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 Post subject: Almost at Provable Win
PostPosted: Thu Mar 31, 2016 9:52 am 
Literally the only thing that could go wrong for us is dpalumbo having been the mafia killer who killed Jackie. Then he could kill her again and we'd have to endure another loop. If dpalumbo is not a killer, it is impossible for us to lose this Loop without active self-sabotage or multiple townspeople forgetting to vote.

Also, if Troy kills dpalumbo, Jackie is still alive, and dpalumbo hasn't said, "boo" to Tin or Troy*, then we PROVABLY win this loop with the following actions:
Pravina does NOT boo anyone today.
We vote to lynch Lily Chen today.
We vote to lynch Daniel Grazian tomorrow.
(Probably irrelevant) Lotta boos herself every day to keep from dying.
(Probably irrelevant) We goodwill vote in some way that does not lead to Jackie getting goodwill, e.g. everyone votes for me, brunnerj, Tin, and isaacg.

We cannot lose any lynch vote because we have a majority by a significant margin.
We cannot lose via the day 3 culprit triggering because its Pravina, who will die at day end from not booing anyone
We cannot lose via the day 4 culprit triggering because all possible mafia-aligned culprits are dead, and the only possible living town-aligned culprits (Troy and Tin) cannot be given enough paranoia by mafia (max is Lily banana-bread and Dgrazian boo today, Dgrazian boo tomorrow, which is 3 paranoia, and Troy and Tin currently have 0 paranoia).
We cannot lose via Jackie using a gun because she doesn't have goodwill)

* Note: If dpalumbo DOES say boo to Troy or Tin today, then if either Lily or Dgrazian doesn't incant that person by the end of day, we can prove the win tonight; if they do, we have Troy kill the paranoid person tomorrow. So we can 100% win, but it's not a satisfactory game end proof because we don't have the exact information now.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:50 pm 
There is one other way we can lose, and we need to prevent, particularly in light of the fact that dgrazian and dpalumbo just booed Luke.
It is possible for Luke to be the day 4 culprit. If this is true, to win now we must kill all mafia not equal to jamb and trigger day 2 incident, whose culprit must be jamb.
At first we thought this was impossible because of the fact that mafia can get luke to 4 paranoia day 1, and we cannot kill Luke, so mafia could then provably trigger day 4. But the key difference is day 4 incident does not say "mafia win" but instead says "all players with at least one vote die in the execution tonight". If jamb is the only living mafia, and the day 2 culprit, then mafia cannot give a positive number of votes to any player, so they cannot win by day 4 culprit
We still have a provable win from day 1:
Troy kill mafia K
lynch other mafia K
pravinas, lotta boo jamb, who is mafia day 2 culprit key person
day 2:
lynch mafia
pravinas, who is day 3 culprit, fails to boo, dies during the night
day 3:
lynch mafia
give 3rd goodwill to Luke, unlocking a gun
day 4:
kill mafia with gun.
only jamb left alive on the mafia, so no positive mafia votes left.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2016 8:44 am 
Nice job figuring this out Josh :) (and/or whoever else was discussing it in person)

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