21W.031 TR at 12:30-14 in 1-379
also @prav & pesto, the thirsty gun requires a kill. If an attempt is blocked, and i fire a second time immediately, how does it work?
Tin • Mar 10, 11:34 AM

Adam Hesterberg (
Any death other than an execution satisfies the bloodthirsty gun.
So if the second attempt with a regular gun works, the bloodthirsty gun is satisfied.
Adam • Mar 10, 11:36 AM

don't kill JHH
But kill lots of ppl fast
we want their items
Mar 10, 11:51 AM

Tin C (,
also, im likely going to only attempt 1 kill. I kinda need to be at lab
Tin • Mar 10, 11:52 AM

21W.031 TR at 12:30-14 in 1-379
that's dylan
Mar 10, 11:53 AM

Tin C (,
yeah, he has alibi is what i was saying
Tin • Mar 10, 11:53 AM

we're fine if ppl have alibis
but town got a lot power last night and we need to take it away from them
go to lab if you have to. but if you can, try to kill dylan and luke today
Mar 10, 11:56 AM

Tin C (,
Tin • Mar 10, 11:58 AM

Tin C (,
dylan dead 1:56 outside 1-379
Tin • Mar 10, 1:57 PM

nice what did you get from him
Mar 10, 1:58 PM

Josh Brunner
do either of you want my gasoline or poison to splash people today? I will be in front rooms psetting until dinner, so I am not going to be able to use stuff until evening.
Josh • Mar 10, 2:00 PM

give me a gasoline
Though I also will probably not be on campus until dinner
someone claim a stick to jackie
probably josh?
Mar 10, 2:12 PM

Tin C (,
giving all items except vest to lucy
Tin • Mar 10, 2:12 PM

giving josh the stick
Josh should claim o jackie to have a stick he's willing to trade
actually leaving work now
Mar 10, 2:22 PM

Tin C (,
Cookie b12 If you eat this it will be yummy in your tummy. It may or may not help you out, too.
BEES b83 Bees? Why don't you invite someone to your beehive? There's a 5% chance they're allergic and will be poisoned, but there's a 40% chance that they'll get some delicious honey. Otherwise, they'll just get BEES.
Perfume j38 "Splash!" your friends with this fun scent! Oh wait, is this "eau de skunk"? At least no mafia would ever kill someone that smelly. Mafia will be told that a "splashed" player is bang immune until night. However, the "splashed" player does not actually gain bang immunity. The perfume can be used twice.
Ammo m53 Charges the gun with 1 shot. 1 use.
Poisoned Bullet p02 If you shoot and only graze your opponent, they will still be poisoned soon enough. The poison ignores bang immunity.
Ammo w35 Charges the gun with 1 shot. 1 use.
Glass Shield x67 Keeps you alive when you otherwise would have fallen. One use only, after which point it will splinter into glass shards. You may also break your shield voluntarily, if you would like.
so alex is killable
josh can kill alex and jamb?
Tin • Mar 10, 2:23 PM

will try to make kill on campus
josh shouldn't kill ppl i don't hink
or maybe he should?
Mar 10, 2:24 PM

Josh Brunner
Since jamb put both of you really high on everyone's sketch lists, you should be doing all the sketchy actions today.
Also, everyone should always carry around 1 glass shield in case a town has a gun and tries a vig kill
Josh • Mar 10, 2:26 PM

i give each of you a glass shield
(in case you don't already have one)
Mar 10, 2:26 PM

Josh Brunner
both of you give me all your items now and I will give you back 1 glass shield each and 1 gasoline each and 1 poison each. I will give Tin back both guns. This way we can keep track of where all these items are.
Josh • Mar 10, 2:33 PM

Tin C (,
giving josh all my items
Tin • Mar 10, 2:34 PM

give josh all my items
we have 5 glass shields?
hot damn
josh you should read the recipe book
Tin give me the special gun and i can kill Alex during OH
I could also kill jamb in W16
Mar 10, 3:07 PM

