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 Post subject: Day 5 Execution
PostPosted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:27 pm 
Based on the evidence I think we should lynch yyao1 today. His roleclaim largely made sense but was unprovable (in that the mafia could easily have faked yyao1's actions). Additionally, there were a couple things that yyao1 claimed to do that seemed very suboptimal if he was actually town. I don't think I want to reveal what these are because in the world where yyao1 is actually town, they give the mafia useful information, and in the world where yyao1 is mafia, revealing them isn't that helpful for us. Additionally, yyao1 has bad alibis for nearly all of the kills, and was one of the few people not investigation-cleared on the day1 kill of pravinas (and also is marginally investigation-implicated in the day5 kill of natalyat.)

I do see achester's point about lynching joachim in that he could be faking inactive. However if I remember correctly joachim was also inactive last game and turned out to be town, so I don't see this as too strong an update against him. I also think that case 2 doesn't work at all: if joachim and lukesci are both town then lynching joachim is very bad for us as since lukesci was town and telling the truth, there are still 4 mafia left. This would leave 7 town and 4 mafia going INTO the next day, which is almost certainly a loss for us (mafia can kill at least 1 and likely more people). Leaving joachim alive might be annoying from a vote perspective if joachim doesn't vote, but I think it's better to just encourage joachim to vote than assume he'll just be inactive. (Basically if lukesci is telling the truth, we NEED to lynch a mafia today in order to have a chance.) I also am not sure about achester's argument 3, I feel like there may have been other reasons for a mafia lukesci to claim 4 mafia in game; I also note that lukesci was one of the first people to claim joachim was sketchy for today's kill.

So in summary I say we lynch yyao1, and will be casting my vote for him. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT WE DO NOT SPLIT THIS LYNCH BECAUSE THEN MAFIA COULD DETERMINE THE OUTCOME.

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