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Will offer trades for bang immunity / mafia, don't kill me!
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Author:  ksedlar [ Wed Nov 30, 2016 10:48 am ]
Post subject:  Will offer trades for bang immunity / mafia, don't kill me!

As you can see from the godfather lair, I'm a top kill target. If you have access to some form of bang-immunity that could be applied to me, I would be willing to trade valuable stuff for it. I have x3 lynch votes I'm willing to use on the person of your choice. I also have an item and a daily ability that I could trade. Moreover, I have information about game, probably more than the average player.

Alternatively, if you're mafia and you think you might want to kill me, you can instead extort me (threaten me into giving you information / ability usage)! Not killing me is also a very valuable form of "bang immunity." Honestly, not every one of my goals is compatible with a mafia victory, but it's definitely better for me to be alive for some period of time to work on my goals than to not be alive. You may be worried that if you're extorting me, I'll know that you're mafia, and you might not want this. However, you can just make a mutually assured destruction pact (if I out you / try to get a lynch mob on you, you can kill me / the other mafia will kill me in vengeance). Unlike in a normal game, catching a mafia is absolutely not worth the price of dying for me.

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