Josh Brunner
did Tin use the normal gun to kill DHH?
Josh • Mar 10, 3:07 PM

i think so
i hope so
Mar 10, 3:07 PM

Josh Brunner
ok. I want the following to be true of all items we own: Tin has glass shield, gasoline, poison. Lucy has glass shield, gasoline, poison, bloodthirsty gun. I have all other items.
If Tin used the normal gun, then he must have combined 1 ammo with it this morning, right?
Josh • Mar 10, 3:09 PM

should we just eat all the cookies?
poisoning someone via them seems easily traceable
and there's a possibility we get something good out of eating them
Mar 10, 3:12 PM

Josh Brunner
sounds reasonable. I'll eat one now.
Josh • Mar 10, 3:21 PM

pravinas/achester can you tell us what gun Tin used
Mar 10, 3:28 PM

Pravina S (
I think it's the Bloodthirsty Gun
Pravina • Mar 10, 3:35 PM

that means i can't kill anyone else today
also that we can only BANG one more person today
Josh you should combine an ammo and gun and give it to Tin
Tin when can you make a kill today?
Mar 10, 3:37 PM

Josh Brunner
Do either of you guys have a toilet paper tube description somewhere? We have a toilet paper tube and I don't know from where it came
Josh • Mar 10, 3:41 PM

Adam Hesterberg (
You got it from killing achester. The description is "Really?"
Adam • Mar 10, 3:41 PM

Could you kill Luke at fugues rehearsal?
Centrifugues rehearsal R21-23, Saturday 13-16 in 4-364
ppl will probably have pretty good alibis for it but we probably won't find out until after lockdown starts
and honestly one or both of us is gonna get caught soon so whatev
Mar 10, 3:44 PM

Josh Brunner
Okay, I think I have finally figured out where all the items we have are.
Lucy: you have bloodthirsty gun, glass shield, gasoline, poison
Tin: you have gasoline, glass shield, gun, poison
The bloodthirsty gun, regular gun, both gasolines, and Tin's shield are un muggable due to rocketpacks and the properties of bloodthristy gun'
In general, until I am made suspicious, I propose the following scheme for handling items: each day, give me everything you have and i'll give you the things you need to do sketchy stuff that day. This should make it easier to keep track of stuff and lowers the chance of losing stuff to muggings
Josh • Mar 10, 3:53 PM

Mar 10, 3:53 PM

am i poisoning anyone today?
And if I splash someone, should i tell them the same thing I told Sasha or tell them about perfume
In which case i'd like the perfume to pass back and forth so they can confirm what i'm telling them
Mar 10, 4:17 PM

Told Gilbert about you all. He's willing to help us make a kill at ESG
starting a FB chat with all four of us
Mar 10, 4:41 PM

Pravina S (
(Throw me and pesto in there for good measure)
Pravina • Mar 10, 4:49 PM

wait tin do you have a FB?
Mar 10, 4:53 PM

Tin C (,
Tin • Mar 10, 5:24 PM

Tin C (,
can you ask if someone is alive electronically? or must it be in person?
Tin • Mar 10, 5:42 PM

Adam Hesterberg (
death time and location will not be posted until one of the following conditions is fulfilled:
Night Phase begins.
At least 1 person message me that they have seen the dead player (in person), knowing that they are dead.
Adam • Mar 10, 5:47 PM

Tin C (,
the spreadsheet says im not vested is this up to date? josh?
also can you let me know who is on back on campus in the evening
it looks like its just luke, jackie and me
also how do you know luke has the combinator? when was this info gained?
Tin • Mar 10, 6:32 PM

Josh Brunner
Luke told me about all of his stuff. He has a combinator, a Hunch (which does the OP list of mafia thing Jackie posted), and a scope (1 investigation, maybe repeatable), and a ghostly essence (which he says can be combined with anything to get an improved version of that item). He plans to combine scope+essence and use the list item after day rolls over
Tin, what do you me 'vested'?
Josh • Mar 10, 6:50 PM

