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 Post subject: various game materials
PostPosted: Mon Jul 11, 2016 4:51 pm 
Here's the website that various players got game info from. Feel free to peruse. The first 5 directories are for players' daily ability changes, the others are either empty or for owls or for items or something.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 11, 2016 5:07 pm 
I've pasted the ideas-spreadsheet-turned-roles-spreadsheet here.

ET 2 dylanhen 3rd You are the mafia. All your allies died last game, but you have SURVIVED. Your goal is to continue doing that until the end of game. Killing people is fun but unnecessary - feel free to kill people if you want though. No more than one per building per 3 days and no more than one per 5 hours, though. YOU MUST SURVIVE. Roleplay accordingly.
New 4 kmath 3rd You're the tanner. You *live* for lynch votes. Some say they're your secret ingredient in your leather mixture. Regardless, you won't be lynched, but you want to gather as many lynch votes as you can over the course of game.
ET 7 Blumberg 3rd You're a potato. Potato potato potato. Please make up entertaining nonsense about your role and if you make up any mechanics you must check with GMs the day before. I'll probably let you do pretty much anything.
pika 4 mairanda gavrin mob tic.. tic... tic... You're the bomb. Literally. You will explode exactly 3 days after you read this (be honest). Every time you make an in-person kill, you may increase the amount left on your timer by up to 2 days or decrease it by as much as you want, so that it ends up at at least 30 minutes. You may explode any time you want starting at 15 minutes to detonation. You must "tick" at least once every 5 minutes in conversation with other players. When you explode, you can say as loud as you want "explosion; all players within the sound of my voice are dead unless they know otherwise". Feel free to ask clarifying questions - this is a slightly complex mechanic and may be broken
new 2 ijc mob You are an EEVEEL CLOWN. Muahahahahaha. You think you're funny. Because you are funny. Your funny voices make everyone laugh (especially you, muahahaha). Anyway, if anyone imitates your funny voices (and why would you talk about game in a regular voice, anyway?) you can poison them with maniacal laughter. They are notified the next day that they die one day later. If you think of powers that are thematic and useful, let a GM know and we might grant you them.
MacG 4 maxmurin mob The dark lord disappeared 14 years ago and you went into hiding. You'd been disguising yourself as a rat for a while, but now you've come back and you must REVIVE the dark lord. Failing that, though it would be a very good idea to kill that pesy Harry Potter. Of course, the other mobsters want you to kill with them too, and appeasing them is good, but reviving the dark lord is more important. If you revived the dark lord and Harry Potter were already dead, though, that would be unfortunate. He might kill you instead of richly rewarding you.
AMNESIA NEEDED far 7 pravinas town You wake up one morning and find yourself in a mafia game. You're probably town. You don't remember much else. Also, you never remember where you've been, so you can't post alibis. Your memory problem should impact your play - roleplay accordingly :D
RECIPES NEEDED apt 4 lilychen town You're the potions master (of course :P). You have a bag of recipes and can open 2 each day. Look in your website to find out what a potion does once you've brewed it, and to find out what you need for a potion once you choose to look at its recipe.
WEBSITE NEEDED ET 2 lukesci town You're the oracle Got a role you don't understand and want some cryptic information? Ask the oracle. Once per day, you may tap someone with the incant "examine" and if they stay in front of you for 10 seconds, you may open the file corresponding to them on a website that will be set up for you before day 1 starts. It will contain cryptic (or not-so-cryptic) information to help them and you understand their role better.
New 10 ksedlar town You're a member of the masons, but you're also froshily excited about everying. Incants? Exciting. Killing people? Exciting. In addition to the mason and town goals, you want to have all the incants used upon you. Also, you can make a list of 3 people you are "fans of" each night. The following day, if they try to kill you, instead of dying, you can opt to join them and make your primary goal for them to succeed in game. Wouldn't that be so cool? Aren't you so excited? (roleplay accordingly)
apt 3 dgrazian town You're a private investigator. You'll have none of this nonsense other people call "investigations". They get 1 bit of information at most, and it's not een true half the time. Well, you get to ask 1 question per day, but it can be a question with several-bit answers, and it needn't be about who killed whom. You get 2 bits per day at start, which may increase if you get more skilled.
CEREMONIESREQD Newish 10 Lucy town You are a seer. During the night phase, you wake up and look at one other player's… wait, wrong game. You can conduct seances to be able to talk to the dead. You must gather a certain number of players in a room and have a certain set of items, and follow a ritual, and when the ritual has succeeded, you gain the ability to communicate in restricted electronic ways with a dead player of your choice. They say your ceremonies are sketchy and don't work, but you know they're wrong.
SPELLS REQD ET 3 sashacf town You're the boy who lived. The only one to ever have survived a KABOOM incant. The one who is chosen to vanquish the dark lord (should he ever reapppear). You may use the following spells once per day: Expelliarmus,
MacG 3 tsims town You're a member of the masons. It's a secret society. You're on town's side. You're late in the alphabet so you don't have much flavor beyond that.
kmli town, out of town You are incompetently omniscient. That is, you have access to the heavenly spreadsheet, and you can ask me whatever questions you want about game, and if I respond, I will respond truthfully. However, you can't just post information to the forums willy-nilly. You must post in the form of sentences that don't convey very much helpful information and could be misinterpreted (that is, they have a valid interpretation that would be unhelpful). Don't abuse this, post within the spirit of the rule, not the letter of it. Have fun :D
fmajluf7 town, out of town You're Sirius Black. That damn Peter Pettigrew stole your fame and gave you infamy instead - everyone thinks you killed him but you know he's still alive somewhere. Well, unfortunately you look guilty to investigators so you might want to lie low. You're in communication with Harry potter and can send him owls (take until next day of game to arrive) to advise him (send message to GMs). You're on town's side.
dinnino town, out of town You're a member of the masons. It's a secret society. You're on town's side. Try not to get lynched, you'd prefer to avoid that.
anpere mob, out of town You're the mob boss. You can communicate electronically with the other mob members and advise them. You can also hire a hitman once every 2 days - convince a non-player to go up to a player *not in Massachusetts* and kill them w/ "bang". You also have a soft spot in your heart for aok, with whom you've always been desperately in love (the 2 of you are gay knights, standard mechanics apply), but you know you'll have to kill him eventually. For you to win there must be at least as many mobsters alive as townies, _including_ out-of-town players. For the other mobsters, it's only including in-town players. That might change if the dark lord rises again though.
ltchin 3rd, out of town You have a list of people you want dead, but no powers. If there are powers you really want that aren't OP, let me know and I'll consider granting them.
nguyenin 3rd, out of town You're a haiku troll. You have no VC. You may only post haikus to the forums. If two players respond to your haiku with haikus of their own, you may ask a GM for their powers to be switched and a GM will tell you a power each of them has. You should then send them haikus indicating that such a swap has happened.
aok town, out of town You're a gay knight. Tragic that you and anpere are so far away from each other, but it is so.

