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Welcome, Mafia!
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Author:  Alex [ Fri Jun 22, 2012 7:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Welcome, Mafia!

Welcome, Mafia!

Daniel Grazian and Jacobian are the clandestine killers this game.

Have fun!

Author:  Jacobian [ Fri Jun 22, 2012 9:27 pm ]
Post subject: 

We do not have a chance at this, but we can try Daniel.
I have absolutely no idea how to play mafia. Whenever I do town I am always loopy and end up getting myself lynched, and if I played any differently it would be very suspicious.

Author:  Godfather [ Fri Jun 22, 2012 10:08 pm ]
Post subject: 

You have a perfectly good chance. I will be here to help. No one will think I'm mafia, right?

This does seem like quite a fun mob. Have fun killing everyone!

Author:  Daniel Grazian [ Fri Jun 22, 2012 10:44 pm ]
Post subject: 

This is going to be pretty challenging. Monday - Friday, I leave for work at 8:00 a.m., and return around 8:00 p.m. In practice, though, I usually get back sometime between 7 and 8. I'll be able to make kills by such means as sneaking into Random at 7:30 and then "getting back late" at 8:15 p.m.

I'd recommend that you follow through on your idea of chronicling who enters and leaves Random. Be your normal wonderful self, but try not to get yourself lynched :)

I think we should use our mafia abilities early. This gives the maximum reduction to the investigator's usefulness.

And thank you Sir Godfather. It's a pleasure to have you on board!

Author:  Jacobian [ Sat Jun 23, 2012 3:02 am ]
Post subject: 

Desk from noon to 8 on weekdays. We are going to be able to kill people then (unless I pulled something really interesting with desk. If we -well I, you'd be working- could plan something well, I may be able to quick-close and murder someone. hmm... stuff mail later and take an unwieldy route specifically for that purpose? I have been doing mail pretty consistently at shift start so that would be a decent alibi).

Also hi JB! (I hope? else hi random stranger)

Author:  Jacobian [ Sat Jun 23, 2012 3:03 am ]
Post subject: 

we are NOT going to be able to kill people normal hours that is

Author:  Daniel Grazian [ Sat Jun 23, 2012 2:55 pm ]
Post subject: 

What will your availability to kill people look like today? I'm in the guild game from 6 - 10 p.m.

Some general procedures that worked well last game: if you can make a kill for which you will not be one of the natural suspects, do it. Text me immediately (I'll do the same for you.) Always check your text messages before making a kill. And be aware of who has which items (Lydia currently has the medkit.)

We will want to to use our mafia powers early to minimize the usefulness of the investigator. We also want to try to determine people's roles, so we can double kill (VERY powerful in this small of a game.) I don't know how much power-role discussion you've done in previous games (and therefore how suspicious it will seem if you start inquiring about roles) but I think I can do that without seeming too suspicious. Also, I plan on acting as a special role, probably investigator.

Speaking of which, I think I've convinced Lydia to give me the medkit. I told her I was an important role and that I'm concerned about being a likely target. She told me she would give me the medkit today. As per our discussion, though, she'll tell someone else that she gave me the medkit, so I won't be able to kill her in response. For now, though, she seems to relatively trust me. That could be helpful.

I haven't really talked in depth to anyone else, yet.

If I can get elected mayor, that will be pretty nice. You can't support me of course, unfortunately. I'm not going to try too hard.

For the glory of the mafia!

Author:  Daniel Grazian [ Sat Jun 23, 2012 3:00 pm ]
Post subject: 

I think Raluca is a top priority target, since she has the other fakeID :(
My preferred first kill would be Jayson Lynch or Ducky. I'd like to get rid of that stupid mic/receiver pair before they activate them.

Also, thinking of hiring a hitman tomorrow. I've heard Ceres is looking for work...

Author:  Daniel Grazian [ Sat Jun 23, 2012 3:20 pm ]
Post subject: 

If you need to use manipulate the press to make an effective kill, feel free to do so. Use frame a townsperson only if it will be an effective frame job.

Also, I'm concerned about the possibility of mass reveal on the part of the town. If all roles are revealed uncontested before anybody is killed, then half the town will get a rather obscene credibility boost. That's one of the reasons why I think I should be "investigator." I don't want to be ironheart, because I've told Lydia I'm not (for medkit-collection purposes.) It would be rather...unwise to claim Politician or Saint given how such claims can be tested. Finally, gravedigger has the problem that I won't necessarily know the correct answers to Gravedigger queries. Plus, I have considerable experience playing the investigator :D

Please offer your thoughts. You too, most revered Godfather.

Author:  Daniel Grazian [ Sat Jun 23, 2012 3:22 pm ]
Post subject: 

On second thought, Set an Ambush is a rather strong deterrent to the mass-reveal strategy. But the town could still use it to try to eliminate a lot of suspects quickly. Either way, I think I should play the investigator role.

Author:  Jacobian [ Sat Jun 23, 2012 7:48 pm ]
Post subject: 

Sounds like a plan. Like I said, killed Raluca at 8 today. There were 3 nps in the room but it should be fine.

Author:  Godfather [ Sat Jun 23, 2012 8:24 pm ]
Post subject: 

I'm a bit surprised that no kill announcement has been made. Does Arkhipov know that you killed someone?

Author:  Alex [ Sat Jun 23, 2012 9:30 pm ]
Post subject: 

Sorry about the delay, I playing in Rider on the Pale Horse. Daniel told me at some point but I didn't want to break from game.

Author:  Daniel Grazian [ Sat Jun 23, 2012 10:18 pm ]
Post subject: 

I'm going to have to question the np's, unfortunately, I think. It's the only consistent thing that I can do. Could you tell me which np's. That way I can try to avoid talking to them specifically.

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