Tin C (,
shielded sorry
Tin • Mar 10, 6:50 PM

Josh Brunner
Tin, you have a glass shield. Its called a Rocket Glass Shield because it has a rocket pack attached to it so if mugged, it goes to Lucy and not to the perp
On that note, I request that we all change the rocket pack targets to me
Josh • Mar 10, 7:01 PM

Tin C (,
ahh my bad
changing rocket packs to josh
is luke head back to campus?
Tin • Mar 10, 7:04 PM

Josh Brunner
luke heads to campus on the 8:00-8:30 saferide. He will be there either on the 8:30 arriving saferide or the 9:00 arriving saferide. He will leave rehersal at 11:00 and saferide back then. I have his Hunch (he gave it to me), but he should be killed shortly after day rollover to take these other items
From now on, all kills should be made only when holding 2 guns as I suspect there are some glass shields around. Exception: Luke. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have one, and we really need his combinator fast
Josh • Mar 10, 7:47 PM

Tin C (,
who else is on ride
i can try to kill luke at his singing stuff
Tin • Mar 10, 7:58 PM

Josh Brunner
just luke went to campus
he left a few minutes ago
you can't kill luke until day rollover because your gun doesn't let you shoot twice in a day and you killed DHH earlier
wait until his rehersal ends at 11:00, then do it if possible
Josh • Mar 10, 8:08 PM

Tin C (,
what? dont we have two charges?
i mean the does the blood thirst gun require combinator?
Can you get clarification on whether there is a loaded gun on the mafia side? Lucy said somethign else earlier
Also, why kill Luke at 11, it clearly implicates me only
Tin • Mar 10, 8:12 PM

Adam Hesterberg (
The gun says " Only useable by someone who has not made a "Bang!" kill earlier in the day."
Adam • Mar 10, 8:14 PM

Josh Brunner
Luke is going to combine a scope and an essence shortly after day rolls over. If you can come home on the saferide with him, then kill him sometime while you are at ET would be better. I want to get his items before he combines the scope and essence if possible. If possible, splashing jamb with gasoline would be nice today, so we can fire tomorrow. Lucy, did you splash Sasha with gasoline?
jordan just gave me a scope
hey guys: I have like 4 scopes. Is there any advantage to me as mafia posting a few random investigation results (as in chose someone at random. Report them negative) since some of these were obtained from townies who know I have them?
Josh • Mar 10, 8:53 PM

Tin C (,
if you dont use them you may be suspicious,
also i wont be done in time for safe ride, cos i need gamelab software.
maybe clear my name
Tin • Mar 10, 8:56 PM

Josh Brunner
I am very trusted by town right now. Luke, Jackie, Jordan have all trusted me with items or information, I think dgrazian likes me, and I don't know that sasha or Alex have opinions.
Josh • Mar 10, 9:02 PM

Tin C (,
so you want to keep that up? ok
Tin • Mar 10, 9:03 PM

yes josh don't kill anyone
tin should throw himself under the bus and kill luke
then i can kill someone here?
wait we also want to kill a guaranteed townie if that happens
Mar 10, 9:38 PM

Josh Brunner
jamb really needs to die
regular gun. tonight. right at day roll over
Josh • Mar 10, 9:56 PM

Tin C (,
have u seen alex's post? lol
Tin • Mar 10, 9:56 PM

End of Day 2

 Post subject: Re: Chats
PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:42 am 
Mafia Chat: Day 3

Josh Brunner
Yes. I actually believe it and am really scared
jackie has 2 ammo
lots of stuff went down in front rooms. Jamb vig killed, and Lucy died to the vig kill
Josh • Mar 10, 10:07 PM

