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 Post subject: Serial Killer Thoughts
PostPosted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 11:24 am 
Good morning! I was wondering if you had any advice for determining if a player is a new player and then I shouldn't kill them
In particular, Linus looks like a potential target, but I don't know that I want to kill him because I'm unsure how much he has played
Also, can you pass on to Josh that his schedule is wrong because 6.046 is a TR class? It would be nice for that to be fixed...
So my current plan is to go out and kill somebody after my 18.702 test if I finish early enough
I'm not convinced this will work however
I don't know how soon Dylan will finish
I am scoping out people who have 11.30 MWF classes for this reason -- this is only Josh and Linus
My plan is to say something along the lines of I went back to Random to look for my glasses (which I can only do if I find them eep)
These are just jumbled thoughts...any good advice?
Linus has played SLASK and no other Live Action Mafia.
He also was the first death in SLASK.
"Don't kill new players" is not a rule so much as a convention for being inclusive.
I know Josh's intro was flipped last game, so if he copy pasted it, MW and TR are probably flipped.
You should poke him to fix this -- I was considering killing him before I realized that I was in 6.046 and it was TR...
Okay, more kill plans
I'm going to kill Jackie in Men's Plus at some point
Will do
If I have free time after my 702 test I will kill Lucy, maybe...
I don't know how good she is at paranoia-ing
Although I guess I am in her paranoia chat
I have an excuse for where I go after my 18.702 test
I "left my glasses at Random"
and will run back to Random to get them
I am currently wearing my spares, but I have my other ones with me
(I almost did this in actuality this morning so it's kinda believable)
If I have a *lot* of free time after, I will kill Josh
But he has an 11.30 so I'd have to finish super early
If I don't have time after, I will kill Jackie in Men's Plus tonight
I would prefer to do it after day end on Friday night
I would simply "go to sleep" then bike over to ET

PostPosted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 12:22 am 
Katies have my photographs so they can post them because I don't feel like learning how to post them.

I messed up twice. First, I forgot to watch out for Margarita. I had a plan to do this (an alternate route) and I was so happy I hadn't been caught at ET that I forgot. Second, I forgot to take my glasses off when I spoke to Isaac and he seemingly woke me up (he didn't notice)... I would have definitely woken up to his knocking and possibly been comparably alert to how I was, so I'm not convinced by his logic.

I tried to tell mafia that ahkim was the investigator who proxied to me... I wasn't sure quite how to go about this without publicly claiming that I'm SK. I don't know if my attempt will succeed; there is a higher chance it would have if at least one of the mafia were an ET person because they know that I'm tricksy. That I speak to sk's instead of sk singular suggests that I want to speak to multiple mafia.

My goal with claiming mafia was to die in the place of a mafia. I might have sent maxmurin some sketchy stuffs. I wish I hadn't said anything now because looks like Pesto was hired as a hitman.

Kudos to Pesto for being the most valuable mafia-aligned not-actually-a-player!

Also, being able to publicly post "your face is a sketchball" made my day.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 12:27 am 
So after I decided I was done with fake SK claims and I heard Margarita's voice, I went up to her to talk to her about game and generally pretend to be mafia before I died.

She realised, "oh wait, you can still conscript me" and ran. I ran after her because it was amusing and because I wanted to pretend to be mafia and mostly because it would make a good story. She hid in a bathroom and I sat outside talking to her until after it was confirmed that I was lynched.

I then read through graveyard and mafia den and started laughing a lot. Fake sk claims to come.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 12:32 am 

I sprinted from the van to W20, then sprinted to 18.702. Notice that I'm the only person who posted a time regarding 18.702 alibis.
I'm in the proxy chain for Aru Akise; that's why I pointed out it was for Lucy's death. agrebe was proxying to me; pretty sure he's investigator.

Can I have a kill target?
I posted to tell townies to claim SK to you, but I made sure to wait before doing so so you can ignore the claims you get after that post.



Hey Maya
I'm the sk

oh okay
how did you kill Lucy?
Any investigations?

I'm not really sure what you want in terms of how I killed lucy...
I tapped her on the shoulder and said bang?

How did you get an alibi?

Jakob just sucks at timing
Or rather didn't argue with me
He said something like that he thought I could alibi him
So I did
*shrug* townies are silly that way. They're very willing to alibi someone alibing them
(Also, I just kinda changed my color to be green without consulting anyone... I really doubt anyone will notice)



Subject: the most legit claim

Im rouge add me to mafia den pls



I was the SK.
After leaving pravinas at 10:57, I ran over to w20 to kill Lucy, and then ran back to the math major lounge to rest before my 11:30 class.

Also, libsackt proxied a priest investigation through me to maxmurin who just posted it.


I promise I'm not sketchy, just sleepy...

PostPosted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 12:54 am 
Pesto still amuses me -- he knew who everybody was, was a hitman and suspected (briefly :cry: ) as a hitman but not for the kill he hitmanned...

I wasn't sure what to do with the investigations others sent to me so I didn't do anything with them. Evaluating their truth also would have taken too much time.

More stories: I couldn't actually see with the thing over my face, so I would have failed at killing Jackie if Pesto had not been holding her and put a chair in front of the door (which I didn't see) &c. I then walked back out onto the fire escape and couldn't find my way off of it without first taking off the hood...that was slightly awkward. I later found out that people at ET had heard screaming but it took them fifteen minutes to figure out that Jackie was actually dead. I don't think they would have caught me even if they had tried the fire escape -- I had a head start, was dressed in all black with my hair in a bun, and I had a bike unlocked nearby in a position where I could (and did) just jump on. When I came back to Random (even though MM saw me) I got to Pecker via the roofdeck because of Isaac. He came to wake me up sooner than I expected.

I want to know if people thought I was being sketchy by saying so often that I planned to sleep early...

Also ++ whoever said Margarita is really good at spotting people making kills.

Bedtime now (thank goodness skating isn't actually mandatory; it's so late)! If I hadn't been caught, I would have been asleep by around 11, which is when I would actually need to sleep by to skate at 8, so mafia *wasn't* going to wreck my sleep schedule.

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