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 Post subject: Day 5 Plotting (darn)
PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 12:09 am 
I've input all the role info I have (i.e. everything except the 4 people who are investigators, desperadoes, priests, and vigilantes) into your evil spreadsheet. The current situation is:

-5 network members (1 dying tomorrow, 1 pair of inactive GNs, 2 ICs)

-3 stalkers (who will be proven innocent as soon as dgrazian is shoveled) (including me)

-2 GNs not in the network (one of whom is slightly distrusted / conscript bait)

-2 group investigators (who so far trust me totally)

-1 pure mafia (you)

-4 people who are investigator, desperado, priest, or vigilante, including at least 2 investigators

Here's what's going to happen tomorrow:
-fmajluf7 will reveal as dying GN and become public spokesperson for the GCSN. As soon as andytsai gets back in town, fmajluf7 will take his shovel and use it on dgrazian. This will confirm that dgrazian is pure mafia (modulo my shovel result) and therefore that each other stalker is a real stalker. This increases the size of the GCSN from 5 to 7 (after fmajluf7 dies), including me.

-Alex will appeal directly to fmajluf7 to be added to the network. He will (hopefully) once again be shot down.

-fmajluf7 will probably push for impeaching nastya and electing someone the network trusts. Then, they may or may not count the mafia.

-With no unresolved murders, town will wait until another kill has been made, and then hit it with the full scale of their investigation powers (dictated by the strengthened GCSN).

I feel very sorry for fmajluf7. I'm afraid she'll feel guilty for leaking out all the information to me. I guess I should've tried harder not to gain all the information, but I couldn't help myself... after all, who would conscript ME?! On day 5?!!!!! fmajluf7, if you're reading this after game end, know that it's definitely not your fault that this happened. In fact, I'm pretty sure this doesn't stop town from just sweeping game anyways, given the trust information I've already given you. Oh well, we'll see.


OK, how do we stop town from steamrolling? Well, we probably don't, but we can try to do some damage first anyways. Things to do:

-Nastya, do you have a role claim yet? If not, you should make one that is not any of IC, GN, stalker, GI, investigator, or mafia. In fact, don't claim desperado because they'll expect you to activate eventually, and don't claim vig because they'll dictate your kill and then kill you anyway. This leaves priest. Claim priest, I think. Make up past and future sinner and saint lists and remember them by heart.

-If you haven't used a count-the-mafia, consider doing so right before being impeached. Well, actually, it's unlikely people will actually get to two mayors away anyway, and if they do we don't want you suspected, so maybe not.

-Is there any way to stop dgrazian from being shoveled? I think a kill on andytsai would look really suspicious (and not very useful, and get the killer caught because Alex), and I don't think I have any excuse for not letting fmajluf7 take the shovel from Andy. So maybe this is a lost cause.

-At this point (post dgrazian shovel) there are literally only 5 people left who could be original mafia from network + innocent sammy perspective. They are Miranda, Sasha, Jordan, brunnerj, and nastya. Well, I suppose one of Alex and andy could be original mafia and the other a conscript, or achester could be original mafia until he reveals in person, but these are easily resolved by townie intelligence. So, I don't think we actually want to kill these people, or it'll just lead to nastya getting lynched earlier. Unfortunately, this means some investigation power will have to be retained by town. Hopefully this can be offset by intelligent framing.

-we should figure out who to poison and do it soon

-If we have an idea of who we want to kill, we should start setting traps. However, we may not want to have too large a number of kills a day if we don't want suspicion that the network has been breached.

-Conversely, perhaps we do want the network to think it has been breached. Currently achester and fmajluf7/ltchin do not trust each other, and csvoss/jessk aren't doing anything. So if we cause explosions, it'll look like their paranoia is justified. Or, we can wait until the stalkers are inducted, then do the explosions. Since I already know all the info, it'll just look like one of the new stalkers (ahem, Lucy) was conscripted.

Other info:
-Tuan's watch list is currently me, ltchin, Alex.

idk, what do you think?

Our largest liability - beyond the network's size, the inevitability of shoveling, the smallness of the set of possible original mafia - is that I'm a TERRIBLE mafia. I'm terrible at lying, terrible at making kills without dying of panic, and terrible at having the time to do all this along with pretending to be a reasonable townie and doing the work that I've been punting all weekend to help town get stuff done. But I'll do what I can.

^ Also, wow, it appears I just wrote a very emotionally compelling treatise on the struggles of being a conscript.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 2:21 am 
Well, during the original role call I claimed to be vigilante. So if that information has been conveyed to someone in GCSN, I can't just claim to be a priest. But Idk, if you are certain that all the role information known to the network is known to you, then I can work on a reasonable priest lists for every day.