Tin C (,
what is vig kill?
Tin • Mar 10, 10:08 PM

Josh Brunner
townie using a gun
its just the two of us
Josh • Mar 10, 10:16 PM

Tin C (,
she didnt use vest?
rip lucy lol
Tin • Mar 10, 10:17 PM

Josh Brunner
TIN: you have a glass shield. Make sure to say "I do not die" if Jackie or another townie tries to kill you.
I think, oddly, we want Jackie alive now.
The idea is that with our pile of glass shields, she can't kill us, but she might kill some townies on accident
She is a constripto working for us and she doesn't even know it
I am giving you a second glass shield in case BS where 2 townies both bang you.
the game is 7 town 2 mafia
As long as we get them before they lynch us we win.
we can probably convince Jackie to kill a townie for us each day. That leaves 5 town
Jordan is proven innocent now once it is revealed she did not die.
Tin, you have gasoline, splash someone and try to convince them that it is no effect or delayed positive for them
Josh • Mar 10, 10:29 PM

Tin C (,
k, we need 5 targets. sasha is still splashed, that leaves 4 more.
2 kill, 2 splash?
do they know that lucy was mafia?
Tin • Mar 10, 10:32 PM

Josh Brunner
Not yet. Do we want to reveal it via the Hunch?
Also: don't kill Luke yet. He is going to give Jackie his combinator. Then she will shoot dgrazian
This falls through if he dies
Hunch lets the user get a list n players where n is the number of living mafia, and mafia have 3x chance of being on it
If I claim to use it, of course I will make up 2 players at random myself and claim that to town
or 3 depending on if we want to claim Lucy was mafia or not
I am not using until dgrazian dies from jackie, so we still have a little time
and it could imply either one of dgrazian and Lucy are mafia
we can make jackie sketchy if we say 3 people are still mafia.
Josh • Mar 10, 11:06 PM

Josh Brunner
dgrazian claims I'm sketchy. I can claim just 1 mafia existing; however, it will blow up on us when you get lynched and game doesn't end
Tin: splash luke if possible. Or definitely, you must splash tomorrow
I want you to kill twice tomorrow, once with normal gun, once with special
you will be outed probably and die
I splash you splash bang bang bang fire kills 3 we win
So we might be able to brute force now. You bang 2x, outing yourself, and splash 1x, jackie bangs dgrazian, thats only 2 town left that aren't splashed yet. fire is used that evening, killing sashacf, and i bang once
that leaves 3 town and 1 mafia at day end; one town is splashed. I bang 2x, and fire. We then have 1v1 for lynch. If I don't die, we win.
Don't out yourself yet though. If we can get town to waste 1 more lynch on a townie instead, I think we just win
Josh • Mar 10, 11:47 PM

Tin C (,
Tin • Mar 10, 11:57 PM

Josh Brunner
are you coming back soon?
I may try to kill today in front rooms while everyone is in front rooms, if I get away with it we just win.
Josh • Mar 11, 12:09 AM

Tin C (,
prob ack around 2
Tin • Mar 11, 12:10 AM

Josh Brunner
Stuff happened: I decided to claim 3 mafia, even though there are now only 2. Jackie is a little sketched out, but hilariously for the wrong reasons: she thinks dgrazian was mafia. I think that Jackie can still be our 'conscript' vig and maybe can make 1 more kill. Jordan may also be a 'conscript' for us if Jackie gives her a gun, I give her ammo, and maybe jackie or luke gives a combinator. Since they think the game is currently 5 town, 3 mafia, they will be strongly inclined to vig kill to avoid losing, and we know that vig kills can't hurt us. If Luke, Justin, or Alex were vig killed it would be really nice.
Josh • Mar 11, 1:17 AM

