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PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 4:14 pm 
You may not believe any of this, but I feel that I should post everything that I am thinking, just in case that I am lynched tonight (or soon).

I see this game as being lead by a mafia conspiracy. The mafia up top (hereafter referred to as the godfathers) control the game at their whim. They lead all of the lynch mobs and control all of the information, including the identity of investigators and the outcome of investigations. The godfathers have slowed the mafia kill rate (and dragged the game out ridiculously) to increase paranoia among the townspeople and keep us divided against each other rather than united against them.

The godfathers are Daniel and Alex. They have thrown several of their mafia brethren under the bus (jwu, dbr, ebdavis, all allegedly guilty with more obvious truth to some than others) to keep their reputations completely clear. The godfathers also lead every lynch mob to keep the suspicions off of themselves and onto anyone who opposes them. If anyone (such as myself) has any words of dissent or protest, then we are almost immediately silenced. I dodged the bullet yesterday, but the completely innocent Vivian died in my stead. This wanton violence, these random murders, cannot be allowed to continue for the town to have any chance of winning.

But the godfathers, Daniel and Alex, are very good players. They would not allow so many days to go without a mafia kill.
Yet, that is all a part of their plan. Anyone using only logic would conclude that, but anyone using only logic will lose at the game of Mafia. The godfathers are employing this strategy because it is so illogical. They want you to believe that they would never do something as "silly" as what they actually are.

But Alex's arguments are solidly logical and yours are unlikely and somewhat illogical. What if you are the mafia?
Fair enough, I can't pull up a list of facts to prove that I am innocent and correct (within the rules that is). I just have a feeling that I am right. Put it at 95%. If you are concerned about my sketchiness, then lynch me right after the godfathers. I would be completely fine with that, happy actually. Trading my life, that of a vanilla townsperson, for the devious and scheming mafia Alex and Daniel would be a total victory for the town. Consider the converse, that I were mafia and the godfathers are innocent. Would trading a mafia for two townies be worth it? They are great players of the sport, but the mafia numbers are dwindling such that it would be too terrible of a play. I also believe that no one should have the power to pick who is lynched every day, which is what I would be doing if my lynching of Alex and Daniel works (e.g., another argument for why all three of us should be lynched in quick succession).

I am not politician and did not claim to be to Daniel. He made that up in some crazy attempt to... do something. I have no clue what. It seems like he just wanted to fragment to vote even further, to make it appear that he is not targeting people with low sketchiness like Vivian. Again though, no idea what he was trying to pull. If I get the most votes then I will be lynched like any normal person.

Josh is innocent. Dalton is innocent. Vivian was innocent. I am innocent.
Daniel and Alex are the mafia masterminds.
This is what I know.

If you want any chance of winning this game as a townspeople, then please vote with me tonight against Alex. Tomorrow will be the same plan against Daniel, and then myself, Jacobian, the next day. Even if you think that I am crazy and will lynch me now, please give my words a chance. Power is dangerous, and infinitely more so in the hands of those who are out to kill you.
As always, feel free to pm or post any questions, I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability.

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