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PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:24 am 
Posted here because I believe mollie should've had access to this. Some bits (I think just rules wank?) are excluded. Feel free to add them in yourself if you think it's important they be on forum. My time stamps are likely wrong since I did this on mobile. I will likely be too lazy to correct them once I'm on a computer.

2: I make the chat and ask for misha, mollie, and pravinas to be added,
6:29 - Luke adds pravinas to the chat
9:16- Anthony says showed up at his office and chased him but was unsuccessful
9:17 - Luke objects to saying that to everyone but mollie, Anthony wonders if he should post it on forum
9:21 Jackie adds misha to the chat,
9:23- Luke says strategy wise it's good to give mollie a chance to defend herself soon so she's more likely to remember where she was,
9:24 -Anthony agrees,
10:01- pravina asks that we not kill new players because It'd be a sad thing to happen your first game and comments that we could try and get info from mollie about the other mafia,
10:02- Anthony agrees so long as mollie doesn't manage to actually kill anyone, bringing up no execution as an option,
10:02- pravina says no one else is defending mollie, but that she had said this (not killing new players?) previously before seeing if she was mafia,
10:04- Jackie disagrees with special treatment for new players, says that we should let mollie defend herself and that maaayyybe Anthony is scum instead of mollie but that we should likely just execute her, pravina says she or Jackie would have likely been contacted by mollie if Anthony is scum and that she hasn't received a text from mollie.
10:05- I agree with Jackie,
10:06- Luke dislikes treating new players differently, does not like that this conversation has everyone but mollie,
10:06- Katie encourages that we use the forum,
10:06- Luke says he can't respond to things people said here on forums,
10:06- Jackie thinks mollie could be a SK, and that a SK killing on day 1 even if she's outed isn't too bad for scum,
10:07- pravinas says she's taken a picture of the chat, Jackie objects as it would be electronic evidence.
10:08- pravinas says this was meant to be public,
rules wank as to what should/shouldn't be allowed concerning group chats,
10:18- Anthony says he's gone till evening,
more wank,
10:32- pravina says she's texted mollie about this conversation,
10:35- Jackie calls for someone else to post that a town hall meeting happen in w20 at 5:30pm, pravina says she'd do it

PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:28 am 
Suggestion: The gchat be used only for requests of the form "hey I'm not able to post <thing> right now but would like someone to post it to the forum."

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