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 Post subject: Isaacg's chats
PostPosted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 11:29 am 
Me + Linus, day 4:

Hey Linus, I'm still trying to figure out who's bad, from my perspective.
You claim that you know libsackt is good. Do you mean this mechanically, e.g. Via a rule power, or not? Because you said you just realised it, and if it was a role power, that seems weird
Why do you not believe the theory fmajluf7+libsackt? I'd it because of maxmurin's death?
Linus Hamilton (
It's not via him incanting on me.
It's because he did something that Mafia would never do, assuming Lotta was town.
I've heard of mafia doing a lot of Strange things
But not knowing the specifics, you could be right.
Linus Hamilton (
I would tell you specifics, but then you'd trap us
(sorry I think you're probably scum)
I'm not bad
From my perspective, it's either fmajluf7 and libsackt, or it's you and blumberg
But you're mechanically verified by Mendel, right?
Linus Hamilton ( I?
libsackt is the one who verified me if that's what you're talking about
Right, sorry
You're right
Linus Hamilton (
It can't be me and blumberg because that would require both of us to be Conscripted
maybe you meant me and libsackt
I agree
No, that's not enough
I'm trying to figure out Lucy's death
So, your good, I know it wasn't me, that only leaves fmajluf7 and libsackt
Linus Hamilton (
maxmurin's death?
I don't know
Hitman is the obvious possibility
Linus Hamilton (
of course
ahkim+Mendel would explain Lucy but not really as it's super unlikely
About the two kills today, it would have been incredibly risky for me to do those kills, with two other players at the party, with me having no reason to go to it. But fmajluf7 and libsackt were publicly at the party
Also, I believe I have a way to prove my innocence
Do you agree that mafia are out of kills today?
Actually, this idea wouldn't prove my innocence
But I think it dramatically increases the likelihood
Linus Hamilton (
explain your idea
I'm a vigilante. I can kill fmajluf7 today.
Mafia pretty clearly already used their trap both today and yesterday
Linus Hamilton (
they could have slaughter
also I think ahkim is the living player most likely to me Mafia
like she doesn't have to be Mafia with you
if you vig-kill ahkim then I'll believe you're innocent
How do you explain Lucy's death?
But yeah, she has bad alibis for everything
Linus Hamilton (
the Mendel+ahkim theory
is that everyone in 2-190 was scum
and thus faked alibis for each other
but that's super unlikely, because then one of them was SK
Also, because it's a test
Linus Hamilton (
and they didn't know they'd be able to fake it
ok yes
The other reason I believe it's fmajluf7 is because there were a lot of high quality kills in a short time, which is the hallmark of a very good killer. Fmajluf is a very good killer, ahkim doesn't have that kind of experience.
I'm also fine killing libsackt first, if you think I selected the person I can slaughter
Linus Hamilton (
um libsackt is the person I'm almost sure is town
You still won't say how.
Linus Hamilton (
right, because I think you're probably scum and don't want you to trap us
So, is a role power executed on blumberg, not on you? I'd trust that
As long as you confirm it's more than weird, I'll trust you
Words, not weird
Linus Hamilton (
it's more than words but less than incants
OK, now I'm just confused
Linus Hamilton (
like... how we all thought Margarita was town because she spotted Maya coming back from Random? That's more than words but less than incants
That makes sense
Linus Hamilton (
the only reason I think Mendel is town is words
heck, he could totes be scum
But this is still something where giving details reveals someone's role info?
Linus Hamilton (
I'd like you to stop fishing for details
I'm sorry
Linus Hamilton (
(sorry, you know you're town, but you've gotta admit I'm at least reasonable for thinking you're scum)
Yeah, I agree
Well, you're proven town, essentially, so I'll trust you.
You still want ahkim vig-killed?
Linus Hamilton (
If ahkim is scum, then I think you're the scumpartner
so if you vigkill her... let me think about whether we insta-lose
Oh, this is all assuming michikyo wasn't scum; if there's only 1 scum left, there's more possibilities
There's 6 players alive, so if you vig-kill town-ahkim and then Mafia make a kill and there were 2 scum left, then we insta-lose
Mafia have made their kills for today, I'm fairly sure
Linus Hamilton (
ohr ight
*oh right
so it's actually a little better for us to have 5 alive than 6
Only if they don't have lots of traps remaining
Linus Hamilton (
I feel like I'm reasonably likely to get trapped
You're rule is pretty narrowed down, to be honest
Linus Hamilton (
If ahkim dies, then I'll trust you, but I want you to make the call on whether that's worth it since you're an experienced player
If I'm town, what do you think the most likely mafia combination is?
Linus Hamilton (
that's a very good question
Keep in mind that mafia can't trap people who have succubused mafia, so if that's why libsackt trusts you, that's why you're not trapped yet
(I may be tilting at windmills here)
Linus Hamilton (
If you're town, then I'm really confused
Me too
Linus Hamilton (
Linus • Mar 11, 12:21 PM
I talked to ahkim, she says there's reason to believe the max death was a hitman, without me even bringing it up. So the libsackt+fmajluf7 theory is actually looking possible
The only thing stopping it is you thinking libsackt is good.
Would you be more confused about him being mafia than you are about the general case where I'm town?
Mar 11, 12:47 PM
Linus Hamilton (
There are theoretical chances both ways
Hypothetical: if Mendel is Mafia, what happens?
Rather, what happened
Linus • Mar 11, 2:19 PM
Then Lucy + maxmurin are still confusing
Linus, you said dylanhen was faking a GI
do you know whether either of the GI investigations were legit?
Mar 11, 2:58 PM
Linus Hamilton (
that would be nice to know
surely they wouldn't both fake GI?
I don't know who made the other investigation but dylan faked the one he sent Lotta
not the one he posted himself
Linus • Mar 11, 4:31 PM
I killed Travis, he was mafia.
Linus Hamilton (
I don't believe you.
He and Francesca are bad, lynch Francesca
Linus Hamilton (
I'll lynch ahkim today and you tomorrow. K?
Linus Hamilton (
That means we win either way as long as Mafia don't get an extra kill tomorrow, right?
We win as long as we lynch Francesca
Linus Hamilton (
if we lynch ahkim today, then you can vig Francesca tomorrow
she has a Spark class so if you're not lying, it should be easy for you to win
That sounds good to me.
Wait that doesn't work.
In particular, she might kill me first.
Mar 11, 5:43 PM
Linus Hamilton (
Ok, you've proven that you're either vigilante or Mafia have set two traps
Linus • Mar 11, 6:04 PM
Hey Linus, which way are you voting?
Mar 11, 7:10 PM
I'm in Lobby 7, where are you?
Linus, fmajluf7 can't come because she knows that if you were mayor, you could count the mafia, find out that there's only one, and lynch her.
You can't let her prevent you from being mayor, and use that to avoid getting caught,
Mar 11, 9:12 PM
Linus Hamilton (
We're on the same wavelength.