On the subject of a dying knight becoming a spokesperson, should we kill her to leave you as a spokesperson? Or we shouldn't waste one of our kills?

Also, we should make one or two kills tomorrow, but without the suspicion of the network being breached. Then when more people join the network we can go full rage and kill as many as possible. On the note of killing a lot of people, should we kill both gay knights simultaneously or one and letting the other one die naturally? I feel like killing just one would be possible only with many people in the game, otherwise we would get killed.

Also, what would be good kill sites tomorrow? It is still hard to kill someone when there is no classes. I can look for good mass locations, but this would be hard. Suggestions?

We should try to prevent me being impeached. And I should make mafia count tomorrow to be 1, so that the day after tomorrow when more people join the network and someone else performs the count it would return 2 suggesting that someone has been conscribed. Should we try to get you elected mayor? People trust you.

I'll perform most of the kills, so that should not be an issue for you. But you would have to make a few kills just because if I'm too suspicious, people would lynch me.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 9:57 am 
Oh, I don't think ksedlar revealed any non-GCS roles to the original ICs, so you should be fine claiming priest. The problem with claiming vig is that the network can be like "ok kill this other person we suspect and then we'll lynch you."

If you do claim priest, make sure to do something reasonable such that none of the kills so far (except maybe jakob) have been on your saint or sinner lists (although that might look a bit sketchy probabilistically?), and have me check them beforehand.

Don't kill fmajluf7. I don't care about being spokesperson (I already know basically all the info), and we want to use our kills effectively.

I agree that killing GNs is tricky. It depends on whether we want to try to blitz through the game, or have the safest chance of getting through the game safely. The problem is that neither pair of GNs lives geographically close enough for it to be reasonable to expect to kill both simultaneously. So either we kill one of each pair early and stealthily, or take the risk of GN revenge. I'll make another post on mass killing coordination in a bit.

I have no experience with actually picking good kill locations :P

I don't think you should lie about the mafia count. A mafia count of 2 is good because it leaves ambiguity about whether 1) dgrazian was mafia and someone was conscripted, or 2) dgrazian was not mafia and no one has been conscripted. Also, if you give a result of 1, people will be much less paranoid about ICs and GNs being conscripts, and all the GNs become even more trusted, which is bad. Also, they'll know that dgrazian was actually original mafia. So you should say 2 if asked to count.

I don't want to be elected mayor, because it makes it even more ridiculous that mafia haven't killed me yet.

Sure, I agree that I should make kills, but I should make them in such a way that won't get me caught, which is very hard because I'm bad at making kills.

Other things:

-We should try to set up a auto-trap-setting mechanism with the mods (given the loads of role info we have) so that we don't have to decide on the traps before we decide who to kill. Hopefully this will be allowed? I'll make a new thread about this.

-I can also make a new thread to talk about crunching numbers and such (how many people to kill per day, etc.). Or we can just discuss that here to fit with the mafia den thread structure so far, I don't know.

-We should figure out who to make the network lynch today. All of ET is honestly a sketchfest right now, so it shouldn't be hard to get someone there lynched without effort. I wonder if we could entice a vig at ET (if one exists, which is increasingly doubtful) to kill another person at ET as an alignment-check, then get lynched. That would be nice.

-fmajluf7 is still planning to use the shovel, I think...

PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 10:02 am 
Also, how much do you care about your don powers? Unless I'm going to make 2/3 of the kills, which seems unlikely, you're going to lose them soon/eventually.

You should definitely make at least one more use of them though, and probably not on a gay knight. Thoughts?

PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 12:50 pm 
I agree with what I have read in other threads. And I also would like to make a few fast kills.

I want to kill someone today, so could please gods poke all players to post their locations today?

PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 2:12 pm 
OK, the current plan nastya and I have is to try to have nastya kill ajliu at pinkies (NO trap) and frame tuan. If that doesn't work, perhaps kill ajliu on beast and frame tuan anyway.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 3:00 pm 
nastya wrote:
I want to kill someone today, so could please gods poke all players to post their locations today?

Gods have poked players who haven't updated recently to post on the Schedule Updates thread and say where they'll be for the next few days. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We can't guarantee that they'll give anything useful for today, but if they still haven't posted in time for you to kill them, say, tomorrow, point this out and we'll poke them again in a slightly more threatening fashion :)

PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 9:00 pm 
Update for spectators: Nastya just said she was going to kill Sasha at squares with NP help. Hope this works out...

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