Josh Brunner
I am tazed, so I can't kill today. You need to kill twice, i'll give you the guns. Ideal target is Alex. I want Jordan, Jackie alive because they can probably vig kill for us, and probably have shields. I want Justin, Luke dead. You can be a little risky if you want. Hopefully we can have a vig kill be used on one of Justin, Luke, have you kill Alex and the other of Justin Luke. Splash someone today as well, and maybe I will splash Jackie. Vote for Jordan, because if it gets down to 1v1 I need her to have as many votes as I do, and Jackie will vote for me today. We should also fire today so sasha dies at day turnover. If this works, we will have me, you, jackie, jordan alive after today and an easy win from there
Josh • Mar 11, 1:40 AM

Josh Brunner
I splashed jordan at 9:40 tho morning with gasoline.
I give Tin the combinator
And 1 ammo that isn't rocketed
Josh • Mar 11, 10:12 AM

Tin C (,
I would like to confirm that I have should have 2 guns ready to fire, plus a combinator (ready to reload) and an ammo + 2 glass shields
Tin • Mar 11, 10:28 AM

Adam Hesterberg (
All that, plus a third glass shield, a poison, and a gasoline.
Adam • Mar 11, 11:22 AM

Tin C (,
thanks, so I can tap someone and bang them 3 times quickly, and unless they have 3 methods to block, they should be dead right? also excessive shots should not be wasted because they are dead at the time of bang attempt?
does shield block lynch?
Tin • Mar 11, 11:33 AM

Adam Hesterberg (
No, shields don't block lynching, only the incant "bang".
Adam • Mar 11, 11:41 AM

Tin C (,
where did we get fireextinguisher in the inventory? if town, people may know about gasoline
Tin • Mar 11, 12:52 PM

Josh Brunner
I think from sticky note minigame. If I put a "sticky note minigame" beside it then that is where. Otherwise, not sure. Town may have one or more. You want to splash claiming it is the perfume instead. All the target gets to see is that you splashed them.
Josh • Mar 11, 1:02 PM

Josh Brunner
Tin: I got a combinator this morning from a present from a ceremony. I just gave it to you
I give tin one of the 2 remaining rocketpacks
Josh • Mar 11, 1:29 PM

Adam Hesterberg (
Adam • Mar 11, 1:30 PM

Josh Brunner
Can i say that i put the rocketpack on the combinator specifiying myself before this transaction happens?
Josh • Mar 11, 1:31 PM

Adam Hesterberg (
Adam • Mar 11, 1:37 PM

Tin C (,
if i understand mechanics correctly, I can shoot a single person 4 times, (bang, recharge, bang, recharge, bang, blood.
but not not 2 people twice.
That correct?
Tin • Mar 11, 1:55 PM

Adam Hesterberg (
You can indeed do a single person 4 times.
And not 2 people twice.
(You could do one person 3 times and then someone else once, but not the other way around.)
Adam • Mar 11, 2:31 PM

Josh Brunner
I give tin ammo until he has exactly 2 ammo
Josh • Mar 11, 3:07 PM

Tin C (,
alex not in his rec
wtf is this
Tin • Mar 11, 3:08 PM

Tin C (,
GG luke, there is no plausible reason I could have been outside his rec, and I doubt alex /justin would be convinced if I called him a liar, esp with npc testimony
Tin • Mar 11, 4:04 PM

Josh Brunner
You're basically outed, so just go and use the kills, more important to make two kills than to be
Not sketch y
Josh • Mar 11, 5:14 PM

Tin C (,
jackie claims to have investigated luke and returned 2/3 chance he is mafia
she wanted to give me shield
unless someone is around on campus before 10, im not going to be able to make any kills
Tin • Mar 11, 5:15 PM

Josh Brunner
Not possible for you to come back to ET for part of tonight?
Did you splash today?
Josh • Mar 11, 5:16 PM

Tin C (,
yes, but without good cause that is just highly suspc
and no,no splash
Tin • Mar 11, 5:18 PM

Josh Brunner
Even if you're outed, its still probably worth it. It also makes me look less suspicious if kills happen today since I'm tazed
I think Alex and Justin are in their rooms in the basement; if I could let you in down there and kill them, we'd probably even get away with it. Plus those are the two I most want dead
Josh • Mar 11, 5:24 PM