 Post subject: Re: Isaacg's chats
PostPosted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 11:30 am 
Me and travis, day 4:

Hey Travis, I'd like to talk about mafia if you're free
Mar 11, 12:40 PM
Travis Libsack (
Sure -- I have spark until 17 tho
Travis • Mar 11, 1:22 PM
OK, after that then
Travis Libsack (
can it be right after 5?
in 56-169?
cause I have another meeting at 1730
Travis • Mar 11, 1:52 PM
Travis Libsack (
Or I can meet later
I can probably meet at 5 in 56-169
Mar 11, 3:55 PM
Travis Libsack (
Where are you?
Walking by Stata
Travis Libsack (
I had to go return stuff in lobby 10
Almost there
I'll meet you there
Travis Libsack (
Wait Lobby 10?
Wherever you want, but lobby 10 is where I'm headed
Where are you?
Travis Libsack (
I walked back to in building 10 basement (super busy in first floor)
Mar 11, 5:08 PM

 Post subject: Re: Isaacg's chats
PostPosted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 11:33 am 
Me and Ashley, day 4:

Hey Ashley, can we talk about mafia a bit?
Ashley Kim
Oh sure
ack sorry I've been so ghosty
I understand
Ashley Kim
spark is taking over my life
I get you
So, right now you're very suspected because you have no alibi for any of the kills
Ashley Kim
which is irritating, meh
so, I am confused why Travis is suddenly confirmed town
Linus says so
Ashley Kim
why do we trust Linus universally again?
I talked to him, and he won't give details, becuase he's worried it'll get him trapped.
We trust him because libseckt said he's good, basically.
Ashley Kim
that seems ack
I'm not sure what the move here is though
So, a possibility I'm considering is that libsackt+fmajluf7 are bad, and they've been falsely alibiing each other. This doesn't explain maxmurin's death
Ashley Kim
maxmurin's death is so weird
I'd feel like if he died in his room he would have had time to yell something at someone
since if he's in his room with the door open, he basically always has his laptop
Also because if it was fmajluf7 and libsackt, that would mean that mafia falsly implicated themselves
I'm pretty down to elect someone as mayor
just so we can count and see what happens
but I don't know who I find least scummy I guess? this Linus leading the town thing feels argh
to be honest, I feel like the top early conscript targets are you and franchi
and while you could totally be scummy I feel like travis/franchi would autoconscript each other for convenience so iunno
Do you think that max's death could have been a hitman?
Ashley Kim
that would make a lot of sense
With that, libsackt+fmajluf7 would explain everything
Ashley Kim
yeah, I agree
I think the play may be to count first
then if we still have a vig stab someone today
there's something I want to do actually
Wait wtf, the group investigation
of franchi, travis, agrebe returned positive
did we establish that GI was dylan and thus scummy
I think
He was on that proxy chain, that was the one he "wouldn't reveal"
He might have been the other, though, I'm not completely sure.
Ashley Kim
I killed libsackt. He was mafia
You need to lynch Francesca
But I'll try to kill her first
Ashley Kim
Oh okay thanks
Nevermind, I can't kill her, because of how vigilante works.
Ashley Kim
but yay, good vig!
We should lynch her tonight, failing that I'll try to vigilante kill her tomorrow, but it's a race condition.
Ashley Kim
kk, I'll put a vote on her now
just to be sure
I'm going to shovel her
Ashley Kim
oops Travis died not fmajluf
Be sure to post the results.
Ashley Kim
kay I trust you
if we can all meet later tonight and vote mendel mayor and count the mafia, I think we can guantee closing game? otherwise we race condition but that should be okay
There are 5 living players, and I doubt fmajluf7 will sign anything. 5 player minimum for a petition
Ashley Kim
if she refuses, we call that a scum tell and convince 1 more person?
we just need one more person to Lynch her
OK, sounds good to me. I'm busy until 9, but free after that.
Post to forums
Ashley Kim
Oh shit, wait, I'm basically not free tonight
do you think one person could be convinced?
i think probably. I think linus is probably convincable.
Ashley Kim
okay, let's discuss later then
Linus is on board lynching fmajluf7, that's enough.
Ashley Kim
SAT 8:42PM

Ashley Kim
let's go sign linus's petition:D
Ashley Kim
you were at the thing I was supposed to be at
it's cold so I'm hanging out in main building, can you lmk what linus decides wrt petitioning?
I don't know if you've seen this, but Linus says the petition isn't happening, and just lynch fmajluf7. So I'm fine with that.
Ashley Kim
sounds good, thanks
Seen by Ashley Kim at Saturday 9:58pm

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