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PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:48 pm 
We made a town den. This is because we know exactly who is mafia, and we don't want to talk about our plans in front of them. We have had a lot of private gchats going prior to this, but it's nice to have stuff on forums where people can see it.

Previous private chats:
ksedlar, pravinas, Troy - during L1D2, when these were ksedlar's 100% townies who she discussed the "Lotta is D1 culprit" result with. Abandoned mid L1D2.
ksedlar pravinas, Troy, aok (Lotta joined after ksedlar proved her innocent) - The same as the other chat, but with aok because he looked like 92% innocent and he kept discussing useful things with ksedlar. Used up until the end of L2D1.
ksedlar pravinas, Troy, aok, lukesci - Aok's version of the last one, because he trusted Luke more. Used more lightly starting L1D2, mostly abandoned as of L1D2 evening.
ksedlar, pravinas, Troy, aok, lukesci, Lotta, isaacg - Started by Pravina L1D2 as people she trusted on psychological evidence. We decided there was a low chance it was all town and intended it to be a fake secret chat that mafia would probably find out about, even adding brunnerj (who also seemed good for psychological reasons). We kicked Isaac out L1D2 night. Then on L2D1after I talked with Isaac for like an hour and got a good read on him, we added back Isaac and Tin. It was a "if Isaac is good, this is exactly the town" chat. Now it's, "really, exactly the town."

Basically I decided that Isaac read as very innocent, and Jackie seemed a bit sketchy. If Isaac was town, I knew the exact mafia, and we figured the only possible mafia killer was dylanhen (people thought dpalumbo arrived at the van too early to have killed Jackie). So, Troy posted in town square to lynch Isaac, with our secret chat forming a secret lynch mob on dylanhen. All the mafia proceeded to unknowingly out themselves in the lynch vote, as we hoped, and now we have a secret town den instead of just a secret town chat.

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