Tin C (,
what are the was rules agaisnt kiling people in their rooms
Tin • Mar 11, 5:27 PM

Josh Brunner
We can't just go in and kill them. But I can go there and ask Justin if he wants to talk about game, he steps outside, and you come out and kill him
Josh • Mar 11, 5:28 PM

Tin C (,
that may work
Tin • Mar 11, 5:28 PM

Josh Brunner
I also need to talk to Justin about our TM server being down
Josh • Mar 11, 5:39 PM

Tin C (,
thing is though, everyone screams and hollers when they want to talk privately.
Tin • Mar 11, 5:44 PM

Josh Brunner
The point is it is downstairs, and I won't mention game when talking to Justin, I will mention TM server. I don't think Alex will yell. If it goes well, neither will mention death status for a while, giving people a chance to forget about alibis. Also, I can't make kills, so even if people can't alibi me, they know I couldn't have done it.
it is a bit risky, but no kills for a whole day I think is more risky
I think there will be at most 1 more day when mafia aren't lynched, and thus at most 3 days left in game
also, we should fire tonight making sasha die after the lynch. It will confuse people
tell me if you're coming. I think sooner is better than later, as Alex and Justin will emerge for the lynch discussion probably around 8 or 9 pm
Josh • Mar 11, 5:54 PM

Tin C (,
i told jackie I wont come over to the house
so I'll be on the safe ride around 7ish
Tin • Mar 11, 5:59 PM

Josh Brunner
I wanted you come in the back door, kill them, then leave by back door, and no one realized you were here
Josh • Mar 11, 5:59 PM

Tin C (,
yeah ill go around or walk from bu stop
Tin • Mar 11, 6:00 PM

Josh Brunner
Considering plan: you still make your kills, I investigate you positive, you splash jackie, we burn tonight, tomorrow is quiet, jackie dies to fire, I win final day
Josh • Mar 11, 6:50 PM

Tin C (,
splash jakie when
Tin • Mar 11, 6:55 PM

Josh Brunner
Alex and justin go up
Anytime before day rollover
Josh • Mar 11, 6:57 PM

Tin C (,
k ill be over on next ride which stops at 84~15 min and will sneak around back.
Tin • Mar 11, 6:59 PM

Josh Brunner
its getting harder as Alex now is in front rooms. I think justin went back to cave
What maybe could happen is: you kill justin, I tell alex to come to pit to discuss, you kill alex, I blame you, you splash jackie. we fire, you are lynched, sashacf also dies
left players: jackie, jordan, luke, me
I bang 4x on luke and fire the town in the evening. I get lynched, all of town dies, tie game
actually nevermind, we lose in that case. I need to not get lynched tomorrow in that senario to win
justin just came in. All players except you are in front rooms except you. This is bad
Josh • Mar 11, 7:12 PM

Tin C (,
lmao, should I abort?
if I show up, its guaranteed I get lynched
which way are the votes looking?
Tin • Mar 11, 7:26 PM

Josh Brunner
possibly, or if you could, come in 2 hours, and do it last min
there are two worlds developing
Me, you, dgrazian
and Jackie, Luke, Justin
the top lynch is you for having killed pesto
checked positive by luke
Josh • Mar 11, 7:27 PM

