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 Post subject: Ksedlar's info dump
PostPosted: Sat Jul 09, 2016 2:42 pm 
So I have a fuckton of info. Here's a convenient spreadsheet: ... sp=sharing

My previous goals were, in order of priority:
1. Have incants performed on me (personal goal)
2. Acquire knowledge, especially about player roles, the secret rules of game, and location of the holy grail. Information true at game start is more valuable than information that is only true later. (Mason goal)
3. Town goal

The mob goal has now my primary goal and all the other goals have been pushed down one level in priority. The town goal disappeared.

My role, as I mentioned elsewhere on forums, let me put 3 people on a fan list, such that I would be immune to bang from them if they "bang"ed me, but would gain their goals. I stabbed myself yesterday so I only have two people today (which were Miranda and Max). I'll have 3 again tomorrow. It would be nice to use "bang" on myself at some point so I can get the bang incant, so I might put myself on my list. The injection used on me also made me an evil clown where I can poison someone if I use a weird voice and get them to mimic my weird voice.

The other starting Masons were Ethan and tsims. We have since brainwashed Lily and Luke. We can only have a max of 5 masons alive at a time, but otherwise our recruiter can use the "brainwash" incant once every other day. We can change the recruiter with a 3/4 vote. Tsims started as recruiter, we switched it to me to brainwash Lily, and then switched it back to tsims to brainwash Luke. The other masons are a great source of info gathering, so leaving them alive might be nice. On the other hand, Mason knowledge is determined by the average of what Masons know, and I suddenly know way more than the rest of them.

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