- want to figure everyone out by game end Out of town players:
You're mob-aligned, so you win if the mob wins. For you to win there must be at least as many mobsters alive as townies, including only in-town players.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 11, 2016 9:25 pm 
Starting items:

anpere $8, an orange, a detective's notebook (grants one investigation), and a gold nugget
aok $12, a banana, and the deed to a plot of unoccupied land in Maryland
Blumberg $12, an orange, and detective's notebook (grants one investigation)
dgrazian $10, a banana, and a sweet potato
dinnino $11, an apple, and a pie-making machine
dylanhen $10, an apple, and a medkit (makes you bang-immune for 1 day)
fmajluf7 $7, a banana, and an aluminum nugget

kmath $8, an apple, and a gun (lets you make 1 kill, must write target's name on gun 2 minutes in advance)
kmli $452, an apple, and an ounce of goat's blood
ksedlar $11, an apple, and a chemistry set (probably has whatever basic chemical things you need)
lilychen $8, a grapefruit, and an unnamed mayor ballot with 4 cryptic but apparently valid signatures on it
ltchin $9, an apple, and a fancy molding machine
Lucy $8, a grape, and a garden (grows 2 fruits of your choice each day)
lukesci $9, a banana, and a gold nugget
mairanda gavrin $8, an apple, and a 23'4" length of cotton rope
maxmurin $11, an apple, and a scalpel (can be used to disassemble a dead body)
nguyenin $9, a banana, and a medkit (makes you bang-immune for 1 day)
pravinas $10, an orange, a detective's notebook (grants one investigation, and a kite
sashacf $10, an apple, and a gun (lets you make 1 kill, must write target's name on gun 2 minutes in advance)
tsims $11, a banana, and a syringe (can be used to draw blood from a dead body)

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