Tin C (,
who could have lied
i mean votes for lycnhing
Tin • Mar 11, 7:27 PM

Josh Brunner
yes. many town are assuming the me you dgrazian theory simply because given that it is true, town is more likely to win by lynching you than lynching jackie/luke given they are mafia
That is, if I am telling the truth, town probably lost
so they are assuming they didn't lose
Luke got a shovel. He will give it to Jordan.
She will check dgrazian's alignment
It will be innocent. Jackie will look bad tomorrow
It can't be used until tomorrow
so if you suicide, splash jackie, somehow convince her it is not gasoline, we can lynch her and kill her tomorrow
well you would be dead, and I would claim you bad
This is annoying, but I want you to suicide iff you are the lynch candidate
actually, just come do it, but wait until around 9pm
sadly, bullet repair kits or something may neutralize your kills. Also, luke has to be first to block the taze
I can't come up with a universe where we dodge lynch for 2 days
and I think we get jackie tomorrow. Make sure you gas her-this is very important to make me win the Josh-Jackie beef
You claim it is something that helps her, everyone also believes it helps her because you and her are mafia aligned in this universe
I am going to square dance for a little while so no more chat till 8pm
Josh • Mar 11, 7:41 PM

Tin C (,
GG i messed up, didnt think ppl would literally be watching outside who is on safe ride back.
Tin • Mar 11, 7:56 PM

Josh Brunner
So that failed. But a splash to jackie should still be possible
Josh • Mar 11, 7:57 PM

Tin C (,
any timne preference
Tin • Mar 11, 7:57 PM

Josh Brunner
Currently, I want to frame you Jackie, Luke/Justin as the 3. I can investigate you positive to try to get suspicion off of me
Josh • Mar 11, 8:00 PM

Tin C (,
whoever i splash will appear to be guaranteed good. So should I just splash luke?
Tin • Mar 11, 9:36 PM

Tin C (,
sending all items to josh
Tin • Mar 11, 9:59 PM

End Day 3

 Post subject: Re: Chats
PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:44 am 
Mafia Chat: Day 4

Adam Hesterberg (
Adam • Mar 11, 10:01 PM

Tin C (,
lmao rip
Tin • Mar 12, 12:00 AM

Adam Hesterberg (
*also laughing*
Adam • Mar 12, 12:01 AM

Tin C (,
7 v 1 naked mafia?
i like these nods
oh wait rocked packs
did i get anything?
Tin • Mar 12, 12:01 AM

Adam Hesterberg (
Rocketpacks that were all directed at brunnerj.
(Actually, the description's unclear. Pravinas might rule differently.)
Oh, you do at least get the bloodthirsty gun.
Adam • Mar 12, 12:03 AM

Tin C (,
oh right
Tin • Mar 12, 12:04 AM

Adam Hesterberg (
(You can surrender without feeling guilty, but you're also welcome to keep playing.)
Adam • Mar 12, 12:05 AM

Tin C (,
i dont need ammo right? so i an at least get off one more kill
Tin • Mar 12, 12:06 AM

Adam Hesterberg (
Adam • Mar 12, 12:07 AM

Tin C (,
Given that I am the most suspect, am tazed, and will not be able to kill tomorrow, at which point I will likely be lynched, resigning seems like a logical choice.

However, imho, resigning reduces the satisfaction of the victors, especially those who may not be 100% certain that I am mafia.

The only benefit of resiging that I see is to hasten a post game analysis.

I honestly don't have enough knowledge to make a decision. I have never played live action mafia and therefore am not knowledgeable of its game ettiquete/how seriously people take it. Furthermore, I do not know if items exist that could perhaps swing the game back.

Is mafia more of a chess/starcraft when it comes to resigning?
Is there precedent of one team resigning?

If the rules prevent you from giving advice, then I would default to a continuing the game.
Tin • Mar 12, 2:01 AM

Adam Hesterberg (
There's precedent both ways.
I think a losing side resigns when they're not having fun and don't want to put time into a lost cause.
Continuing the game sounds fine.
Adam • Mar 12, 2:25 PM

Pravina S (
I think I'm posting a Game Over now.
27 new messages since day started, so I might be missing something though?
Tin didn't have any items, and there wasn't really anything that could save him, so I'm just going to call the game right now without reading the missed messages?
(unless I hear any objections before 11:30)
okay, I'm doing it.
Pravina • Mar 12, 11:32 PM

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