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PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:21 pm 
Luke had me totally convinced that he was a placebomancer and could control all the probabilistic things in game (like whether a firing squad would successfully kill a zombie by randomly putting a bullet through their head, or where items randomly got redistributed, etc.). I told my allies not to kill him because I didn't want the narrative of the universe to mark us as evil. [If you find this paragraph confusing please read ... d-terrors/.]
What is Luke *actually* up to? I read his role description and I still have no idea.

Jason told me lots of things in game. I was pretty good at detecting the ones that were actual BS:
(1) he claimed his team had a MtP so strong that the death wouldn't even be posted; I was pretty sure he was just lying and planning not to make the kill, which he later admitted to
(2) he claimed he'd give me Adam's phylactery in exchange for 1 blue mana, which was ridiculous and made me think he was probably going to kill me instead and I should definitely not give him the mana until he gave me the item
(3) he claimed Josh hadn't killed Pesto, which is when I realized he was no longer telling me about what kills his faction made
But I also thought he was probably BSing me a lot more; for example, he told me who all of the vampires and 3/4 of the cult of secrets were, and it was all true?! Jason, I hope you appreciate that I'm actually quite a loyal ally, because I definitely had enough information to backstab you. I definitely appreciate that you are an informative ally; there was surprisingly little BS in there. Would ally with you again.

I thought undead hunters were a huge existential threat. I mean, this was a kinda reasonable thing to think given that ObitoSigma waited around my room for an hour yesterday threatening to kill any of me, Pesto, or Margarita who left. But I thought he'd killed gurev and ixa too. This was one of those moments when I should've said "I notice that I am confused," because their spell was supposed to take 8 mana and thus he'd need to have several people helping him pool mana. Anyway, I was super amused to find that undead hunters haven't made a single kill despite multiple public undead wandering around for days.

I thought my zombie friend, Rusch, was lying to me. I couldn't figure out how Linus had known my species, so maybe I'd been sold out? Also, Rusch claimed to have bit Gurev on day 2 and found him not-human, presumably because he was already zombiefying. At first I thought this meant we had beef because Katie had confirmed re-biting someone before they finished becoming a zombie would still count as their original species. Maybe Rusch was working for the other necromancer and thus didn't want to tell me who he'd bitten and just made something up? Then some other things combined and I realized Gurev had become a vampire in the meantime. (When Gurev asked me the next day if he could join the zombies now, I quizzed him a bit on what was on the zombie page, he BSed me a bit, I pretended to believe him, and then I added him to a chat that also had Mollie, whom I asked to pretend to be a zombie so we could troll Gurev a bit. Unfortunately he died before we could troll much.)

What confused other people during game? I hope I did a good job making zombies a bizarre puzzle :P
(The other claim I considered was that my species was "cat" and therefore I could only say "meow." I think this would've explained my ability to bite people and my lack of polysyllabic words, and probably gotten Pesto thoroughly on my side, but maybe been less plausible than the monk-faction story I created. This was all before I was outed as a zombie of course.)

PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:45 pm 
For my perspective, Rusch and I were allied, and he told me how zombies worked, some spell rumors, that you wanted to bite me, etc. I told Linus you were a zombie and some more info in exchange for 3 spells. Rusch indeed bit me, I forgot that he would be a little sad from me not being human anymore. I later told him I was a vampire.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:45 pm 
Everything Jackie was confused by was complete fabrication. I'm glad that it accomplished something; it was the most fun I had all game, even if it erodes my credibility a little in the future. (I'm pretty okay with "when I claim a role in a mystery game, no one believes me"; that's about how mystery games should work.)

PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:54 pm 
Yep, was basically allied with Jack. I didn't want to betray you Jackie, but you really wanted to bite Jack, which would have messed up my powerful wizard friend. As you can see, I was bad at betraying you, as I thought I could get Jack to get Pravi to take you out.

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