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PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:19 am 
Who killed Pravi? I think it was probably a mafia, rather than a SK. In my personal ranking of likeliness:
- a. Someone whose mafia buddy cleared them with an investigation
- b. A mafia secret admirer who used their power to make themselves look innocent for the kill; a mafia with a priest buddy who made the killer look innocent for the kill; a mafia pair investigator who happened to frame the person they were in a pair investigation with and who then one a coinflip (the last one isn't very likely)
- c. Someone who has never made any kills before in past Live Action Mafia games, and who has played <=3 games before.
- d. Jackie/chiller/mayars, who are all mafia buddies together.
- e. Mayars or Luke, and Jackie/Mendel or myself are bad at giving high probabilistic alibis.
- f. Me. Maybe I got lucky with traffic / my Lyft Line not dropping anyone else off / not walking too slowly with my injured toe. But this is certainly risky; if I don't beat the van back, I'm doomed. If Luke happens to look for me, I'm doomed. Personally, I don't think f is likely at all, but I'm biased. ;) Globally this seems likelier than d though.

Who are SKs? Possibilities are for an individual SK; likely they had different reasons for not killing. Ordered from most likely to least likely IMO:
- a. An SK didn't make a kill due to "serial kills on day 1 are sometimes hard, especially for new players" reasons, not for mechanical/strategic reasons. In particular, it's common for SKs to feel skittish about making a kill before the mafia do, and the mafia made a relatively late kill.
- b. An SK was roleblocked. This would mean Julian is a big possibility, but there are probably other roleblocked people too who are hidden in the pair investigator results. In particular, there are an odd number of pair investigations for day 1, and it seems strange for a pair investigator to only use 1 of their 2 investigations in a day.
- c. An SK hit a mafia who pled guilty (alternatively, Pravi was an SK kill and a mafia hit an SK).
- d. An SK intentionally didn't kill in order to make us suspect one of the other possibilities / to make planeswalker priests less effective.

What are other people's thoughts?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:31 am 
SK's might've both hit baddies

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