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Pregame thoughts on players
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Author:  achester [ Mon Mar 28, 2016 7:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Pregame thoughts on players

Jamb was wondering how innocent she sounded in front rooms at some point. "Unless you think x" instead of "Unless x" sounded like a mafia's phrasing. "We could just lynch the day 3/4 culprits" (and I think "easy" was in there somewhere) sounded suspicious, since finding them out is a big deal. Otherwise, she seemed pretty townie, even to me who knew to look out.

People were right to be surprised at how few double agents there are; my first few ideas for the game involved lots of them.

Jamb: "the KP gun was specifically added to the rules in a later draft
so, it's likely to be necessary"
Me: " " (I should probably just have posted that here, but I couldn't resist.)

Jamb's worried about whether she's giving actually-good advice to the town that they might not think of on their own. Mostly not, but "don't forget we can also get each KP a gun by giving them 3 goodwill, and then town gets an extra two kills" is definitely that. (Even she as mafia with perfect information didn't realize it for a while.)

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